Clear Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

clear quartz meanning and benefits

As a clear and colorless crystal, Clear Quartz may appear less interesting thanstronger-hued gems. But let me tell you:this stone must not be underestimated. Bestowed with names such as “master healer,” “master cleanser,” and “master harmonizer” because of its profound ability to align all the chakras, Clear Quartz harbors powerful healing and protection properties.What’s more, this crystal actually reflects color like no other. When put in direct sunlight, it mightily transforms from a modest-looking gem to a luminous rainbow, and this makes Clear Quartz jewelry both incredibly useful and attractive.

Its hardness score of 7 makes it a highly durable crystal. And combined with its programmability, this stone makes for a highly-useful stone whose uses extend beyond the spiritual, emotional, and metaphysical. As a constituent of electronic circuits, quartz, in general, is used in cell phones, computers, and even LCD screens. At the core, it is made up of silicon dioxide in a hexagonal structure. Clear Quartz possesses natural vibrations that are very similar to our own human vibrations. To add, this silicone dioxide stone works well with our bodies’ own cellular composition becauseour tissues contain the said molecule. These facts makeClear Quartz an ideal stone for metaphysical healing work.

Clear Quartz: What is Clear QuartzStone Good For?

Clear Quartz is excellent for amplifying thoughts and energy. Thus, it’s an unbeatable tool if you want to enhance the effects and power of other crystals. This stone also helps troubled people open their minds and hearts for receiving higher guidance during difficult times.

The versatility of Clear Quartz is well known as it doesn’t only jive extremely well with other crystals, but it can also be programmed with the intention you desire. Connected to its coveted healing properties, the Clear Quartz gemstone is great at aligning all the chakras. Also, if you think about it, the essential properties of Clear Quartz—namely, alignment, programmability, and amplification—make it a vital gemstone for manifesting intentions.

Clear Quartz can also be used as a shield against the harmful effects of radiation and emotional vampires. This is one of its uses that I personally benefit from. Lastly, as a master cleaner, it can be used to dispel negativity, clear away negative energies, and cleanse other stones.

What Are the Healing Properties of Clear Quartz?

Aside from amending misaligned chakras, Clear Quartz also strengthens the aura.This ability makes it ideal for stimulating and fortifyingour body’s immune system. If you see yourself facing a challenging new phase in your life—such as a higher position or a new environment—using Clear Quartz to attain physical balance and a more resistant immune system will help protect you from developing illnesses. And because it makes you more receptive to higher guidance, any emotional or mental distress that may come up during these tough times will be alleviated.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because of its profound programmability, Clear Quartz can also be programmed with intentions to heal all sorts of health conditions and bodily imbalances. Moreover, when used with other healing crystals like Selenite, Amethyst, and Citrine, Clear Quartz helps speed up the healing process.

What Does Clear Quartz Attract?

As mentioned above, Clear Quartz is unique because it amplifies the power of other crystals. That means you can use it together with your gemstone of choice to accelerate the fulfillment of your prayers. When used in conjunction with the right crystal, you can depend on Clear Quartz to help attract almost anything you desire.

On its own, however, Clear Quartz attracts mental clarity, wisdom, focus, and manifestation. It also helps recover long-lost thoughts, ideas, and memories. Furthermore, it activates and promotes intercommunication between all levels of consciousness, promotes psychic visions, and encourages higher realms of perception. In fact, regularly wearing my Clear Quartz bracelet gave me the right perspective needed to resolve some long-standing personal conflicts that I used to have in my life.

How to Charge and Program Your Clear Quartz with Your Intentions

Clear Quartz is ideal for programming stones, which makes it a popular material for modern gadgets that use crystal technology, such as radios, cell phones, and computers. Because of its ability to receive, store, and retrieve information, you can place your intentions into a Clear Quartz stone to enhance your manifestation powers.

You can program clear quartz with your intentions by focusing on what you desire while holding the crystal in the palm of your hand. Clear Quartz’s memory will absorb your intentions and amplify your thoughts and energy so that your goals may be manifested sooner. With that being said, it’s important to maintain positive energies around the stone by cleansing it regularly. Otherwise, Clear Quartz might end up amplifying negative energies instead.

Clear Quartz for Chakra Healing and Balancing

As a master healer, Clear Quartz can connect with and, as previously mentioned, balance all the chakras. Healers use this stone to align the chakras and recommend it for use in vibrational healing sessions. This ultimately leads to a harmonized mind and body and promotes well-being, self-confidence, grounding, and healthy relationships.

It’s helpful to note that this crystal is particularly helpful for activating the Crown Chakra, which controls our perceptions and thoughts. If you feel clouded by negative thoughts, Clear Quartz opens up the mind and gives you an enlightened point of view. Similarly, part of its healing properties involves removing energy blockages, controlling unhealthy patterns,and promoting a higher intuition. Basically, Clear Quartz heals and purifies on a spiritual, physical, and mental level.

Clear Quartz and Etheric Chakra

The Etheric Chakra is less talked about than the 7 chakras, however, this chakra has a lot to do with humanity’s Ascension.

Our Etheric Body is the light body that is connected with our mental and emotional energy systems. The Etheric Chakra is home to our astral energy. It deals with our life force, vitality, organization, and health.

Indeed, the soothing Clear Quartz crystal is known to manage this chakra. It processes in the following way:

Firstly, Clear Quartz organizes multiple spiritual energies surrounding your aura controlled by the Etheric Chakra. Then it brings those energies into a comprehensible form into our physical consciousness. After that, Clear Quartz aligns them and infuses their productive energy into our lives in a way that benefits us.

Clear Quartz and Zodiac Signs

The Master Healer, Clear Quartz, leaves out no one when it comes to healing. This stunning Quartz crystal has a unique ability to be in tune with all personalities. If we talk about the Zodiac signs, the Clear Quartz crystal orchestrates a myriad of healing powers directed towards each sign in the Zodiac.

Clear Quartz revitalizes you from the core and profoundly heals your wounds. And it does not discriminate between physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds; Clear Quartz heals all the same! Furthermore, this crystal also helps with the unique characteristics and traits of each Zodiac sign.

Let us elaborate:

Who does not know about the powerful, fierce, and passionate nature of Leos? That is also the reason they have earned the title of “Lions”. But human as they are, sometimes they get carried away in their lust for power.

Not to worry, though! The soothing Clear Quartz crystal tempers with those Leo forces which are inclined towards evil. The remaining two Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius also benefit from this crystal in the same way.

Gemini intolerance and Capricorn stubbornness are also one of the specific things the Clear Quartz crystal moderates. Similarly, this Quartz is also responsible for protecting the sensitive hearts of Cancerians.

Whenever Libras require some courage and boldness, they should summon the Clear Quartz crystal. If we talk about Aquarians, Clear Quartz helps them overcome their shyness and social anxiety.

Scorpio and Pisces, the Water signs (the third one is Cancer) famous for their possessiveness and jealousy! Clear Quartz mitigates these emotions and brings them down to an acceptable level. Moreover, this universal healer extracts their resentment and bitterness, making their hearts feel lighter.

Lastly, we’ll talk about the wise and grounded Earth signs: Taurus and Virgo (the third one is Capricorn).

Like Capricorn, these signs are stubborn and volatile. Their hearts are indeed full of love and passion; however, they are often overcome by anger and bitterness. Clear Quartz enhances and highlights their loving side and pacifies their occasional judgmentalnature simultaneously.

As we said, Clear Quartz is the ultimate Master Healer!

Clear Quartz Birthstone

The Clear Quartz crystal is not a traditional birthstone, but it is linked with the birth month of April. Why is that so?

The reason behind this is that the color white is associated with April. When we think of the color white, we picture light, purity, innocence, goodness, and perfection. These are the very aspects Clear Quartz magnificently introduces into the lives of people born in April.

Therefore, we mean it when we say: April babies are lucky!

Clear Quartz Elements

Clear Quartz has the power of all five elements behind it, which is exceptionally unique for gemstones and crystals. Most crystals resonate with one or two elements only!

Now let’s learn about these elements and how they correspond to the Clear Quartz properties:

There are four essential elements in the world. These are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Interestingly, the fifth element, Akasha, is often left out but is equally important. This is because the Akasha element provides a foundation for the other four elements.

Each element has a unique set of skills that it manifests in your life through the Clear Quartz crystal. Let’s take a look:

  • Earth

First and foremost, the grounding energies of the Earth element harmonize impeccably with the beautiful Clear Quartz. It stabilizes your energy fields and facilitates your growth. Secondly, the Earth element rules the realm of abundance, prosperity, and fertility. So if you are looking for an abundance of wealth, luck, happiness, or health, Clear Quartz is your savior!

  • Water

The Water element corresponds with Clear Quartz without a problem. And the reason behind it is quite apparent: Both Clear Quartz and Water are universal healers.

The Water element initiates the healing process and goes all the way until you are thoroughly healed. Moreover, it cleanses your soul and purifies intentions. Another essential factor of the Water element is that it is the ambassador of peace. Due to this, you will ease into good friendships and healthy relationships.

  • Air

Being the element of the mind, the Air element supports all that is related to communication, intuition, and memory. Through the Clear Quartz crystal, the Air element links up with your intellectual abilities and enhances them. Also, it opens new doors for knowledge and opportunities. As the Air element relates to intuition and communication, a Clear Quartz crystal is also widely used in communication with angel guides, spirits, and your higher self. That’s why when you see a picture of a crystal ball, it is most often depicted as a Clear Quartz. Does that make sense now?

  • Fire

Fire is a mighty force of nature as it can both create and destroy. The Fire element is responsible for heating your passions and enthusiasm. In contrast to that, the Fire element also protects your aura and shields you from psychic attacks. So basically, you will undergo much-needed transformations with the help of this element of Clear Quartz.

  • Akasha

We rarely hear about the fifth element. Do you know what exactly it is? Let’s see:

We define Akasha as the superior element which holds higher powers and binds all other elemental forces together. It commands divine knowledge of the past, present, and future.

So if your intentions lie somewhere between performing rituals and enhancing psychic abilities, pick up your Clear Quartz and meditate with it. Additionally, the Akasha element of the Clear Quartz crystal also helps you unlock memories. That could be memories from childhood that you buried away in your mind a long time ago, and it could also be memories from a previous lifetime.

Being the Master Healer is a hard job, but Clear Quartz does it effortlessly!

Clear Quartz and Numerology

It is a well-known fact that numbers hold divine meanings, symbols and exert certain characteristics. When we talk about gemstones, each one has a specific vibration number. This vibration number represents the frequency at which a gemstone vibrates. Accordingly, this number has a significant part in controlling a gemstone’s properties.

To summarize, these vibration numbers are how gemstones are strongly linked with numerology.

Now let’s talk about Clear Quartz. The numbers linked with this crystal are 1, 3, and 4. Here is what these numbers mean and how they impact you:

  • Number 1
    This number rules independence, intuition, and uniqueness. Similarly, originality and individuality flow through, helping you live life true to yourself. As a consequence, the number 1 is a natural leader and pioneer, and it implements these powers in your personality.
  • Number 3
    Known as the “Bringer of Change”, the number 3 is of spiritual significance. It symbolizes the joy and abundance of life. You must feel the enthusiasm and youthfulness inside you get rusty as you grow up, right? Well, the number 3 rejuvenates those aspects of your personality and recharges your spirit, just as a Clear Quartz crystal can do the same.
  • Number 4
    The number 4 reigns over the realms of self-control, endurance, and stability. We can call it “The Keeper” because it exercises patience, loyalty, and thoughtfulness. Moreover, it is a number that keeps things tidy and secure.

Hence, if you want your personality to be grounded and composed, Clear Quartz, which is linked to the number 4, will help you manifest these qualities inside you.

Clear Quartz and Planetary Connection

As Clear Quartz is the Master Healer, it is a conduit for the energies of all the sun, the moon, and all nine planets of the solar system. Yes, we include little Pluto in our list of planets because astrology has not kicked it out as the scientists have. Hence, in astrology, Pluto is considered as powerful as it used to be.

Back to our subject: How does Clear Quartz correspond with these celestial bodies?

Read on and get ready to be completely fascinated by the world of astrology!

  • Let’s start with the Sun, which is the center of the universe. It rules the ego and drives our life force. It governs the realm of “the self”, the conscious mind, and our truths.
  • All the traits of the Moon, like its hypnotizing beauty, its sensitivity, and its delicate strength, are feminine. Following that, the Moon governs our emotions, intuitions, and our nurturing side.
  • Clear Quartz is closely linked to the Earth because of it’s grounding properties. As said earlier, the Earth element rules abundance. If you are wanting to manifest abundance of any sort into your life, use Clear Quartz to magnify your intentions to the universe.
  • Mercury, the planet nearest to the Sun, is in charge of our communication, expression, and intellect.
  • Named after the Love Goddess, Venus oversees our love life, beauty, romance, passion, and pleasure.
  • Next, in the sequence, we have the fiercest planet of the solar system. Mars is the planet of raw energy, assertiveness, action, and ferocity.
  • The wise old planet, Jupiter, brings optimism, cheerfulness, philosophy, and abundance. Also, it governs the realm of traveling and education.
  • Saturn is the strict dad of the solar system! It teaches life lessons and tough love. Similarly, it exerts boundaries and discipline in your life.
  • The planet of Uranus drives the highly creative and innovative forces in our personality. This planet knows how to maintain uniqueness and individuality! Lastly, Uranus is also linked with revelations and spiritual awakening.
  • The first unseen planet (discovered through mathematical calculations rather than astronomical observations) of the solar system, Neptune, governs dreams, idealism, artistic expressions, spiritual attunement, as well as psychic intuition.
  • Pluto may be small, but it does not hold anything back when it comes to exerting its powers upon us. Named after the God of Underworld, Pluto governs precisely that: The Underworld. It is the planet of transformations, energy, the subconscious mind, and inner truths.

How to Use Your Clear Quartz Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

At this point, the desirable powers and properties of Clear Quartz are already well-established. But we all know that a powerful crystal cannot be fully utilized if one does not know how to use it properly. Knowing how to effectively manifest and activate healing properties using your Clear Quartz is crucial, so read the following methods carefully.

One of the most common ways to harness the power of Clear Quartz is to hold one while you are praying or meditating. Because the gemstone balances and aligns all the chakras, you’re bound to get more out of your meditation sessions with it. I definitely feel a stronger sense of connection with the divine after doing this.

You can also hold a Clear Quartz tumblestone as you focus your intention during meditation. The crystal’s healing properties will give you clarity of mind and improve your focus, all while amplifying your intention and helping to manifest it sooner.

If you want to give particular attention to the Crown Chakra during meditation, holding a Clear Quartz stone near it will do the job. In addition, using Clear Quartz prayer beads or a Clear Quartz mala will facilitate spiritual healing. Adorning a mala of quartz helps with centering and supports healing.

Of course, you can always wear Clear Quartz jewelry if you prefer to have it with you everywhere—just like how I do it. Bracelets and rings that contain Clear Quartz gemstones is a good place to start.

A Relaxing Clear Quartz Bathing Ritual

How often do you have “one of those days” where you feel extremely worked up, frustrated and tense? No doubt, a release of bad energy is needed for you to keep functioning, or else you would go insane! Try a Clear Quartz bathing ritual to cast off your demons and rebalance your energy levels.

With all your negative energies going down the drain (literally!), you will feel the heaviness lift from your shoulders. You should also take this unique bath if you are seeking clarity of mind and intentions. This bath will have you feeling pure as a baby and allow you to think clearly too!

Follow these simple steps for this profoundly healing bath:

  • First of all, cleanse your Clear Quartz tumble stone. You can do it with sage smoke or crystal singing bowls. Make sure the crystal is cleansed thoroughly.
  • Next, place the crystal in your hand and focus on your intentions, desires, and plans. If that confuses you, simply think of what your current focus in life is. It can be a career, education, love, family, health, etc.
  • This act will program the crystal with your energies, and it will help you accordingly.
  • Now put a salt scrub of your liking in a clean jar and add a few drops of lavender oil into it.
  • Place the Clear Quartz crystal in the jar and let it rest for at least two days. This will allow the contents of the jar to absorb the crystal’s energy.
  • When you are ready for your bath, take out the crystal.
  • Exfoliate your skin with the salt scrub while bathing as calmly and thoroughly as possible.
  • Do this ritual for at least 11 days non-stop.

This bathing technique will purify your body, soul, and mind. Not only will it immensely relax you, but it will also reinforce your intentions.

How to Manifest Wealth with Clear Quartz?

We know that the Clear Quartz crystal is a stone of abundance. But how to avail of these miraculous powers of this crystal? Trust us; it’s not as hard as you might think!

The best and most effective way to attract wealth with Clear Quartz is to make a crystal grid. This grid contains a few other money-attracting stones as well.

Let us walk you through the steps for making a crystal grid on a geometrical pattern:

  • Prepare a “Flower of Life” geometrical pattern for the crystal grid. This sacred geometrical pattern symbolizes the framework of life, nature, and all creations.
  • Now you need 12 Chinese coins. Tie three coins together with a red string and make four stacks of them.
  • Place these four stacks of coins in the north, south, east, and west of the geometrical grid.
  • Place four Citrine stones on each stack of coins.
  • Now place aClear Quartz crystal on the exterior of each stack of coins, directly in front of the citrine stones.
  • Next, place two Pyrite stones between the stacks of coins, forming the outer circle of the grid. For this purpose, you need 8 Pyrite stones.
  • Now for the inner ring of stones, place 6 Green Aventurine stones in circular formation. Another variation is to use 3 Tiger’s Eye and 3 Green Aventurine, in alternating patterns if you’d like.
  • Lastly, place a Clear Quartz crystal in the center of the crystal grid.

Now we will briefly elaborate why these particular stones are used in this crystal grid:

Firstly, Citrine activates abundance and prosperity. Next comes the Pyrite stone, which harmonizes with the Sun and attracts gold. Then there is the Tiger’s Eye stone, which is the “Stone of the Mind”. It induces clarity and focus and strengthens your intentions so that you finish what you start and accomplish your goals. Lastly, we have Aventurine. This stone is a powerful luck stone and attracts heaps of financial prosperity.

Clear Quartz is a wealth-attracting stone on its own, but it also magnifies the powers of these other crystals in your grid. This crystal grid is brimming with positive, prosperity-enhancing energies when all of these stones come together in this formation. Take a look at the crystal grid layout below to get a visual.

Clear Quartz Different Shapes, Formations and Uses

Quartz crystals grow in several formations and shapes due to their different environments all over the world. Here are a few popular ones:

  • Record Keepers

This form of Clear Quartz is triangular in one of the facets. Record keepers are associated with sacred geometry, and for this reason, they are considered to be full of valuable information. Watch out; these stones are witty!

  • Double Terminated

These crystals are pointed (terminated) on two faceted ends of the crystal. The double terminated crystals are pure healers. Use them during meditation and let them work their magic on you!

  • Enhydro Quartz

The enhydroquartz is a rare sight to see! With a water bubble running inside the crystal, it is one of the fascinating forms of quartz. These quartz crystals are great for purifying and cleansing purposes.

  • Quartz Crystal Point

A quartz crystal point is a useful tool to amplify intentions. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place the pointy end of the quartz crystal on it. This will program your plans into the crystal, which in turn amplifies that energy making what you desire more likely to come into physical reality.

  • Quartz Crystal Cluster

Because of many points in a cluster of quartz, this formation illuminates a light on various intentions at the same time. When is this particular tool helpful?

Well, a quartz crystal cluster is used when you have more than one focus, or when you are unsure of what exactly you want at a specific time. In a nutshell, this formation infuses constructive energy into all aspects of your life. A quartz crystal cluster is also great to place in your living room or center of the house to amplify positive energy and light throughout your living space.

Lemurian Seed Crystals

These are crystals with bar-code-like ridges all around them. Indeed, this crystal looks as fetching as it sounds! The Lemurian Seed crystals have an ice-like cloudy appearance.

Lemuria is a mythical land of an intelligent civilization that existed centuries ago. Although we don’t have concrete proof of their existence, many in the esoteric community believed the Lemurians were here on Earth a long time ago. Further, into this exciting tale, it is said that the High Priestess of Lemuria gifted the Lemurian Seed crystals to humanity to help us during our own ascension period.

According to the legend, these crystals hold sacred knowledge. As the Lemurians possessed higher consciousness and intellect, they marked these crystals like bar-codes and programmed spiritual insight into the crystals. (Mind blown, right?)

Well, it is said they programmed these crystals to protect and preserve their sacred knowledge that will serve us during our own transformation to higher dimensions. Now, if you attune your energies with this crystal, you can tap into this information. Indeed, it will help you learn higher truth about the world and yourself. It will also enhance your inner vision and instincts.

How to Distinguish a True Lemurian Seed Crystal?

A real Lemurian Seed crystal has horizontal striations on alternate sides of the crystal. Some crystals can be slightly pink or red due to the presence of other salt crystals in them.

How to Use Clear Quartz for Feng Shui

You can also take advantage of the wonderful properties of Clear Quartz by incorporating as an element of feng shui in your home. The best way to do this is to place the stone in areas near openings, such as on a window sill. The amplifying power of this crystal enhances the positive energy being pulled in from the moon and the sun and ultimately fills the rest of the room with desirable energy.

Clear Quartz healing properties also make it an excellent tool for amending the weaknesses of certain zodiacs. For instance, Clear Quartz has been known to control the stubbornness of Capricorns, improve the tolerance of Geminis, and serve as a power booster for Leos.

How was Clear Quartz Used in Ancient Times?

As one of the most abundant minerals, Clear Quartz can be found on every continent. As such, it’s not surprising why it figures in the lore and traditions of different Ancient cultures around the world. For one, the Ancient Egyptians used Clear Quartz in their jewelry and carved grave amulets of the crystal. They used it for protection and to improve their health. Egyptian priests and Pharaohs also liked using quartz-filled cylinders to balance the body’s Ka and Ba energies.

The Ancient Greeks, meanwhile,believed that Clear Quartz crystals wereGod-sent eternal ice. They believed that the gemstone was made out of water that had frozen so deeply it would never melt.The Romans thought of Clear Quartz in the same way, which is why they carved spheres out of the stone to harness its “cooling effects” during summer.

Lastly, in Japan, Clear Quartz hadbeen referred to as a perfect jewel because it symbolized purity, patience, and space –principles and values that are held dear by the Japanese up to this day.

How is Clear Quartz Formed?

Quartz is one of the most prevalent and widely-known minerals on earth. You’ll see it in pretty much all mineral environments and is a crucial component of rocks. In fact, they frequently form inside geodes or crystal-filled hollow rocks.

Usually, though, Clear Quartz is formed when molten magma is crystallized. It’s also found in igneous and sedimentary rocks, but metamorphic rocks are the most common source. All quartz crystals are formed this way. However, Clear Quartz is of the purest form. Other colors, such as amethyst, citrine, rose, and black, are quartz crystals whose colors came to be because of the impurities they contain.

As a Final Note…

Clear Quartz may appear simple, unassuming, and modest, but its properties and abilities are not to be ignored. Its color (or lack thereof) is simply a testament of how powerful it is at promoting balance, harmony, and clarity of mind. Needless to say, its healing and amplifying properties are hard to rival. Just to add, I also really appreciate the fact that Quartz is an abundant mineral, which means that this crystal isn’t too hard to find.

Whether you’re in need of a healing crystal or are on the hunt for a stone to supplement your current collection, I believe that Clear Quartz deserves a place in your home.

Other Related Quartz Crystal

Titanium Quartz or Rainbow Aura Quartz

How often do you see such a captivating combination of gorgeous colors packed inside a crystal? Rarely! Let’s know more about this beauty:

The Titanium Quartz is one of the most potent coated quartz. It is a symbol of strength, creativity, and the spirit of life. Additionally, this picture-perfect quartz saturates your mindset with confidence, joy, and optimism.

But don’t think this is all the Titanium Quartz is suitable for! This quartz has been revered through the centuries for its strong grounding properties. Also, it keeps you calm and collected while constantly recharging your aura.

Furthermore, the Titanium Quartz crystal aligns all7 chakras and allows Chi or Life Force Energy to flow freely through you, balancing you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Spirit Quartz

The Spirit Quartz is yet another spectacular healer in the quartz family. It stimulates and harmonizes the entire chakra system.

But most of all, the Spirit Quartz is used to extract the evil energies cast by ill-wishers. If you need protection from malicious intentions of others or energy vampires, you need to get yourself a Spirit Quartz Crystal right now!

On the other hand, Spirit Quartz is an excellent communication guru. It strengthens your connection with the spiritual realm and helps you achieve better awareness of the world. Moreover, this crystal aids clairvoyance and psychic abilities as well.

Spirit Quartz is sometimes referred to as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz because it is characterized by hundreds of small termination points that stems off the main, larger termination point. This makes this crystal extremely powerful as whatever energy you program it with will be radiated and amplified in all different directions.

Smoky Quartz

A perfect grounding stone for those who are unable to focus! The Smoky Quartz crystal stimulates the Solar Plexus, Root and Sacral Chakra explicitly. This means that Smoky Quartz helps you connect with your most primal self.

Also, it manages the intrinsic characteristics you possess as a human. These include your fears, your need for shelter and stability, your desires and passions, etc.

Rose Quartz

The “Stone of Universal Love”, Rose Quartz is singularly emotional as its area of expertise is emotional healing. Firstly, Rose Quartz works to relieve your stress and anxiety. Then it healthily tackles your emotional traumas, ensuring that your wounds are cured of the core.

Lastly, the Rose Quartz crystal shines the light of love in your life. While an emotionally damaged person rejects love and affection, Rose Quartz helps you accept love in its purest form.


Among the elegant quartz family, Amethyst is an excellent protective and purifying stone. This crystal’s healing energies run deep. Whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual healing, Amethyst works like a charm on all!

This powerful stone balances the Crown, Etheric, and the Third Eye Chakra. Furthermore, Amethyst provides exceptional protection from psychic attacks and negative aura.

Another property of this violet crystal is that it is excellent for breaking addictions like alcohol, nicotine, heroin, cocaine, etc. Therefore, it is the best gemstone for people going through withdrawal.


Balancing four chakras at once, Citrine is highly purifying and stabilizing. When it comes to amplifying your imagination and creative forces, Citrine should be your go-to crystal. This is because Citrine is mainly linked with the Sacral Chakra, which allows the flow of emotions, passion, and innovation.


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