Chrysoprase: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry


Top 3 Benefits of Chrysoprase Crystals

The Chrysoprase gemstone is a striking, apple-green crystal that has metaphysical assets for healing. It also offers several other benefits, including:

  1. Protection – guards against evil and curses, transmutes negative emotions to positive ones and brings a sense of security and trust
  2. Emotional balance – gives confidence, stimulates acceptance of your self and others, and attracts love, happiness, and contentment,
  3. Healing – detoxifies the body, treats disorders and diseases, and speeds up the healing

Chrysoprase has a unique apple-green color attributable to the occurrence of nickel. Hardly ever seen in the gem market, it hails as the second most treasured chalcedony after silica. It is also sporadic in the jewelry market due to the difficulty of obtaining the stones in the same color and size in high amounts. You can find it in Germany, California, Indonesia, Russia, Arizona, and Brazil.

The crystal is beneficial for cultivating your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It speeds up healing and generates balance to attract new love, abundance, and prosperity in your life. It also connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. Overall, the Chrysoprase meaning revolves around stability, spiritual protection, and universal love.

Using the gemstone has its advantages. Included in the Chrysoprase benefits are detoxification, regeneration, and general healing. It also brings acceptance, independence, and joy. Moreover, it integrates into your life seamlessly. You can keep it in your pocket or hold a piece during meditation to harness its power.

What is Chrysoprase Stone Good For?

The word Chrysoprase comes from two Greek words: chrusos and prason. Chrusos means gold or yellow, while prason means leek, which refers to its green color. Alexander the Great wore it to battle and won every campaign until he mislaid it in the Euphrates River. The crystal also became a piece of Egyptian revival jewelry in the Nouveau era, mimicking the vast treasures of the pharaoh’s tombs.

In the modern world, Chrysoprase jewel provides protection. It offers spiritual protection, guarding you against evil and curses, and keeps you safe by creating a barrier between you and others. It also converts negative emotions to positive ones, helping you overcome angry thoughts and behavior. Moreover, the stone is useful in healing co-dependence in relationships and bringing you a sense of security and trust.

The crystal balances the emotion, as well. It promotes self-confidence, increasing your self-esteem and courage to raise you from depression. You can use it to rebalance and clear your emotional state when you feel overwhelmed, mentally. The Chrysoprase also helps accept yourself as you are and feel forgiveness and compassion for others. Furthermore, it attracts true love, happiness, and contentment. It empowers you to understand more deeply and brings the energy of abundance at all levels.

Finally, the gem has metaphysical properties for healing. It helps heal the heart of anxiety and depression, brings healing into the cells of the body, and assists in inner child healing for forgiveness. It also helps speed up the healing of any wound and treats problems of the eye, lungs, thymus, and reproductive organs. Likewise, it aids mental and physical illness.

What Are the Healing Properties of Chrysoprase?

Similar to yoga, Chrysoprase healing properties center around alignment. It focuses your heart chakra to help shape your capacity for love, affection, and compassion. It also restores and maintains a sense of balance in the following:

    Like many green stones, the crystal has a solid connection to nature and elements. It brings Mother Gaia’s gift of cleansing and change and helps you communicate with earth spirits. It also encourages a child-like view of guardian angels and spirit guides and connects you with the Divine’s energy and love. Furthermore, it serves as a spiritual tool to unlock your potential, accept yourself, and be open to others.
    The Chrysoprase is a calming crystal that helps you overcome impulsive and compulsive behaviors. It enables you to feel compassion and forgiveness for others to propel your personal development. It also promotes emotional balance, encouraging your inner peace and strength to settle conflicts. Moreover, the stone gives a feeling of trust and security to help you become more independent and content.
    The gem promotes the love for truth. It gives you insight into your current negative attitudes and helps you recognize egotistical motives. It also enables you to have the courage and confidence to allow love into your life. Finally, the Chrysoprase draws out your innate talent, stimulates your creativity, and induces a deep meditative state to aid you in connecting with the Divine mind.

Chrysoprase, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

The beautiful apple-green Chrysoprase jewelry is a must-have for people born in May and June. It emphasizes the energy of manifestation and attracts abundance and prosperity. The crystal also has excellent healing properties that aid in problems of the mind, heart, and spirit. Moreover, it promotes restful sleep and elevates happiness.

The gemstone is also associated with the following zodiac signs:

  • Taurus. As an alternative Taurus birthstone, Chrysoprase works to balance the solar plexus chakra to give you willpower and strength. It also increases your self-esteem, making you more tolerant to change. Moreover, the crystal helps you heal from the past and brings you a sense of personal empowerment.
  • Libra. Chrysoprase crystal is the secondary birthstone of Libra. Since relationship and connection are vital for this sign, the stone helps with emotional imbalances by allowing you to resolve your differences with your partner, transmuting negative feelings to positive ones, and mending your broken heart. It also attracts love and quells feelings of anxiety and doubt.
  • Gemini. The key to Gemini’s happiness is meeting new people, communication, and diversity. As Gemini’s birthstone, Chrysoprase makes an excellent tool in realizing these as it attracts love, encourages commitment, promotes forgiveness, and helps you accept yourself and others. It also enables you to rid of toxic emotions to bring a happy state of mind. 

Chrysoprase and Planetary Connection

Also called the sacred stone of Aphrodite, the Chrysoprase possesses the essence of love and forgiveness. It resonates with the planet Venus, which is associated with love, desire, and relationships, just like the goddess that shares its name. Venus also appreciates art and beauty and works through matters of the heart. Moreover, it has dual rulership over Taurus and Libra, representing two main areas in your life: money and love.

The planet Venus rules over your sentiments, the pleasure you take in life, and the things you value. Considered a “benefic” planet, it attracts luck and governs grace, charm, and beauty. It also regulates courtship and romance. Furthermore, the celestial body represents your values and luxury. You can turn to Venus to show how much you spend on leisure activities, what types of gifts to buy, and how you spend your money.

Chrysoprase and The Elements

Chrysoprase is one of the water element healing stones, which have cleansing and healing properties. Referred to be the basis of life, it induces peace and healing. It also increases your intuition and assists you in practicing divination. Moreover, it is excellent if you want to encourage lucid dreams and perform purification.

Like the apple-green chalcedony, the water element attracts love and strengthens relationships. It is the fundamental force behind emotions that helps you make peace with anybody and make new friends. It also aids in expanding universal love. It is useful in mending a broken heart and supporting your self-esteem. Overall, it brings a general emotional balance.

Chrysoprase and Numerology

The Chrysoprase gemstone vibrates with the number 3, which is the bringer of change. In numerology, the numeral denotes joy and optimism, speech and communication, kindness and compassion, love and passion, and self-expression. It also possesses the soul of a psychic who seeks to bring good news to others explicitly. Additionally, it is your best connection for love.

Number 3 has a natural charisma and superb communication skills, which help with popularity and socialization. It also has an outgoing nature and remarkable self-confidence that opens you up to endless opportunities, both personal and professional. When you use the green crystal, you can balance your emotions to achieve the best version of yourself.

Chrysoprase for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The crystal influences two chakras: the Heart and Solar Plexus. It has the brilliant energy of love and brings the power of abundance at all levels. These two energies combine to make sure you have all the love and richness life can give. If you want to find love, Chrysoprase also attracts new love. Additionally, it brings a sense of security and trust to encourage commitment and support independence in your relationships.

As the source of love and compassion, the Heart Chakra impacts your connection to the physical and spiritual aspects of yourself. The gemstone makes sure the chakra is in harmony to encourage love and acceptance of your self and others. It also helps with feelings of grief, loneliness, and resentment. Furthermore, it cultivates joy, promotes hope, and encourages fidelity in personal and professional relations.

As the chakra for self-esteem and power, the Solar Plexus Chakra impacts your personality and sense of worth. Using Chrysoprase keeps it in balance to help you feel whole and centered. It also boosts your self-confidence and fixes your sensitivity to criticism. Moreover, the stone helps treat diseases and disorders of the reproductive organs, lungs, and digestive system.

Chrysoprase For Finding Your Life Purpose and Abundance

Activating the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, Chrysoprase become one of the rare stones to bring an abundance of prosperity in your life. It promotes the Divine truth to teach you how to live your life per the Divine plan. The green crystal also manifests money, especially if it has a more yellow-green hue. As a gemstone for wealth, it opens yourself to a steady flow of energy of abundance.

  • Chrysoprase helps enrich your life. As a stone of hope, it promotes strength, willpower, and focus towards your heart’s desire. It also assists in emphasizing your purpose in life. Believed to ensure good health and happiness, it gives you a sense of completeness and inner peace that allows you to live by the Divine plan. Additionally, the crystal helps you make use of your gifts and talents to attract success, prosperity, and abundance.
  • Chrysoprase encourages you to follow your heart’s desire. As a stone of the heart, it fills your aura with strong healing energies that provide you with the will to do what you want. It leads to a higher state of consciousness and stimulates your creativity. It also draws out your talents and balances the thymus to aid in training and development. Overall, the gemstone awakens the heart and fuels your will to bring your heart’s desire into fruition.

Crystals to Combine with Chrysoprase For Growth, Wisdom, and Wealth


Tiger’s Eye, when combined with Chrysoprase, helps you recognize your strengths and talents. It also allows you to expand your mind to reach your full potential. Moreover, it brings mental clarity and a joyful outlook in life.


Malachite, a stone of transformation, helps bring energy and focus to growth and development. When paired with the Chrysoprase gemstone, it brings healing and abundance to allow you to deal with change. Furthermore, it encourages emotional risk-taking to achieve a deepened sense of commitment and intimacy.


Combining the Chrysoprase with Green Aventurine manifests abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It increases your luck in games of chance and competition. It also harmonizes and protects the heart to attract love in your life.


The combination of Citrine and Chrysoprase helps you grow into your life’s purpose. It increases your self-confidence, stimulates your enthusiasm, and gets you centered, helping you make crucial decisions. Ultimately, it invites wealth and prosperity in your life.

Chrysoprase for Forgiveness

The crystal promotes forgiveness. Through the Solar Plexus Chakra, it helps you with your will and harmonizes your heart to encourage healing and forgiveness. The wisdom of the Chrysoprase meaning is to forgive and forget. It activates the Heart Chakra to mend your broken heart and rid of toxic emotions. Holding the stone over your chest as you lay in the bathtub aids in inspiring forgiveness and positive inner growth.

Crystal to Pair with Chrysoprase to Let Go of Emotional Baggage


Rose Quartz is one of the best healing stones for releasing your emotional baggage. Using it with Chrysoprase takes away your fear and resentment, boosting your self-confidence to let go of your traumas. Plus, they both resonate with the Heart Chakra.


Rhodonite helps you let go of your emotional scars from the past. It clears away your heart and encourages self-love and acceptance to help you move on with your life. It also balances the Heart Chakra by giving you strong emotional support. Ultimately, pairing it with Chrysoprase helps heal your emotional wounds.

How to Use Chrysoprase for Feng Shui

Used in the Southwest, the Chrysoprase gemstone attracts love and strengthens relationships. Cast in the Southeast, it attracts the energy of abundance. It also provides courage and protection when placed in negative directions, such as the front door of your house. Moreover, you can put it in the center to ensure good health and longevity and in the South to achieve success.

The crystal is associated with the energy of Water and Wood, as well. In feng shui, Water represents luck and wealth. It is related to the Moon and Mercury, which is the planet of relationship. Incorporating the element in the right ways and places promote the optimal flow of chi to support luck, prosperity, and success. You may place the Chrysoprase outside your front door to make money and wealth flow towards your home.

On the other hand, Wood symbolizes health, prosperity, and abundance. It is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of plenty. Maximizing the ways you can use the element in decoration can improve the flow of chi in your workplace and home. You may place the gemstone in the center-left area of your space to uphold your family and health. You may also put it in the back left corner to attract wealth and prosperity.

Chrysoprase in Folklore and Ancient Times

Since the ancient days, the Chrysoprase crystal has been on seals, signets, jewelry, and ornamental objects. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used it due to its vivid color. As related by the Dominican friar Albertus Magnus, it served as a talisman for Alexander III. The Macedonian King wore it as a girdle, and it helped him win every single battle. Archaeologists also discovered the gemstone in the tomb of Tutankhamen in the early 1920s.

In folklore, the stone was famous for its gentle and soothing properties. Sensitive healing folks used it for spiritual protection, to prevent depression, and to increase grace, equilibrium, and fertility. Some also used it in devotions for the Roman goddess of fire and hearth, Vestia.  

How is Chrysoprase Formed?

The apple-green variety of chalcedony can be found in many places. In addition to the best-known sources mentioned above, Chrysoprase is also present in South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, India, and Zimbabwe. It was present in vast amounts in a mine in Szklary, Poland, but diminished in the 14th century. The highest quality stones, on the other hand, are in Australia. Today, it is the leading producer of Chrysoprase with crystals coming from Queensland, New South Wales, and Western and South Australia.

Chrysoprase forms due to the deep weathering of ultramafic ophiolite rocks. In Australian deposits, it occurs as veins and nodules with brown goethite. It also develops at relatively low temperatures and has a super-fine composition, which differentiates it from other crystalline varieties. Moreover, the gemstone has chromium in which it owes its green color.


Chrysoprase is a jewel of growth and development. It heals your inner child and balances your hormones to help you grow physiologically and emotionally. It also posses the metaphysical properties for healing that provides you with protection and ensures emotional balance. Furthermore, the stone promotes forgiveness.

Chrysoprase healing properties have a significant impact on your life. It balances the Heart Chakra to enhance your connection with your self and others. It also harmonizes the Solar Plexus Chakra to boost your self-confidence to reach your dreams. Overall, the crystal helps you find life’s purpose, grow emotionally and mentally, release your emotional baggage, and attract abundance.


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