Chrysocolla: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

chrysocolla meanings and benefits

When you first see the Chrysocolla, you’ll notice that it has a really vibrant blue and green color, like a real piece of art. It’s very appropriate considering that the Chrysocolla meaning is about communication. Are you the type who always feels guarded, reserved, and shy? Then this is the perfect gemstone for you! It’s time to show the world your full potential with a crystal like this one.

Top 3 Benefits of Chrysocolla Crystals

  1. Communication – A recurring element that you’ll find throughout all its meaning and qualities is communication. Chrysocolla is known to help people find their voice and speak up about their true intentions.
  2. Expression – If you work in a creative field or just need a bit of inspiration, this gemstone is perfect for you because it taps into your creative side. More than that, it also encourages you to actually do something instead of just dream or plan for it.
  3. Knowledge – One thing this stone is also known for is self-reflection. It can calm your mind of negativity and help you discover truth. This gemstone will help you look into yourself for personal and spiritual growth.

What is Chrysocolla Stone Good For?

All the Chrysocolla benefits tie back to its title of Stone of Communication. This gemstone is all about communication, truth, and teaching. If you are the type who often has trouble speaking their mind or communicating their thoughts, this gemstone will give you the strength to do that.

Aside from that, it can also add power and energy to your words. You don’t just say what you’re thinking, rather you are able to choose the right words to give emotional healing to others. Chrysocolla helps you speak tactfully and from the heart.

Chrysocolla is also a stone for teaching. Coupled with its communicative abilities, this crystal gives you the power to discover just what people need to hear. You learn what needs to be said to help others, and this includes everything from supportive words to issues that need to be resolved.

Its name comes from the Greek word ‘chrysos’ which means gold and ‘kolla’ which is glue. They say truth is gold, so its name reflects its abilities.

Blue and greens are its main colors, and you’ll find their beautiful mix reflects that of a clean ocean.

What Are the Healing Properties of Chrysocolla?

  • Spiritual
    With the Chrysocolla gemstone, you can achieve spiritual knowledge beyond what you can ever imagine. It opens your mind to psychic visions and knowledge from the higher planes. Because of this, the gemstone also brings guidance in the form of inspiration, power, and truth.

    More than that, it inspires initiative and understanding of people by getting rid of distressing thoughts and feelings. This kind of negativity can cloud our senses and prevents us from seeing the world around us.

    You can also use this stone for change. Oftentimes, we need a bit of push to get us started on our spiritual journey. With the Chrysocolla, you will feel yourself more motivated to take action and control over things in your life. At the same time, this stone encourages self-reflection to get the truth behind your personality.

    Aside from that, Chrysocolla also has a strong connection with Mother Gaia. Regain your attunement with the planet by using this beautiful gemstone. This allows you to communicate with natural forces as well as be more accepting of the way of nature.
  • Emotional
    Chrysocolla gemstones aren’t just about telling people what they need to hear but about expressing yourself. For those with pent up anger, resentment or issues, this gemstone will help you let your emotions out.

    Aside from letting things out, it can also help keep things in. With this gemstone, you also discover the best times to being silent. This stone will teach you to calm and relax your emotions, which allows you to be more level-headed and think more clearly. Sometimes intense emotions can make us say things we don’t really mean. Hence, the use of this stone.

    If you are in a relationship, this can help you calm down during an argument and promote communication.

    You will also find that this gemstone is especially useful for women. They ease burdens and trauma in women, particularly that of abuses in their relationship. For older women, Chrysocolla gemstones help them express their years of wisdom and knowledge to the youth who need that kind of reassurance.
  • Mental
    Tap into your feminine energies with the use of a Chrysocolla. It’s not only women who need to access their feminine side, but men as well. People are often too focused on masculine energy, which are related to working and pursuing goals. As a result, we tend to neglect our artistic and expressive side. The vibrations of this gemstone will help you rediscover your feminine energies for a more balanced living.

    Similar to what was mentioned above, this crystal will bring inspiration and creativity. For those of you who are experiencing some kind of mental block, carry around Chrysocolla jewelry or tumbled stone to help you discover new ideas. Note that creativity isn’t just for those in the arts industry, but those in tech and sciences may need it as well.

    This gemstone also has the ability to get rid of feelings of guilt that get in the way of your expression. It would then encourage truth-telling and fairness because you have no other attachments getting in the way of your actions.
  • Physical
    The colors on them vary, so they also have different effects on your health and healing abilities.

    One thing’s for sure, Chrysocolla is great for getting rid of headaches and migraines caused by stress and anxiety. The soothing energy within it can help release all tensions. This soothing effect also has a positive impact on menstrual cramps and pregnancies.

    Aside from that, use this gemstone to treat any thyroid and throat issues, such as sore throats and laryngitis. You can also use it to regulate your high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, thus reducing diabetes. It is also known to help with blood-related problems and assists your kidney and liver in their functions.

    Lastly, Chrysocolla gemstones are known to treat a variety of bone issues such as osteoporosis, arthritis, hip pain, and bone disease.

Chrysocolla, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

The Chrysocolla gemstone is associated with three astrological signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo.

Taurus are naturally honest signs but can be a bit stubborn. This gemstone can help them better express themselves, so they don’t come across as arrogant or condescending to other people. Aside from that, this sign is very hardworking and ambitious, The Chrysocolla can give a splash of color to their lives to keep them from being consumed with their work.

The Gemini’s most defining qualities are its outgoing and sociable personality, which is why it’s connection to Chrysocolla is so strong. Both the gemstone and the sign have communicative qualities, so Gemini would benefit from this stone to help them choose the right words in certain scenarios.

Lastly, you have the Virgo sign, who are known to be kind and loyal. However, they have a terrible habit of being shy. This gemstone will help them overcome that. Virgo have a natural sense of speech and communication, very much like the Chrysocolla too. It will help them get past the initial shyness to help them unleash their full potential.

Chrysocolla and Planetary Connection

Both the Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury, which pretty much explains why they’re all about socializing and self-expression. In the same sense, it is also connected to the Chrysocolla gemstone because it also represents communication. In astrology, Mercury rules your expression and ability to process your senses.

In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger for the gods, which is pretty much consistent with the Chrysocolla meaning and properties. It’s about verbal understanding and inner truth in the world. This isn’t just about words though. The way we talk and think is also influenced by the Mercury.

Chrysocolla, The Elements, and Feng Shui

Water is the element that is connected with this gemstone. It is about healing, emotions, and personal connections. In itself, this will bring you wealth and prosperity. The area that is assigned to the Water element is the north.

In your home, the north area is your career and life path space. Because of the formless nature of water, it allows it to flow and bend freely. This represents its effect on one’s creativity, which is something you would need to become more successful in your work and in life.

The east bagua also has some connections to this element. This area is where health and family come in. Water elements are known to maintain health because its flowing nature allows it to detoxify your body. Another thing is that Chrysocolla encourages proper communication, and communication is always good if you want to maintain a good relationship with your family.

Chrysocolla and Numerology:

The numerical vibration of Chrysocolla is the number five. It is associated with freedom, change, and adaptability. The gemstone allows you to become more flexible to better appreciate and enjoy life. However, too much bending can make you weak-willed and submissive.

Five vibrations also stimulate the mind by expanding your visions. Related to its ability to inspire creativity, Chrysocolla encourages individualism as a result of this.

Chrysocolla for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chrysocolla has a powerful connection with the Throat Chakra, which is (unsurprisingly) the Chakra about expression. What it does is allow the rest of the Chakras to be expressed, so blockages in the throat can also have a negative result to the other Chakras connected to it.

When balanced, you are able to speak clearly and truthfully. It also helps you talk more kindly to others. Otherwise, you can either become obnoxiously talkative to the point that you’re disregarding others or you are unable to let your voice be heard.

Another Chakra that is associated with Chrysocolla is the Heart Chakra. This is responsible for your ability to give and receive love and compassion. When balanced, you can recognize and feel the love and kindness that is given to you. In the same sense, you are able to give that same emotion to other people.

When overactive, it can cause you to develop unhealthy and overly attached relationships. This can cause people to neglect themselves for the sake of others, and that’s never good. Use the Chrysocolla gemstone to achieve balance in this aspect.

The crystal also has the ability to connect and energize all the lower Chakras to the Heart and Throat.

Chrysocolla Meditation

Chrysocolla are great for meditation, and its vibrations are so strong that almost anyone can use them. What you need to do is find a quiet and peaceful place for you to concentrate. Rub your stone around the room to help it release its energy to aid you in meditation.

This gemstone is perfect to have with you because it has so many useful qualities that you can benefit from in your everyday life. Here are other ways you can use them.

  • Hold a Chrysocolla tumbled stone while praying or meditating.
  • Place a Chrysocolla gemstones around your house to encourage prosperity and creativity
  • Wear Chrysocolla jewelry. Necklaces are best because it places it near your Throat and Heart Chakra.
  • Hold a Chrysocolla tumbled stone to regain physical, mental, or spiritual energy.
  • Use Chrysocolla mala beads for prayer and meditation.

Crystals to Combine with Chrysocolla For Transformation

You can use this gemstone on its own for transformation, but you can maximize its effect by pairing it with other crystals and gems. Below is a list of some of the best stones to pair them with.

  • Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye will give you the strength and focus of a tiger on a hunt. It helps you become more patient while also opening your mind to intellect. These traits combined with Chrysocolla’s ability to help you control your emotions result in mental strength that can overcome anything.

  • Rainbow Moonstone

One of the reasons why people use Rainbow Moonstones is because it teaches you many things, which also helps in your journey to transformation. This crystal helps you discover yourself and is often used for self-reflection. Both this stone and the Chrysocolla are introspective stones that will help you discover your desires and help you express what truly matters to you.

  • Labradorite

The iridescent Labradorite stone is all about discovering the unseen. Once we see beyond the physical, we can better understand the universe and have a more holistic transformation. Because the Chrysocolla is used for inspiration as well, it pairs well with this stone as it encourages meditation, which is vital if we have to have spiritual growth.

  • Malachite

The Malachite is literally called the Stone of Transformation because it protects you from negative influences while you are in transition. Similar to the Chrysocolla, the Malachite has strong connections with nature and has a very soothing effect on the soul. This energy can comfort you during difficult times in your transformation.

  • Citrine

This bright yellow crystal is all about free thinking and expression. Its meaning is also related to new beginnings and new life. For anyone who wishes to have a fresh start, the Citrine is the best stone to pair with your Chrysocolla. Citrine not only encourages creativity but also pushes you to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Carnelian

For all the writers out there experiencing writer’s block, the Carnelian is just the stone you need. It grants you determination and drive to pursue what you want in life while at the same time, it protects you from negative energies that would distract you. For those working as editors, journalists and scriptwriters, this combination of stones will turn your words into reflections of the truth. It will teach you to speak without deception and mirror your surroundings.

Chrysocolla in Folklore and Ancient Times

Historically, this stone was used by Native Americans to bring strength and calmness. They believed in its ability to aid truthful and heartfelt communication. Chrysocolla was used as a talisman for physical resistance and bringing peace to the area.

In the Renaissance period, this stone was used for its color. Its beautiful color was used for paintings and such.

How is Chrysocolla Formed?

Chrysocolla are often found with Quartz in them. This is what gives it its strength and durability. It somehow harmonizes with the copper and becomes a silicate, which is basically a kind of mineral found in the earth.

It is formed in something called copper veins in parts of Zimbabwe, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Australia, France, Chile, Israel, Indonesia, and parts of the United States.


The Chrysocolla is an extremely useful gemstone for those who need to express themselves. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, this can help you discover the right things and words to say to other people. It not only encourages you to speak up but also help others through words. Use this to impart your knowledge and advice to other people.


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