Complete Guide on Chakra Jewelry & Orgonite Pyramids For Chakra Balancing


I remember first hearing about chakra in my first chakra yoga session and dismissing it as outright baloney—after all, I was there for a good sweat and something interesting to post on my Instagram stories. But over the course of my session, I started to feel better and better about myself. As we worked through the poses and learned how each helped balance our chakra, and I started to feel more centered, more calm, and filled with a quiet, peaceful energy.

Let me tell you, no one was more surprised than me to find that the baloney was actually working.

So I dove headfirst into chakra balancing. Yoga made me feel great, but was there more I could do to align my energies and create a strong flow? The answer was a resounding yes. I took meditation classes, read up on Hindu spirituality, and even visited India a few times to experience chakra yoga at its source. And it was there that I learned it wasn’t just actions that could balance my chakra—certain crystals and gemstones could too. This is how I got started on chakra jewelry and orgonite pyramids.

What Is A Chakra?

The concept of chakra comes from the most ancient and sacred of Hindu texts. They correspond to seven special areas along the long axis of the body where our energy is concentrated. When our chakras are well-aligned and the energy is allowed to flow freely, we feel healthy in both body and mind. But when we are physically hurt, experience stress, harbor negative emotions and beliefs, or otherwise do not take care of ourselves the way we should be, then these chakras are imbalanced and energy is blocked.

It all feels very new age, but there are some studies that support the concept of chakra. The seven chakra areas are in the vicinity of important organs that regulate our emotions and energy levels. A study found that key points of neurotransmitter transfer correspond to the seven chakra points on the body. But perhaps most convincing is the fact that many people have tried chakra-balancing practices and have found themselves feeling better—something must be working!

What Are The Seven Chakra Centers In Our Body?

The chakras are seven in number, arranged along the median axis of our bodies—from our brain down to the tip of our spinal cord. From the bottom going upwards, these are: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra.

Note that each chakra corresponds to a different kind of energy—when combined, they represent the overall well-being of a person. If you are having a certain type of problem, that means the chakra corresponding to that energy is misaligned or blocked.

How To Use Chakra Gemstones To Enhance Energy Flow

Certain gemstones and minerals have the ability to unblock and rebalance chakras. Each chakra has a corresponding list of precious substances that are most effective at healing them. The key to a smooth and fluid energy flow among the chakras is pairing the right stone or mineral with the corresponding chakra.

Healing is most effective when the substance is placed in close contact to the chakra. Traditionally, the stone or mineral is placed on top of the blocked chakra while undergoing spiritual practice such as meditation or prayer. The stones are rinsed and cleaned. Then the user shall lie down and place each gemstone (usually a set of seven—one for each chakra) in the corresponding location of each chakra. Rest in this position for at least ten minutes while meditating, allowing the healing energy of the chakra gemstones to wash over you.

To keep the energy flow continuous, you may choose to keep the gemstones close to you during other times of the day. Proximity is key in crystal healing. Some place it in strategic rooms in their homes, work places, or areas they spend a lot of time in. Others choose to carry their stones in a chakra bag. However, what is becoming increasingly popular is the idea of using chakra jewelry to keep the healing powers of the substances as close to the skin as possible, as often as possible.

Here we walk through each chakra and the corresponding precious substances that may unblock the energy and allow you to live a more harmonious, healthy, and happy life.

Root Chakra (“Muladhara”)

The root chakra is situated in the base of the spine. This chakra is the closest to the ground, hence its name. Its element is earth—as such, it symbolizes our anchorage to the physical world through our most basic need for safety and security. It is about survival—the need for food, shelter, and other resources to live. When this chakra is balanced, one lives in comfort, knowing that he/she has what is needed for day-to-day living.

Imbalance of the root chakra means living in fear—fear for one’s life, one’s job, one’s home, one’s physical safety. It could mean a lack of enthusiasm and zest for life. Alternately, it could mean an excess of resources that manifests as greed, paranoia of losing what one has, neurotic control over food and property.

The symbol for the root chakra is a lotus flower with four petals, and a downward-facing triangle at its center. The color for this chakra—particularly its petals—is a rich, brilliant red that represents vigor and life. It activates our instincts, our most basic nature and drives. Yellow or gold is also traditionally linked to the root chakra. The triangle pointing to the ground celebrates the spirit’s connection to the physical world through our bodies and its needs.

If you feel that you are experiencing problems related to the root chakra, these chakra gemstones will help:

  • Red Carnelian is glassy, translucent Chalcedony mineral from the quartz family that has the exact color of the root chakra. It has been used to protect against accidents, stimulate physical exercise, strengthen appetite, and increase passion and zest for life. Its strong, bold color represents vibrancy and confidence borne out of fearlessness.
  • Red Jasper is a terracotta red stone from the quartz family. Many refer to it as the “stone of endurance”, in that it helps increase quiet determination and stamina to overcome obstacles, provide stability, and strengthen resolve in the face of unpleasant but important tasks.
  • Bloodstone is a dramatic looking black stone with what appears to be splatters of dark red blood. It supports the root chakra by helping heal both physical and emotional wounds, providing a safe harbor after tumultuous times. It helps one recover and get back one’s life energy.
  • Black Tourmaline is a crystal with strong, straight lines with a black-metallic color. It is a powerful stone for absorbing negativity that blocks the Root Chakra. It helps cleanse destructive energy to be rerouted into more productive and calming pursuits.
  • Obsidian is a glassy rock that is born from rapid solidification of lava, the earth’s lifeblood. It serves to re-center our scattered energy that has been distributed far too thin over the many stresses we face in life. It comes from deep within the earth, making it ideal for restoring one’s root chakra. It helps bring you back from the worries in your head to the physical world that can be enjoyed at the moment.

Sacral Chakra (“Svadhisthana”)

The sacral chakra at the center of one’s abdomen and extending to the genital area. Its element is water, so its strength lies in its flexibility and flow. This chakra relates to our feelings of pleasure and enjoyment about the world around us. It encourages flowing to new areas through creativity, or creating relationships with others around us. It has a strong association with sensuality, sexuality, and identity.

An aligned and balanced sacral chakra is manifested through a close relationship with others and oneself. This means being attuned to how others feel as the foundation of a caring and pleasurable interaction, as well as understanding and accepting one’s own emotions as they come. When this chakra is blocked, you may either feel out of touch with who you are and how you feel, or have difficulty reigning in the strength of your own emotions. It may manifest as difficulty in forming meaningful relationships with others, or becoming overly dependent on your personal relationships. Problems with sexual satisfaction are commonly encountered.

The symbol for this chakra is a circle surrounded by six petals and a moon crescent at its center. The fluidity of its element, water, is echoed by the soft, rounded lines. The moon represents the pull of water and change in its direction. Its color may be light blue or white, but it is more often a translucent orange.

If you are experiencing issues related to a blocked sacral chakra, these are the stones that might be able to help you:

  • Orange or Coral Calcite is light orange stone that radiates positive energy. It brings a playful confidence that works best when one is in a rut—whether its in creative pursuits or romantic ones. It helps the sacral chakra by encouraging a flow, like a gurgling, cheerful stream.
  • Citrine is a pale yellow to golden yellow stone that stimulates creativity and movement. It helps one appreciate the fullness of life, from the big picture to the small pleasures. Its ability to smooth out interpersonal relationships and solidify new ones is well-known.
  • Orange Carnelian is a cousin of the Red Carnelian that is so important to the Root Chakra. This helps foster a sense of community and togetherness. It helps create an aura of belonging in a group. It is also frequently used to enhance physical pleasure within a romantic relationship.
  • Orange (or Red) Aventurine is a deep orange stone that promotes a stronger connection with oneself. It helps you get in touch with your true identity, listen to your own voice, and be your own person. It makes you more confident in the choices you make for yourself. Indirectly, being proud of who you are leads to an authenticity that attracts others to you.

Solar Plexus Chakra (“Manipura”)

This chakra is located in the area of the diaphragm or the upper abdominal area. Its element is usually fire, but there are instances when it is associated with air. Both provide power either in the form of heat or wind—power is the central theme of the solar plexus chakra. It is about being the master of oneself by building an identity, sticking to personal principles, taking control of decisions, and using one’s intellect to make judgments.

If the solar plexus chakra is open, you will a clear idea of what you want in life, and the motivation to pursue it. You can make decisions logically, and assert yourself in situations while being diplomatic and kind. You get things done efficiently.

On the other hand, a blocked solar plexus chakra could go two ways. It may manifest as a helplessness, a lack of confidence,and a weak sense of identity. People with imbalanced solar plexus chakra tend to feel lost—they don’t know what they want, and know even less how to get it. On the other side of the spectrum, they may also feel greedy for more power. People who try to control everything that happens to them and tend to use their intellect to manipulate others. They may have a clear idea of what they want, but have difficulty prioritizing which is the absolute more important, resulting in half-hearted attempts at many projects.

The symbol of the solar plexus chakra is a circle with ten petals surrounding it and an inverted triangle in its center. The latter represents the fire within us that transforms thoughts into actions. Its color is blue, for the hottest part of a flickering flame.

If you want to strengthen your solar plexus chakra, it would be a good idea to use these in chakra jewelry:

  • Amber is neither mineral nor stone, but rather resin coming from ancient trees that has fossilized over time. Its warm golden glow and conducting properties have made it as prized as gemstones. It supports the solar plexus chakra by giving the possessor courage to act according to his/her own will, and to see clearly instead of being waylaid by false narratives.
  • Citrine is a paleyellow translucent gemstone that is strongly linked to energy of the solar plexus. It fortifies the wearer to overcome feelings of helplessness and make the difficult decisions needed to change for the better.
  • Tiger’s Eye is a stone with alternating bands of luminescent yellow and rich brown shades. It helps give focus and concentration needed to make rational decisions. It stimulates the intellect by distilling information and emotions to only what is purposeful. It encourages personal will to push through what will be beneficial.
  • Lemon quartz is a pale yellow translucent stone that imbibes the wearer with clear insight and enhanced mental abilities. The wearer is able to think things through, making it much more likely for him/her to achieve goals systematically.
  • Yellow Jasper is an opaque stone in varying shades of yellow. It may be mixed with streaks of brown or white. It activates the Solar Plexus Chakra by increasing one’s perseverance in the face of difficult situations. It helps maintain course in times of turbulence, and strengthens one’s resolve to stick to personal principles.
  • Yellow Tourmaline is a translucent rich yellow stone that strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra by enhancing one’s self-confidence. Trusting and believing in one’s own opinions, thought processes, and decision-making skills is a way to increase personal power.

Heart Chakra (“Anahata”)

The Heart Chakra is situated in the center of the chest, closer to the midline than the anatomical heart. This is the chakra that is all about unconditional love. It connects the earthly chakras—Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus—to the spiritual chakras—Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. The interaction of both sides is the realization that earthly matters hold a deeper spiritual meaning. Through this, we are able to see the beauty in all things, whether they are pleasant or not. The energy of the Heart Chakra imbibes compassion in every relationship we have, whether it be to ourselves, to others, or to the environment. It helps us transcend ego to more fully connect with our world.

A blocked Heart Chakra may lead to feelings of isolation, fear of intimacy, an inability to forgive, or a tendency to act and think without compassion. An overactive Heart Chakra manifests as a need to please others, excessively trying to get people to like you, or seeing oneself perennially as a savior.

The Heart Chakra is symbolized by a circle with twelve petals and a hexagram at its center. The hexagram points in all directions, which pertains to the all-encompassing nature of its element, air. In addition, the upright and inverted triangles forming the hexagram underscore the Heart Chakra’s role as integrator of the earthly and the spiritual, of love for others and love for self, of male and female—all things are may appear at first to be opposites, but are actually just two sides of the same coin. Green and pink are the usual colors for the Heart Chakra.

If you believe energy for love is blocked, the following Heart Chakra gemstones may help you:

  • Rose Quartz is a translucent pinkish stone that is known to help change one’s perspective to one of forgiveness, kindness, and compassion. It helps when one is having trouble getting past another’s wrong, or to help forgive oneself for a disappointment.
  • Green Tourmaline is a translucent green mineral that strengthens the balancing ability of the heart chakra. It helps us understand ourselves and others more clearly, giving us the flexibility to move with the ins and outs of emotions.
  • Jade is a well-known mineral in varying shades of verdant green—a clear indication of its association with the heart chakra. It helps promote clarity of vision, to see things for what they are instead of being blinded by our prejudices. It helps speed up recovery of illnesses, particularly of the heart.
  • Green Calcite is an almost neon green to turquoise mineral that helps the energy of love flow within. It helps balance emotions, and can be used for those who are feeling alone or fretful.

Throat Chakra (“Vishuddha”)

The Throat Chakra is found the neck area, right by the voice box. It represents communication with others and with the spiritual realm through words and actions. It is about expressing one’s truth in all forms. An aligned and balanced Throat Chakra means being able to participate positively in all forms of interaction, and effectively getting a message across. It also means being able to openly communicate with the divine.

An imbalanced Throat Chakra could manifest in a number of ways—fear of speaking or difficulty in listening, a tendency to be secretive and closed or a propensity to divulge secrets, and a general difficulty in being understood by others.

It is represented by a circle with sixteen petals surround it. At its center is a crescent moon cradling a smaller circle. Its element is that of sound, where vibration can be felt all over the body. Its color is Aquamarine or Turquoise.

If you have a blocked throat chakra, you might want to incorporate the following stones into chakra jewelry:

  • Amazonite is the color of tropical waters on a sunny day. It imbibes the wearer with courage to face the judgment of others in moments of expressing one’s truth. It helps the speaker stand firm in the face of confrontation.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a deep, rich blue colored stone that helps reveal the truth within. It brings to the surface what has been suppressed so it can be expressed without reservations.
  • Turquoise is a beautiful blue-green stone that helps dispel nervousness about speaking. It removes apprehension and fears to be able to communicate one’s message faithfully.
  • Aquamarine is a greenish sky blue that helps people speak with confidence. They become relaxed and better able to communicate what they want to say. Even with sensitive topics, they manage to properly discuss and come to an agreement.

Third Eye Chakra (“Ajna”)

The Third Eye Chakra is found right between the eyebrows. The energy of this chakra is about intuition, wisdom, and psychic abilities. A balanced Third Eye Chakra helps one see the subtleties of reality, to see things in a different light from the rest. It provides the insight needed to live fully and for the good.

An imbalanced Third Eye Chakra may mean one refuses to acknowledge the spiritual, the truth that there is something beyond what we perceive with our usual five senses. On the other end of the spectrum, it means being taken over by fantasies and illusions.

The symbol for this chakra incorporates an inverted triangle within anewly blossoming lotus flower. It is associated with purple to bluish purple.

The following stones can help correct imbalances of the Third Eye Chakra:

  • Labradorite is a translucent deep blue gemstone that makes for powerful meditation as you take stock of the current status of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Lapis Lazuli is dramatic blue stone with flecks or streaks of gold to brown hues. It helps brings wisdom and deep insight, as well as heal headaches that originate from the area of the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Amethyst helps keep the mind free of negative thoughts that stop one from perceiving the true nature of the situation. It helps strengthen one’s gut feel to make wiser decisions.

Crown Chakra (“Sahasrara”)

The Crown Chakra is situated at the top of the head. It is through this that we open ourselves to states of higher consciousness. An aligned Crown Chakra means feeling whole—a synergy of the mind, spirit and body that helps one connect to the great universal.

An imbalanced Crown Chakra can manifest as detachment from the body or detachment from the spirit. The former means rejection of the spiritual, while the latter means living in your own mind without care for the earthly matters.

The Crown Chakra is symbolized by a thousand-petal lotus flower. It is associated with purple, but more usually white.

Use these Crown Chakra gemstones in meditation:

  • Selenite is milky white stone that breaks down blockades of energy to allow a liquid flow. By doing this, it opens the mind and increases the user’s ability to find symbolism and meaning.
  • Clear Quartz is a glassy white mineral that enables the wearer to veer away from negativity and move towards enlightenment in discerning situations and people.
  • Diamond needs no introduction. One of the most coveted minerals on earth, it is not only beautiful, but powerful in healing the Crown Chakra. It enhances inner vision and opens the mind to see things as they have not been seen before. This openness increases the likelihood of transcendent experiences.

Healing Chakra Through Orgonite Pyramids

To enhance chakra healing even further, I highly recommend using orgonite chakra pyramids in conjunction with chakra jewelry and meditative spiritual practices. These have a resin component, a metal component, and an organic component to encourage holistic healing. When these substances are placed together in pyramid form, they consolidate the power from a wide base, and distill it into a concentrated point at the apex.

I always keep this close to me as I meditate and practice yoga. I find it’s even more helpful to carry it in my bag so I can partake of its healing power at all times of the day.

Chakra Healing: Make Use Of The Power At Your Fingertips

Healing one’s chakra requires little but it definitely pays off—even a skeptic like myself was transformed into a believer once I opened my mind to the possibility it could work. I have used chakra gemstones and orgonite pyramids in spiritual practice with great success. Once I started carrying them around and using chakra jewelry, I found that I have a small item of comfort that I can turn to in times of distress or discomfort. The mere touch of the smooth minerals allow me to stay calm and react in a positive and more enlightened way.

I sincerely hope that you can try their healing power and benefit from freeing the beautiful energy within you.

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