Celestite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

celestite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Celestite Crystals

  1. Promotes peace, calmness, and patience
  2. Enables contact and communication with higher realms
  3. Opens and enhances psychic abilities

What is Celestite Stone Good For?

Known as the Stone of Heavenly Communication, Celestite is among the prettiest of the blue energy crystals. It’s a stone with a high vibrational frequency that radiates outward in all directions, calming everyone in its wake. Celestite benefits the weary, the sad, and everyone who is in a dark place.

But what other characteristics give Celestite meaning? Celestite is a purifier stone that cleanses not only a person’s aura, but also the spaces in which it is placed. It calms fears and promotes purity of heart, hope, and good fortune.

Celestite healing properties also enhance one’s gifts–their psychic abilities and intuition. Celestite helps with sleep and dreamwork and recall. People who seek healing through sleep can use this crystal to understand their subconscious better. Clairvoyants and clairaudient people use the stone to develop their abilities. People also use it to engage in out of body experiences.

Most of all, the Celestite gemstone is prized because it gives one the ability and the important opportunity to seek divine guidance, healing, and protection. How? By connecting them to the spirit and angelic realms. Celestite encourages one to communicate with loved ones who have passed so they can receive their guidance and reassurance.

Overall, Celestite is a beautiful stone that fills the heart with loving, divine energy. How can you use this stone to benefit your life? What things can you do with your Celestite stone? Read on to find out!

What Are the Healing Properties of Celestite?

Celestite benefits the soul, the heart, and the mind. It’s very empowering to one’s spiritual life because it establishes a strong connection with higher realms and helps one communicate with guardian angels and spirit guides. Celestite boosts one’s psychic abilities and can help you heal your aura through angelic correspondence.

When using Celestite, people feel a profound sense of peace and their desire to live peacefully with everything in existence blooms. If you’re burnt out or being weighed down by your problems, a piece of Celestite gemstone can help you detoxify spiritually.

Celestite also helps the heart move forward despite worries, anxieties, and fears. This crystal gives peace to the emotional body and inspires stillness and quiet strength. Celestite heals one from sadness, grief, and despair as it seeks to improve dysfunctional relationships. It cools down emotions during times of high stress and opens one’s heart to peaceful negotiations and trying new things. It also restores, aligns, and balances the heart when it feels unsteady. 

If your workplace feels like a jungle to you, having a Celestite crystal can help calm down toxic and stressful energies. By making people feel safe and protected, Celestite combats anxiety and relieves people of their nervous tics. After panic attacks, Celestite jewelry and stonesare also very helpful in centering a person’s emotions after being throttled. Celestite can also inspire creatives like musicians, artists, and designers and helps them with their creative process and vision.

Celestite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstones

The Celestite gemstone is definitely not a traditional birthstone, but blue Celestite is considered to be the natural birthstone of those born on the vernal equinox and spring (February 10-March 19). Celestite blesses these people with faith and trust in the new life coming toward them.

On the other hand, Celestite is the Zodiac birthstone of those born under the Zodiac sign Gemini (May 21- June 20). At their best, Geminis are socially gifted people who are great at making social connections and relationships. They’re intellectual and witty and you can never be bored around them. They get along well with all types of people and are very flexible. They can adapt and thrive in any environment you put them in.

The downside is, Geminis can also be aimless wanderers who have no direction in life. They tend to bore easily or can get anxious real quick. They can be superficial and gossip or talk behind other people’s backs. Sometimes, they get too detached from their wrongdoings that they sometime don’t even realize they’re already doing something bad.

Celestite and Planetary Connection

Celestite is ruled over and influenced by two planets in the solar system–Venus and Neptune. On one hand, Venus is the planet that rules over love, beauty, aesthetics, romance, and creativity. It’s one of the two great benefic planets, the other one being Jupiter. Both of these planets have a generally positive effect on one’s natal chart and bring good things.

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, sex, pleasure, and beauty. One’s Zodiac sign in Venus reveals what we need to do to feel happy and how we express ourselves and how we romance people. Our Venus sign also reveals our dating style and how we would like to be romanced. For example, people with Venus in Libra are attracted to grand, romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts.

On the other hand, Neptune rules over everything that lies below the surface. This is the planet that governs one’s spirituality, boundaries, fantasies, and even propensity toward addiction. Neptune reveals all the invisible aspects of a personality. In order for you to move forward in life and understand yourself, you have to study your sign in Neptune carefully. This will reveal which aspects of your personality need more logic and understanding. Neptune also can bring forth psychic and healing powers as well.

Celestite and The Elements

Of the four primary elements in the western canon, Celestite relates to the element of air (sometimes referred to as wind) the most. The wind element represents the power of the mind and intellect and is related to knowledge, discernment, mind, and intuition. In the Zodiac, air rules the signs Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. 

Crystals that have a dominant wind element to them brings forth imagination, inspiration, and new ideas. Like other air element crystals, Celestite enhances the power of the mind. Not only that, but it also develops one’s psychic abilities.

Air is also an element that represents communication. Celestite not only improves communication between people, but it also improves communication within the self and gives one the ability to converse with angelic beings. Celestite expands awareness and makes it easy for the mind to travel through thoughts and also realms.

Celestite and Numerology

In the numerology of crystals, we obtain the vibrational frequency or energy emitted by a crystal using their name. The vibrational frequency is our reference to find out if you resonate with a certain crystal or not, and if it has any significance in your present and future. With that said, Celestite has a vibrational frequency of 2 and 8.

People who affiliate themselves with the number 2 are kind and dedicated to service and duty. They’re sociable beings who are easy to trust and are sensitive to other people’s feelings. That’s why these people are known by their peers as the mediator and peacemaker. Their intuition is very strong and they have a tendency to go into careers that are spiritual, guiding, diplomatic, and nurturing.

Negatively, people who resonate with this number can become indifferent and unable to take responsibility for their actions. If they don’t follow their life path, they will eventually become pessimistic, unstable, and fearful of almost everything. This fear can make them oversensitive, shy, or even apathetic.

On the other hand, people who associate themselves with the number 8 are aware that they have strong personalities and personal power. They rely on themselves to make a change and people look up to them for their inner wisdom and stability. These people are destined to be outstanding managers and planners and are always driven to do great things.

However, people who resonate with this number can develop a really bad superiority complex that makes them rigid and intolerant. Celestite can help balance this out by providing them with inner peace and attuning them to the needs of their souls.

Celestite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Celestite is helpful to four of the higher chakras: the Etheric, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body and acts as a pressure valve that allows energy from other chakra points to be expressed and communicated. If this chakra point is balanced, we’re able to communicate our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs properly and we can even testify our personal truth to the world. Celestite nourishes communication within ourselves and with others and helps us release our energies safely and naturally.

The Third Eye Chakra is the center of perception and command. This is the chakra point where our consciousness is located. If this chakra point is balanced, we become open to new ideas, dreams, and visions. With Celestite, the Third Eye Chakra is balanced and our internal voices and thoughts remain crystal clear and healthy.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of one’s head and is our gateway to the universe. It allows us to become more aware of the energy field and consciousness beyond the body. This is the source of a person’s spirituality and it controls how we think and respond to the world around us. Celestite ensures that the Crown Chakra is balanced so we can balance all our other chakras. It also helps us to see things as they are and have faith in our place in the universe.

Lastly, the Etheric Chakras are located beyond the crown and is made of different layers. Etheric Chakras function differently from in-body chakras, but they play an important role in one’s spiritual journey. These chakras are the source of divine wisdom. This is where akashic records are stored and other information that can help you in your journey towards spiritual ascension. Celestite helps you access the Etheric Chakras and the realms beyond it so you can flourish in your cosmic journey.

Celestite Meditation

Celestite is a very spiritual stone. It’s useful if you’re having trouble transitioning into a meditative state. It calms the mind and quiets racing and intrusive thoughts that get in the way of meditation. It replaces anxiety and worry with calmness and a sense of protection. You can also use Celestite to prep your meditation space because it invites so much tranquility and peace. Celestite is the best introductory stone for those who are new to crystal meditation.

Celestite is also used by many to explore their inner beings, higher selves, and the universe. It acts as a conduit for universal wisdom and peace to flow into the soul and mind of the person using it. Celestite is also an excellent tool in practicing astral travel and dream healing and recall. It practically enhances all psychic and intuitive talents and abilities.

Crystals to Combine with Celestite For Guidance from Your Guardian Angel

The celestial origins of Celestite make it the perfect stone to communicate and connect to the angelic realm and other higher planes of existence. It’s not called the Stone of Heavenly Communication for nothing. People use Celestite healing properties to connect with their guardian angels and spirit guides so they can receive divine guidance and healing in their lives. Celestite is associated with the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, and Seraphiel.

Below is a list of crystals that works superbly with Celestite:


You can combine Celestite with other crystals and stones so you can ask for guidance from your spiritual guardians and guides. Labradorite, a stone believed to be created from the frozen fire of the northern lights, is believed to link you directly to the spirit world. Labradorite’s healing properties also make it a good stone for spiritual rejuvenation.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can push away negative energy and forces of all kinds. This crystal helps neutralize background radiation and electromagnetic pollution from cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices. It’s also known to cleanse and recharge the soul and the subtle bodies. Most importantly, it enhances any psychic abilities you may have. When paired up with Celestite, Clear Quartz can definitely help you connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels.


The Moonstone is primarily a healing crystal that’s used by many to nourish their spirit. Moonstone guides a person to their inner path and boosts the crown, third eye, and the heart chakras. Moonstone connects a person to the magic of the moon and when used with Celestite, it can help your guardian angels heal you from within.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz is a powerful purification stone that purifies all chakras. It’s also known as the crystal of new horizons and divine connection. Because of its close ties with guardian angels, it can help guide you to the angelic realm easily. In addition, it seals and protects your aura so you won’t fall into the wrong hands when making a journey to the realm of angels.


Moldavite has a very high vibrational frequency because of its cosmic origins. It’s known as the holy grail stone and is said to have once been on the tables of King Arthur’s round table. Moldavite is a powerful stone that leads one into cosmic change and transformation. Though, not all people can handle the energy it emits. When used with Celestite, it’s very effective at pointing you toward your cosmic destiny.


Angelite’s soothing and peaceful energy makes it an effective stone to improve one’s spirituality and spiritual awareness. Angelite promotes good communication and is a very gentle crystal. Some people even compare this stone’s energy to that of a guardian angel. Use Angelite to enter the angelic realm so you can ask the host of angels your questions about the universe. The angels will bring you spiritual inspiration and may even help you with their healing energies.

Celestite for Restful Sleep

Because Celestite has calming and tranquilizing effects, Celestite healing properties are highly sought by many who are trying to get restful sleep. Celestite encourages good dreams that encourage you to get to know the real you. In fact, if you place a Celestite stone near your Third Eye Chakra as you sleep, you’ll get to access its healing vibrations.

Below is a list of crystals to pair with Celestite in your bedroom for restful sleep:


Aside from Celestite, there are also other stones and crystals you can use to usher in a good night’s rest. Selenite is one of them. Selenite is one of the best crystals you can get to help you with insomnia. In fact, just looking at it helps you get into the right mindset so you can fall asleep. Its gentle energy clears and calms the mind and helps you get rid of the anxieties that you may have faced during the day.


Amethyst is also a good stone for sleep, especially if you’ve been having a lot of bad or depressing dreams lately. This crystal is known to give its user vivid and happier dreams. It also acts as a conduit that lets you access your intuition and your subconscious during sleep. This is very helpful, especially if you’re working on dream healing. Just place an Amethyst under your pillow before you go to bed. In the morning, record your dreams in a dream journal. This will make it easier for you to process your subconscious’ messages to you.

Rose Quartz

Lastly, the lovely and pink Rose Quartz is also used for sleep and for getting pleasant dreams. Rose Quartz’s power lies in its ability to calm and relieve anxiety in people. Because a person feels almost no anxiety as they fall asleep with this crystal in hand, their sleep quality improves. You can also use this stone to improve the vibrations and bring loving peace inside your bedroom.

How to use Celestite for Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art devoted to keeping a harmonious flow of energy. Its end-goal is to attract positive energy and make your home, office, or garden more comfortable for you and the people in your life.

The water element is very important in feng shui because it embodies unrealized potential. Water is the energy of stillness. Like a crouching tiger, it symbolizes quiet strength–what lies underneath the surface is always massive and powerful. Yes, water is yielding and formless, but it carries unimaginable strength at the same time. It is also a purifying element. It symbolizes regeneration and rebirth and is the element of the circle of life. It is the force that drives life itself forward.

Water element crystals in feng shui are greatly beneficial when placed in areas of the house that you devote to rest, reflection, and prayer. That being said, a Celestite gemstone will surely attract harmony and serenity in your reading nook or meditation corner.

In the traditional feng shui practice, water element crystals and stones are often associated with the north area of the home or your space. In other words, water element crystals can benefit the career and life path area and are used to balance your life as it unfolds before you.

Celestite in Folklore and Ancient Times

The existence of the strontium-based Celestite we know today was first discovered in the 1780s and formally described in 1792. This means that although this stone is particularly powerful, Celestite doesn’t have extensive legends and lore.

However, there was a stone that was referred to as Celestite that Sicilians used even before the modern strontium-based Celestite was discovered. In Sicilian legend, this early Celestite was said to have come down to earth from the Pleiades, a group of stars located in the Taurus constellation. The Pleiades is one of the nearest star clusters to earth and is also called the “Seven Sisters.” The Sicilians believe that Celestites came from this location and are embedded with celestial wisdom.

As mentioned above, the name Celestite means “heavenly” in Latin. Even if it doesn’t have an extensive history, it still has a lot of significance, especially in modern times. In modern crystal lore, Celestite is believed to be a heavenly stone that’s been created from the songs of angels. It’s also said to honor the Roman goddess Juterna, who rules over the clean waters of brooks, ponds, wells, and springs. 

How is Celestite Formed?

Celestite, also called Celestine, is a strontium sulfate mineral that forms tabular and prismatic crystals. Celestite sometimes forms in large, granular masses and even fibrous masses. The crystals of Celestite most often line the insides of geodes.

Celestite has a hardness of about 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it a very fragile gemstone. Celestite jewelry is hard to find since the stone breaks easily. These stones are mostly used in industrial manufacturing as a source of the element strontium. The strontium in Celestite is used in making metal alloys, refining produce, and in manufacturing pyrotechnics and flares.

The most beautiful specimens of Celestite are mined in Madagascar, but they’re also found in Egypt, Poland, Peru, Libya, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and in the US–specifically Ohio. The Celestites that we normally see are colorless, sky blue, or blue-gray in color. Though, specimens with colors like white, yellow, light orange, yellow-brown, pale green, and red have also been found. The crystal is heat and light-sensitive and may fade with prolonged exposure to the sun or hot lamps.


For a lot of people, the necessity of heavenly communication is not immediately clear. However, there’s a lot to be learned from the universe, the stars, and other realms. If you know how to open yourself to these blessed energies, your whole being will thank you. A Celestite gemstone is truly a divine gift that allows us to heal and feel connected to anything and everything. The beautiful blue color of Celestite benefits the weary and anxious soul yearning for a home.


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