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16 Best Crystals for Strength

“Strength” here refers to your ability to make things happen. It is the grit, mental toughness, and deep sense of empowerment to take charge of

15 Best Crystals for Weight Loss

Shedding unhealthy weight does not only affect our appearance, it us to reach our optimum levels of performance and enjoy its rewards. A healthy physique

25 Best Crystals for Happiness

With the current situation of the world, happiness is hard to come by. Even the best people are having a hard time finding the light

Best Crystals for Self-Love

20 Best Crystals for Self-Love

Self-love is a human necessity that brings us greater happiness, stronger resilience, and increased motivation. It creates a mindset of acceptance, enabling us to accept

15 Best Crystals for Motivation

Everyone goes through periods when everyday feels like a repeat of the day before. These are times when we feel that we’re not growing, we’re

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