Carnelian Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Carnelian meanning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Carnelian

  1. Motivation – Whether you need a burst of inspiration for a project or a bit of energy to boost your sex life, the Carnelian is the stone to do it. The fiery energy within it makes it a perfect stone for this purpose. It can bring you drive through stimulating the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. We all have something that we want, but we often lack the motivation to actually achieve them.
  2. Creativity – If you’re stuck in a project or looking for inspiration, the Carnelian has the ability to stimulate your inner creativity to help improve your life. You can use it to advance your career or discover new ways to express yourself. Sometimes our own thoughts are what’s keeping us from discovering something great, so you can ease this negativity by using crystals like the Carnelian.
  3. Passion – Feeling empty and lost? Re-ignite the fire within you with a Carnelian. One of its primary benefits is that it can restore passion, just like how it can restore vitality and energy. You can use this passion in your career, love life, or even just doing menial tasks. Overwhelming things in our life can cause us to lose that passion and make the world appear dull and cold. This stone can definitely help you by stimulating the flow of energy within you.

About the Carnelian Stone: Uses and Meaning

The Carnelian is a vibrant and colorful stone that exudes a warm energy. The most common one is in red and orange hues. It’s a stone that’s associated with motivation, endurance, courage, and leadership. This is why it’s often been worn by ancient warriors to gather courage and power to challenge their foes.

Sometimes referred to as the Singer’s Stone, Carnelian is said to help timid speakers become bolder and more eloquent. In addition to this, it’s also used for boosting overall confidence and to stimulate creativity. It’s something people have around if they’re in constant need of some inspiration or need help expressing themselves.

This stone is also used to avoid poverty as it brings good luck, fortune, and prosperity with it.

What Are the Healing Properties of Carnelian?

Carnelian has long been known to provide many healing benefits: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Spiritual Healing Properties

This orange quartz is a stone for encouraging action as well as moving past procrastination and indecision. It strengthens your will, and this results in action and a stronger drive to achieve your goals. Carnelian has the energy to push us forward and unlock our inner talents.

As a stone that’s historically been used for the dead, one of the effects of Carnelian is the acceptance of the circle of life and death. What it does is dispel fears of death and encourage positive life choices.

Since it’s also linked to the Rose Quartz, this stone can help increase passion and love. It has the effect of rekindling love. Certain colored Carnelian, like the more pinkish ones, has the ability to enhance love between parents and their children. The fiery colors, on the other hand, can ignite passion and sexual energy between partners.

The spiritual healing properties of Carnelian are primarily a result of a greater understanding of one’s inner emotions. This self-awareness is what helps you discover your talents, have better perception of your surroundings, achieve greater goals, and give (as well as receive) more love.

Emotional Healing Properties

The warm and soothing colors of this stone gets rid of apathy, laziness, and other negative emotions. You’ll be filled with a renewed energy to accomplish daily tasks as well as making necessary steps for your goals. It also improves concentration by keeping unnecessary thoughts out.

As an orange stone, Carnelian gemstones are also known to bring genuine joy and warmth that feels empowering. The rush of happiness that it brings has the added effect of improving friendships and familial relations.

In addition to this, Carnelians can also dispel anxieties and can heal abuse. All negative emotions including rage, envy, and resentment are taken away, but it does so in a slow and soothing manner. Energy, enthusiasm, and optimism replaces these emotions and gives your life a new light.

The interesting thing about this stone is that while it spiritually motivates you to reach out, it also pulls you back and keeps you grounded to the real world. This is why it’s a gemstone that people, especially women, with hectic lives use for stability.

Physical Healing Properties

Since it has colors that resemble menstrual blood, ancient Egyptians have come to associate it with fertility, femininity, and the mother goddess Isis. In turn, most of a Carnelian physical benefits are related to the blood and reproductive organs.

This gemstone is good for blood circulation and boosting metabolism. Because Carnelians improve blood flow from the heart to the organs, it means absorption and transfer of vitamins and nutrients are also improved. Other issues related to blood circulation such as hemorrhoids, phlebitis, skin problems and varicose veins are also healed by this stone.

Carnelian relation to the Second Chakra also means that it’s also a healing stone for your reproductive organs. For this reason, Carnelians are great for women with problems in their uterus, vagina, and such. You will be glad to know that it can ease menstrual cramps and discomfort, too. Both men and women can also benefit from improved fertility with this stone.

Carnelian for Chakra Healing and Balancing

With all its fiery colors, the Carnelian gemstone is associated with the Sacral Chakra (or the Second Chakra), the one just below your navel and above your pubic bone. This is considered the central gravity of the body, and it is the chakra associated with sexuality, creativity, and emotions.

The flow of information and emotions between your mind and body are governed by this chakra. Imbalance from it affects your connection with the world, and this often results in repressed feelings, lack of sexual desires, and dependency. Oppositely, imbalance also manifests in the form of overindulgence and uncontrolled emotions. Orange and red Carnelians are powerful healing stones for this chakra. It helps by either removing blockages for renewed vitality or soothing openings by concentrating its energy.

Because of its association with fire, the Carnelian is also known for stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located at your abdomen, right above the belly button. This chakra is also called the Manipura, which means the “lustrous gem.”

When balanced, this chakra gives you confidence, motivation, and purpose. You get the power to rise up during difficult times. Imagine all the times where you stood up for yourself or spoke up on your own behalf, that is the Solar Plexus at work.

An overactive Solar Plexus chakra can make you aggressive and greedy. It makes you uncaring of others or gives you the urge to excessively manage others. When underactive, you have low self-esteem and insecure.

The other Chakra that is associated with the Carnelian is the Root chakra or the Base Chakra. It is the foundation of your needs and keeps you grounded.

A balanced Root Chakra gives you a sense of security and accomplishment. Imbalanced, you become anxious and agitated all the time. You get irrational fear that you are lacking things needed to survive, even when you have nothing to worry about.

Carnelian and Zodiac Signs

  • Virgo
    The Carnelian is the stone for Virgo. People under this sign are known to be logical and straight thinkers, but this often results in a lack of passion. This gemstone will bring that missing element to the Virgo. It ignites a passion in them that can even help them find love.
  • Taurus
    Taurus are stubborn yet dedicated in everything that they do. Unfortunately, they also tend to be soft-spoken, and that is where the Carnelian comes into play. It gives them a voice and courage to step up. This stone helps them become good leaders by dispelling your inner fears.
  • Cancer
    Cancer signs are creative and emotional, but this often results in moody or flighty behavior. One way to bring the Cancer back into balance is through the Carnelian stone. It grounds this sign to keep them on the right track. Cancers can use it if they need help reaching their goals.
  • Leo
    This is a passionate sign. Leos are warm-hearted and fiery, which works well alongside the Carnelian. It’s almost like a physical representation of the sign. Though, they often become stubborn and arrogant, so the Carnelian can help reel them in.

Carnelian Feng Shui Gemstone Tree
7 Stone Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Carnelian Birthstone

Also called Sardius, the Carnelian was known as the birthstone for the month of August. The concept of birthstones dates back to Biblical times, where they originally came from the breastplate of Aaron.

Carnelian and the Elements

As evidenced by its color, the Carnelian radiates the element of Fire. This element is both creation and destruction.

Similar to the meaning and purpose of the Carnelian, Fire elements give you energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. This stone can motivate you to take action and find your voice. With an energy that strengthens the will, you also gain courage to stand up and become a leader.

Carnelian and Numerology

In determining a crystal’s vibration, you have to know their numerology. In the case of the Carnelian, it has a numerology of Five and Six. Both of these have different meanings and effects on people. 

The Number Five means your life would have freedom and progress. You would probably develop the urge to travel or explore new places with stones that have vibrations on this level. It gives you the ability to be versatile, adaptable, and ever-evolving. All these together also grant you the power to learn through life experiences, which makes you a very clever and empathic person.

Love, harmony, and healing is what is associated with stones that have the Six vibration. It is also associated with domesticity. It brings the inner feelings of parenthood and guardianship, which naturally attracts the urge to build a peaceful home. You also crave honesty and justice when around stones of this vibration.

Carnelian and Planetary Connection

Similar to zodiacs, the planets also have a deep spiritual effect on us. It explains why some signs react a certain way during specific alignments of the planets. Most people only know of their Sun signs or Moon signs, but you also have associated signs with the planets. In the same sense, crystals and gemstones also resonate with the energy of the planets.

The Carnelian with its fiery color naturally reflects the Sun. The Sun in astrology represents how you express yourself. It is how you present yourself and your truest form. This your ego, your inner self, and your willpower.

Another planet that resonates with the Carnelian is Mars. This is the planet of action, sexual drive, and aggression. Carnelians are known to increase vitality, fitting for this planet. It ignites a passion in you, and what sign your Mars is shows how you take on the world.

What Does Being Drawn to Carnelian Tumbled Stones Mean?

Attraction to certain gemstones and crystals in general are due to a number of factors. In a lot of cases, it is likely because you’re drawn to the energy behind them. Our bodies can sometimes recognize the kind of energies that stones exude and if it feels like you can benefit from it, then it’s probably why you’re drawn to it.

In the case of Carnelians, artists of any kind would feel a connection to this, especially when they’re experiencing a creative block. People who are shy and timid that want to seek change can also find themselves drawn to this stone.

What Crystals to Combine with Carnelian for Building Wealth and Prosperity

Though this stone isn’t immediately associated with bringing wealth, but rather the discovery of new resources. You can pair it with other stones to put the tides in your favor. The combined energies of these crystals can put you in a good position for success.

  • Green Aventurine – The Green Aventurine is famous for bringing prosperity and wealth, specifically in the form of opportunity. You gain luck and aligns the universe in your favor, which is why it attracts wealth. It works well with the Carnelian, that is characterized by preventing poverty. Not only will you achieve wealth, but you are also in a position to retain it.
  • Pyrite – A golden crystal, Pyrite is a stone that brings wealth through your own abilities. It boosts your confidence and will, and it stimulates an urge to take action. This works favorable with a stone of leadership and self-expression like the Carnelian. A combination like this can help businessmen achieve bigger and greater lengths.
  • Tiger Eye – Just like the tiger, this stone brings sharpness and clarity of mind. You achieve the focus of a tiger hunting for its prey. It is best for entrepreneurs as it stimulates the flow of money. Tiger Eye are perfect for bringing wealth and abundance manifestation.
  • Citrine Another stone known for bringing money, Citrine is in the same league as the Green Aventurine in abundance manifestation. It is specifically called the Merchant’s Stone for its ability to bring and maintain wealth.

What Crystals to Combine with Carnelian for Creativity

A fiery stone like the Carnelian has numerous potentials for stimulating creativity in every person. It’s not just limited to those in artistic fields. Research says creative people are generally happier than others. If you want to stimulate this part of your mind, use the Carnelian alongside these stones to light a fire in you.

  • Orange Calcite – Aside from problem-solving, Orange Calcite is great for finding the beauty in everyday things. That means you can find inspiration in almost anything. This crystal paired with a Carnelian is a perfect set for architects, journalists, or builders who need motivation and creativity in their everyday careers.
  • Vanadinite – This crystal is perfect for stimulating both your creativity and productivity. These two characteristics are a combination that will drive you forward in everything that you do. You not only have the inspiration to create projects but also the drive to finish them.
  • Aragonite Star Cluster – With the healing powers of the earth, Aragonite Star Clusters can ease you or burdens that hinder your creativity such as stress and frustration. This opens up room for innovation and inspiration to enter your mind. Together with the Carnelian, you can get rid of mental blocks caused by being overworked and discover new ideas.
  • Tangerine Quartz – If you’re someone whose own thoughts are what’s limiting them, then this crystal is the perfect combination. It gets rid of all the self-doubt, making way for free-flowing creativity without any restrictions. At the same time, the Carnelian will help transform these unproductive thoughts to hopes and dreams.
  • Herkimer Diamond – Bring back your imagination through this crystal-clear stone. It is often used in dream work and in clearing out one’s thoughts. With a mind free from negativity, you can see the world in a new light. This crystal also has the ability to amplify the energy of the stones it is accompanied with, so your Carnelian’s ability to trigger your flow of creativity will be further strengthened.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Similar to the Carnelian, the Lapis Lazuli helps with communication, making it the perfect stone for psychologists, writers, lawyers, journalists, executives, and public speakers. Its rich blue color stimulates the brain to create new ideas or assist in problem-solving. This is another form of creativity that people tend to forget.

What Crystals to Combine with Carnelian for Fertility

We previously mentioned that its dark orange and red hues were linked to the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, so that means it’s beneficial in relieving menstrual pains. It also goes beyond that and brings fertility to all those it is near. If fertility is your goal, you can strengthen this power with the help of these stones.

  • Moonstone – This mirror-like stone has a powerful influence on the female reproductive system. It also stimulates the kundalini energy and carnal desires, making it the perfect stone for fertility and sexual desire. Pair it with a Carnelian and not only can you increase your chances of pregnancy, but also spice up your sex life.
  • Celestite – One way that the Celestite helps in fertility is by asking for the grace of a guardian angel. They bring healing energies with its gentle vibrations. Aside from that, it also eases stress, anxiety, and other forms of negativity that tend to cause infertility. You’ll find this stone particularly helpful during childbirth as well because of its relaxing abilities, so it would be more bearable and less painful for you.
  • Lepidolite – A stone of deep healing, Lepidolite is known to soothe anxiety and get rid of old behavior. It releases addiction and brings in love, creating a perfection condition for pregnancy. Aside from that, the relaxed and calm energy you would have will further increase your fertility. Carnelian and Lepidolite work in tandem to create an ideal mental state for conception.
  • Red Garnet – This rich red stone is all about creation and sensuality. It also has the ability to facilitate the flow of energy within your body, which gives you life and detoxifies your system. Negative energy is also pushed out to make way for healing. You can expect a strong and intense feeling when you have one of these stones around.
  • Fluorite – Boost your libido and energy in the bedroom with a Fluorite. It has the ability to take control of all that scattered and overactive energy, so you can have greater control of it. It brings balance to your life as well as tranquility. This creates a conducive environment for conception and pregnancy. In particular, the green one is blessed by the Greek Goddess of Fertility. She protects women through transitions in their life so even after you have conceived, you can receive guidance from this stone.
  • Rhodonite – To have love for a child, one must first heal themselves of their own emotional scars. This is where the Rhodonite comes in. It helps you become more compassionate and nurture love. Use this to heal from emotional abuse, trauma, and self-destructive behavior as these are harmful traits to your future kids. Aside from that, this stone can also physically assist in fertility and treats inflammation and body pains associated with pregnancy.
  • Rose Quartz – More than a crystal love, Rose Quartz is also a crystal for fertility. Like a mother’s love, it is the ultimate representation of unconditional love. This crystal supports the female reproductive system and aids in fertility. Aside from that, Rose Quartz alleviates sexual difficulties and heals the mother of negative side effects of pregnancy such as post-partum depression and complications at birth. From start to end, this crystal is the perfect to pair with Carnelian for fertility and a smooth pregnancy.

How to Use Your Carnelian Stone to Manifest

Carnelians are one of the best to use if your intentions involve inner strength and creativity, especially with its protective properties. Here’s how you can make use of it:

  • Wear Carnelian jewelry during meditation
  • Hold even a small Carnelian stone in your hands while praying or meditating
  • Wear belts with Carnelian stones attached to them
  • Keep Carnelian stones somewhere visible like on your desk or workspace
  • Use Carnelian mala and prayer beads to help with spiritual healing
  • Wear Carnelian rings or bracelets as the position of your hands can place these stones close to yourSacral Chakra
  • Use an Orgonite Pyramid made with Carnelian stones

How to Use Carnelian for Feng Shui

In FengShui, the Carnelian is a Fire energy, the element of enthusiasm, warmth, illumination, and energy. It is also considered Yang in nature. These stones are generally used as energy boosters because it gives off a warm and happy energy. They can even activate your inner sexual energy. In Asian cultures, carnelian stones are also placed in gem trees alongside citrine stones for attracting wealth and good fortune in business.

The ideal placement for these stones is in areas of love and relationships, which is in the south and southwest areas of your home. It can also be placed in the fame and reputation area of your home, which is also on the south bagua. Place these stones in your bedroom or office to promote positive energy and motivation.

Side note: Feng shui bagua is used to analyze the energy of any given space. Bagua is the energy map of the space in your home. Bagua in Chinese means “8 areas”. These 8 areas hold importance to one’s health and happiness:

  1. Health & Family
  2. Wealth & Abundance
  3. Fame & Reputation
  4. Love & Marriage
  5. Creativity & Children
  6. Helpful People & Blessings
  7. Career & Life Path
  8. Spiritual Growth & Cultivation

Is Carnelian the Same as Red Agate?

Some people also know the Carnelian as the Red Agate and while they’re not necessarily wrong, there is slight distinction between the two. Both are red, but the Carnelian has a more orange-ish tone, similar to a sunset. On the other hand, a Red Agate is deeper red and has whitebanded lines on them. For their similarities though, they are both part of the Chalcedony family, but the Red Agate has cryptocrystalline silica in it. These are basically little crystals, which is likely what gives it those unique white lines. Carnelians don’t have consistent white bands on them and thus, their color is more monochromatic. The image below will demonstrate the difference between Carnelian and Red Agate.

How was Carnelian Used in Ancient Times?

This is a stone that’s actually been worn by warriors and architects for centuries. You can trace back Carnelians for as far back as 4000 years ago, as seen in old talismans and amulets.

Because of its color, this stone was called ‘the setting sun’ by ancient Egyptians, and it’s worn by master architects to show their position and rank. After a loved one passed away, the Egyptians would place Carnelian amulets with engraved texts alongside the dead body to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife.

In the Middle Ages, alchemists used it as a boiling stone because it was believed to activate the different Chalcedony energies.

Carnelian was also one of the twelve gemstones on the breast plates of high priests during Greek and Roman times. It was listed in the Holy Scriptures as the first of twelve stones. Engraved on it is the name of Jacob’s firstborn son, Reuben. The stone has also been associated with blood, and Hebrews even used it to keep away the Plague, illnesses, and injury.

How is Carnelian Formed?

Carnelian stones come in a variety of colors, namely: pink, red, orange, and brown. The color depends on how much iron is in it. These stones are formed when magma from volcanoes cools down and hardens into an igneous rock. The round and smooth one you see in the market are either polished or dyed ones already. All-natural Carnelian actually has a mix of colors.

How Do You Care for Your Carnelian Crystal?

There is no off button for crystals so while they’re constantly working their healing energy, they are also weakening and tainting themselves in the process. That’s why you need to cleanse them every now and again. Cleansing can be done in a number of ways. Here’s a short list of what you can do to cleanse your Carnelian.

Water – The most common way of cleansing is washing the stones under running water. It drugged away the negativity attached to it. You only need to do this for a few minutes.

Sunlight – Crystals and stones can actually absorb energy from the sun and get rid of the negativity inside them. What you can do is put them under the sun for a few hours, and they will be as good as new.

Moonlight – Some crystals and gemstones can’t be under the sun too long because it damages them. The same goes with water because they can dissolve some crystals. A good alternative is moonlight as it has the same effect as the sun but with the harmful rays. Let it outside overnight to fully charge it.

Sound – One unique way of cleansing them is by using a single pitch. You can also make use of a Tibetan singing bowl, which are designed to make a distinct sound when hit. Place the crystals you want to cleanse inside the bowl.

Sage – One of the most powerful ways to cleanse your stone is by using sage. To do this, you need a fireproof bowl, matches, and sage. Just light up the sage until it smokes, then put the stone in your hand and hover it over the smoke. Be careful when handling fire and smoke. It’s best to do this one outdoors.

Carnelians are generally pretty low maintenance, and they are actually used to cleanse other crystals. Though, this doesn’t make it immune to negativity. It still needs to be cleansed like other crystals, just less often.

Conclusion – My Final Thought on Carnelian

The Carnelian has many uses. Its ability to encourage action makes it a highly versatile stone that can be used for any kind of situation.

The fiery energy of the Carnelian is unmatched and would be very helpful to those who need their own inner flames fanned. If you ever need something to boost your spirits and encourage you to take action, whether it be for the sake of love or wealth, the Carnelian is the way to do it.

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