Calcite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

calcite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Calcite Crystals

  1. Increases and amplifies energies
  2. Transmutes negative energy into high positive energy
  3. Speeds up mental, emotional and spiritual development

What is Calcite Stone Good For?

Calcite benefits by doubling the power of energies around it while filtering out negative energies and transforming them into positive energies. This versatile crystal can amplify mental capacity, spirituality, vigor and vitality, confidence and inner peace. Just like “multivitamins” but for the soul, Calcite benefits strengthen us and help us maximize our potentials and abilities to the fullest.

Different Types of Calcite

Calcite meaning comes in various colors. The most popular varieties are green, blue, orange and clear Calcite. Other colors include yellow, pink, brown and black. Each Calcite color corresponds to the unique set of healing properties of that variety. In this article, we will go through the individual benefits offered by the green, blue, orange and clear Calcite varieties.


Green Calcite benefits us in two ways: it connects us to our hearts and it attracts prosperity and financial success.

By connecting us to our hearts, Green Calcite empowers us to make decisions derived from a holistic perspective that comes from a logical mind and a sound heart. This gives us the fortitude and grit needed to overcome challenges in our personal lives, careers and other pursuits.

Chakra Healing and Balancing: Heart Chakra

Green Calcite’s color indicates its work with the Heart Chakra. The state of our Heart Chakra manifests in our ability to give and receive love freely. A balanced Heart Chakra manifests in healthy self-acceptance and healthy relationships with our friends, families, lovers, pets and even with nature. Absorbing Green Calcite’s healing energy clears any negative energies that block this chakra that could be causing problems such as fear of love and intimacy, or an unhealthy “martyrdom” attitude in relationships. With Green Calcite meaning by our side, we are empowered to give ourselves the same love, patience and compassion that we give to others.

Planetary Connection:  Venus and Earth

Venus is known as the planet of love, pleasure and beauty. Venus’ position in our natal charts reveals what attracts us and the manner by which we want to be loved and desired. This planet’s energy finds pleasure in the good and beautiful things the world has to offer, including material luxuries and money. Venus is a known benefic; its energies often sending good fortune our way.

On the other hand, Mother Earth’s deeply feminine energy manifests as a grounded, practical, life-sustaining, compassionate force. This energy has a knack for dealing with the practical businesses of life. This energy resonates with a responsible mother concerned with nourishing and sustaining the life of those around her. Earth’s energy plans and labors with the future in mind, and is always realistic in its endeavors.

Green Calcite gemstone contains both the feminine energies of Venus and Earth. This fusion of energies lends us the compassion, wisdom and the commitment needed to develop our relationships with others, both in romantic and platonic sense. These traits help us deal with colleagues and superiors, and serves as our backbone to endure and persevere in field of work and endeavors.

Green Calcite also serves as a lucky charm in terms of material abundance because of its benefic Venusian energy and connection with Mother Nature. The Earth connection also explains why we feel more attuned to Mother Earth when meditating with this stone.

Zodiac Signs and Birthstones: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra

Green Calcite healing properties brings the greatest benefits for those born under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Libra.

Energetic, competitive Aries loves to take action and initiate endeavors. Always first in line, Aries are natural leaders endowed with strong willpower and vigor. They do tend to have fiery tempers and find it easier to begin projects than to complete them. Keeping Green Calcite jewelry or gemstone to their person can help calm Aries’ temper, which helps with their relationships with others. By keeping Aries’ restlessness in check, Green Calcite gives them the patience to finish what they have started, giving them more success and prosperity in their endeavors.

Taurus is realistic, enduring, committed and practical. They value hard work and delight in its rewards, especially those that can be appreciated with the five senses. This zodiac can be daunted by sudden changes and stubborn. Taurus can benefit from Green Calcite because this crystal amplifies their natural grit and endurance, sending abundance and prosperity to wherever they set their minds to. Green Calcite gemstone also helps them let go of negative emotions easier and aids them in relationships where they must make compromises to make things work.

Sensitive Cancer is ruled by their emotions and quickly gets attached to others. Their highly empathic nature allows them to intuit emotions and pick up energies around them. Cancer can benefit greatly from Green Calcite’s connection with the heart. Green Calcite healing properties are known to enhance emotional intelligence, a benefit that will give Cancer greater control over mood swings and situations where they feel confused and overwhelmed by their emotions. Green Calcite also benefits empathic Cancer by separating their own emotions from those they have absorbed from others.

No man is an island for Libra. Naturally sociable with a distaste for being alone, Libra thrives when surrounded by people and are the masters of compromise, harmony and diplomacy. However, this mutable sign may experience trouble setting personal boundaries as they tend to adapt themselves to whoever they’re with or spread themselves too thinly just to keep others happy. Green Calcite benefits Libra by developing their personal boundaries. With their boundaries empowered, Libra is able to avoid their extreme side, which is to people please, and give themselves the same love and care that they give to others.

The Elements: Water and Fire

Water is the element associated with our emotions. This element’s energy radiates peace and healing.  As a feminine energy, it is intuitive and self-contained.

Fire, on the other hand, is the element associated with willpower, drive and passion. This element moves those around it into action.

Water and fire are present in Green Calcite, which results in an energy that effectively balances these two elements. Green Calcite healing properties soothes frenzied and anxious energies when there is too much fire, and revives lethargic and dispirited energies when there is too much water. Absorbing this energy gives us tenacity and composure, a winning combination when we dream to achieve success in our careers and personal lives.

Numerology: Sacred Number 8

Green Calcite meaning vibrates to the frequency of sacred number 8. This number’s energy is the energy of the driven, composed and can-do person; the manager and CEO with the magic touch in business. In fact, number 8 is associated with financial and business success. With Green Calcite, we can harness number 8’s can-do energy. This empowers us to, firstly, pursue even the loftiest of ambitions, then secondly, imbue in us the fortitude, drive and discipline to go all the way till the finish line where we can reap all its fruits and sweet success.


Orange Calcite meaning is known to energize. This variety of Calcite enhances our masculine traits that is present in all of us and amplifies our vigor and vitality. With Orange Calcite, our confidence, self-assurance and sense of self is heightened. Furthermore, this crystal gives us the courage to go after what we want.

Orange Calcite’s energy represents our life force. It affects our sexual and creative energies, and improves fertility in men and women.

Chakra Healing and Balancing: Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

The Sacral Chakra is the seat of sexual energy and our desire for pleasure. It motivates us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and all the good things in life. A balanced Sacral Chakra allows us to delight in and engage in pleasurable activities, such as sex and eating, without overindulging.

Above the Sacral Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of our power in this world as well as our sense of self. When this chakra is balanced, we are confident in our abilities to go after our dreams. We assert ourselves. Imbalance in this chakra results to lack of confidence or an excessive need for control.

Orange Calcite healing properties clears negative energies that blocks these chakras. This allows us to dream and desire for what is good and pleasurable for us, and to have the strength and courage to make these dreams reality.

Planetary Connection: Sun

The Orange Calcite gemstone’s energy corresponds to the energy of the sun. The sun is associated with our life force and outward manifestation of our selves. It represents our personality and how we want to show this to others. A healthy dose of this energy gives us confidence, esteem, vivacity and assertiveness. By keeping Orange Calcite jewelry or gemstones on our person, we harness the sun’s self-assurance and willpower to assert for what we want. With the sun’s energy harnessed through Orange Calcite, we are enthused and become vivacious, and are empowered to unleash our individuality and creativity without fear.

Zodiac Signs and Birthstones: Cancer

Orange Calcite healing properties is highly recommended for Cancer. As a zodiac ruled by the moon, Cancer and Orange Calcite’s energies become the perfect yin and yang. Orange Calcite healing properties provide the masculine traits that gives perfect balance to Cancer’s feminine traits.

Orange Calcite is also very grounding for Cancer, giving this zodiac a more tempered and levelheaded perspective when dealing with highly emotional situations.

The Elements: Fire

Orange Calcite meaning resonates with the element of fire. This means that like the element, Orange Calcite lends an energy that is outward-moving, driven and willful. It is an energy that takes action and is powerful enough to create and destroy. Fire is transformative and initiates change. It can tear apart the old and usher in the new. When we are in transforming ourselves, in the middle of just beginning some new adventures, or when we passion in any projects or undertakings, Orange Calcite healing properties can ignite that fire within.

Numerology: Sacred Number 1

Orange Calcite gemstone tunes in to the vibrations of number 1. In numerology, sacred number 1 stands for creation and new beginnings. It is the energy of the “alpha personality” and the ultimate achiever. When 1 sees where he or she wants to be, he or she will take action and strive with a deep passion and will to get there.

We can turn to Orange Calcite to amplify our confidence and assertiveness. With Orange Calcite healing properties, we are empowered with number 1’s energy to step out of our comfort zones, to take risks and try new things in the quest to pursue our greatest dreams.


Blue Calcite meaning amplifies the power of our minds and our communication skills. This results in heightened intuition, deepened wisdom, better dream interpretation abilities, creativity and empowered communication.

It is also known to radiate a deeply soothing energy that helps us deal with anxiety and depression.

Chakra Healing and Balancing: Throat and Third Eye Chakras

Blue Calcite healing properties brings balance and clears blockages between the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

The Throat Chakra seats our ability to communicate our highest truth. When this is blocked, we fumble to articulate our thoughts, feelings and desires to others and even to ourselves, resulting in emotional turmoil, disorganized thoughts and confusion about our psychological state.

Sitting above the Throat Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, the seat of our intuition and inner guidance system. This chakra holds our knowledge, wisdom and our unconscious. When this charka is strengthened, we experience heightened awareness of our surroundings and the etheric realms, and grasp deeper universal truths.

When energy flows freely between these chakras, we become empowered with deeper wisdom, which we learn to apply in our intra- and interpersonal relationships. This makes us more discerning and wise in our choices, tempers emotional stress with levelheadedness and helps us come to wiser solutions for our problems. This free-flow can also spark the beginning of psychic abilities.

Planetary Connection: Mercury and Venus

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and intelligence. Because we think and reason with language, communication and intelligence are deeply connected. Other than becoming more eloquent, enhanced mental capacities and communication allow us to process information faster and better.

Venus’ energy is about love and the appreciation of beauty. Venus rules our taste for the arts, food, luxuries, wine, wealth, and how we want to give and receive love. The affairs of the heart and relationships all fall under this planet. Venus also holds benefic energies that indicate good fortune.

The energy combination of these planets, which is present in Blue Calcite, effectively connects our thoughts to our feelings, which amplifies our emotional understanding. This is very beneficial in strengthening relationships. We are also empowered to communicate better with our loved ones.

Furthermore, Blue Calcite gemstone amplifies our creative energies. The stone’s soothing vibrations allows the mind to slip into conscious exploration, resulting to many beautiful and inspired ideas.

Zodiac Signs and Birthstones: Cancer

Emotions run deep for those born under this sign. Blue Calcite meaning can temper this by giving these feelings a voice, allowing Cancer to release any pent-up negative emotions. These can result in creative expression or sincere conversation between Cancer and with friends and loved ones. Blue Calcite strengthens the connection of our thoughts to our feelings. This will give Cancer a more levelheaded perspective when dealing with emotionally stressful situations.

The Elements: Fire and Air

The element of fire is associated with willpower, transformation and vigor. The element of air, on the other hand, is associated with intellect and the mind.

Because Blue Calcite healing properties contains these two energies, wearing Blue Calcite jewelry or keeping Blue Calcite gemstones with us lets us absorb its power to transform intangible thoughts and ideas into tangible results and actions. With fire properties, we are empowered to speak truths and insights that we have discovered with the help of the properties of air.

Numerology: Sacred Number 8

Sacred Number 8 indicates financial success. It radiates the energies and vibrations of practicality, composure and the “mind over matter” attitude.

Blue Calcite meaning lends us number 8’s energy by strengthening the power of the mind. This allows us to take better control of our emotions and keep our cool when dealing with stressful situations. Since it also amplifies mental capacity, Blue Calcite can also help us make on-the-spot solutions and smart decisions when at work.


Clear Calcite, or Icelandic Spar, is a very powerful stone that amplifies and aligns all the chakras, offering clarity, power, insight, manifestation, spirituality and enlightenment. Its double refractive property and rainbow inclusions reflects Clear Calcite gemstone’s potency in amplifying energy and the variety of problems it can target.

Clear Calcite healing properties is transformative, working from within and going outwards, and even extending towards the spiritual realms. Icelandic Spar allows us to get to the root of our problems and offers solutions inspired by spiritual truths and enhanced knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in. With Clear Calcite, we are empowered to become beacons of inspiration for others.

Chakra Healing and Balancing: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Having all 7 chakras activated and aligned is a pretty powerful thing.

The Root Chakra is related to our security and survival. It is connected to our ability to obtain the most basic needs for existence. When this is balanced, we feel grounded and assured that our most basic needs are met.

The Sacral Chakra is related to sexuality and the desire for pleasure. When this chakra is balanced, we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor such as the food that we produce, the money we make, and our relationships.

The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to our willpower. It is connected to our confidence and self-esteem, which gives us the ability to pursue our dreams. A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra gives us the strength and courage to go after what we want without shame or fear.

The Heart Chakra relates to our ability to love. It is how we give and receive love. It relates to our relationships. A balanced Heart Chakra manifests in healthy relationships with others and with ourselves.

The Throat Chakra relates to our capacity to speak our personal truth. It gives a voice to our deepest and truest thoughts and feelings, allowing us to express ourselves fully and to live out as our authentic selves.

The Third Eye Chakra relates to our intuition and strengthened intellect. When this chakra is healthy, our awareness is heightened and we become attuned to deeper wisdom and knowledge. This chakra also contains our psychic abilities and connection to spirit guides. Activating this chakra is the beginning of our spiritual journey and enlightenment.

The Crown Chakra is the ultimate enlightenment. It is the state of being in unity with all. This state frees us from suffering and pain, sending us to a state of bliss.

The power of Clear Calcite is in its ability to activate and align these chakras, making it the ultimate meditation stone. When we are hurting and in pain, using this crystal can help us discern which chakra or chakras are blocked. And with all chakras working together, we are able to come to solutions that hits the very root of these problems.

Clear Calcite meaning is a very high energy stone. Its benefits include angelic and interdimensional communication, stimulation of psychic abilities, ability to engage in out-of-body experiences and spiritual awakening.

Planetary Connection: Moon

Clear Calcite meaning radiates the energy of the moon, ruler of the unconscious, instincts, emotions and intuition. Because of the moon’s association with the unconscious mind, the moon reveals our deepest needs, desires and fears, and what we desperately need to feel safe. This energy brings us back to our mothers; the one who nurtured and protected us when we were most vulnerable.

Like a mother, Clear Calcite gemstone’s energy points us to the root of our problems. It reveals the deeper parts of our psyche that we fear to explore, yet holds our most revealing truths. While this can be frightening, Clear Calcite provides protection and gives us the courage and guidance to engage in this journey to the truth.

Zodiac Signs and Birthstones: Cancer and Aquarius

Those born under the zodiac signs of Cancer and Aquarius will enjoy the benefits of Clear Calcite the most.

For Cancer, Clear Calcite will amplify all this zodiac’s strengths. As a sign ruled by the moon, Clear Calcite’s energy will integrate very well with Cancer’s personality. Cancer’s intuition and motherly instincts will be heightened, as well as his or her ability to heal those who are hurting by lending them an empathic ear. The heightened sensitivity to others’ needs tempered by the wisdom and inner strength from Clear Calcite will transform Cancer into a wise and compassionate healer that can help others find answers to their deepest problems.

Intelligent, objective and radical-thinking Aquarius’s mental capacities will be greatly amplified by Clear Calcite healing properties. The gemstone will also attune them to Divine Will and universal wisdom without overwhelming them. This will give Aquarians a more enlightened perspective on complex issues, enabling them to come up with creative solutions to many pressing social, environmental and technological issues. Furthermore, Clear Calcite healing properties can help Aquarians deal with emotions, which they tend to detach from as a defense mechanism when faced with life’s challenges.

The Elements: Fire and Air

Clear Calcite harnesses the transformative energy and intellectual abilities of fire and air respectively. Because it holds the power of fire, Clear Calcite empowers us to create, build and realize dreams, visons, and ideas. The combination of these two elements results in a creator of what-ifs.

With our intellectual capacities enhanced, our spirituality awakened, and with the vigor, vitality and willpower awakened, Clear Calcite makes those who absorb its energy a force to be reckoned with.

Numerology: Sacred Number 3

Clear Calcite radiates the energy of sacred number 3, the energy of a spiritual being living in a human world. People look to 3’s for inspiration and hope. With 3 around, everything is fun and exuberant because 3 points us to the beauty of life and living. They are creative and even comic, and their energy is light. Yet, they speak words that have substance and meaning.

We can use Clear Calcite’s sacred 3 energies when we need inspiration and find the humor in even the darkest of situations. For those with 3 as their life path, Clear Calcite gemstone will amplify these strengths, transforming them into bringers of change and growth.

How to Use Calcite for Feng Shui

The mere presence of this high vibration stone in a space induces movement and circulation of stagnant energy. In feng shui, Calcite is often used for energy-clearing and transmuting negative energies into high positive energy.

Calcite benefits include emotional healing, spiritual deepening, stimulation of creativity, amplification of intellectual capacities, and removal of negative energies. Thus, it is recommended to place Calcite in areas where people and families gather such as the living room or dining room.

Keeping it in workspaces at home encourages creativity, a free-flow of ideas and wise decision-making. It is also a good idea to place Calcite in our children’s rooms because of these benefits. The energetic movement of vibrations caused by this crystal also makes it ideal in home altars and places of meditation where it can stimulate thinking and contemplation.

It is recommended that Green Calcite be positioned in the east or southeast areas of your home, while Blue Calcite is perfectly positioned in the north and also east or southeast areas. Orange Calcite is ideally situated in areas where you want warmth, stimulation, and creativity. Avoid positioning Calcite by your stairway. Also, positioning Calcite at the center of your home is recommended only when the heart of your home requires clearing. However, make sure to remove it from that placement when it has already done its duty.


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