Black Tourmaline: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

black tourmaline meaning and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Black Tourmaline Crystals

  1. Grounding. The gemstone grounds flighty or scattered energies to help repel and block negativity, anxiety, and fear. It works on the lower chakras to keep your feeling grounded and secure.

  2. Protection. The Black Tourmaline protects you from negative energies and transmutes them into positive ones. It also shields you from psychic attacks and electromagnetic radiation from your TVs, computers, and cellphones. 

  3. Detoxification. The crystal is a powerful ally when your body needs to detox. It helps relieve stress, stimulate circulation, increase alertness, and boost your immune system.

The Black Tourmaline gemstone is a big time energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. It repels and blocks negative energies and turns them into positive energies. It also serves as a powerful grounding stone, which protects you throughout your spiritual journey. Furthermore, it has supportive powers that align the energy centers of your body and channel healing light throughout your system.

During ancient times, shamans and healers use the crystal to protect and heal on all levels. It promotes a sense of power and confidence that helps you see the world more accurately. It also empowers you during difficult times. Overall, the Black Tourmaline meaning is about cleansing and purifying the emotional body of negative thoughts, fears, anxieties, and feelings of unworthiness.

The Black Tourmaline benefits virtually everyone. It does wonders in keeping you grounded, balanced, and free from negative energies from the environment. It also has impressive health and healing properties. You can wear it as jewelry, keep it in your house, or both to keep your energies balanced and positive throughout your day.

What is Black Tourmaline Stone Good For?

It has several healing benefits due to its ability to generate an electric charge and emit negative ions. Also known as Schorl, it is an incredible stone associated with health, happiness, luck, positivity, protection, and grounding.  Tourmaline has a special ability to emit far infrared rays, which are invisible waves of energy. Far infrared rays are able to penetrate our bodies down to the bones and detoxify both body and mind. The far infrared rays created by Tourmaline has been found to produce the same resonance in the body as water. This same resonance has been found to boost immune system, help athletes recover faster, stimulate circulation, and promote a healthy mood. For this reason you will often see Black Tourmaline strips installed in infrared saunas and massage devices.

You can use the Black Tourmaline gemstone for scrying. It indicates an excellent direction in which to move and treats motion sickness. It also soothes panic attacks, protects against energy vampires, and helps you focus in the workplace. Furthermore, the Black Tourmaline provides an excellent shield against radiation, electromagnetic smog, and other environmental pollutants.

What Are the Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline?

The Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective and healing stone that works on all levels. It produces the best effects when your body is close to it. You can use it to improve your physical and sexual performance or protect yourself from psychic attacks and negative energies. To enjoy its benefits, you may wear Black Tourmaline jewelry or simply keep a crystal in places you spend most of your time.  

  • Spiritual
    The Black Tourmaline is a powerful spiritual grounding stone. It brings a vibrant expression of Light into your life and the world. It also enhances your ability to remain optimistic and maintain a spiritual consciousness in the face of darkness. Furthermore, the crystal harmonizes the meridians of your physical body and provides an optimal balance in your ethereal form.
  • Emotional
    The Black Tourmaline gemstone cleanses your emotional body of anger, anxieties, negative thoughts, and feelings of unworthiness. It helps release suicidal ideations and overcome substance abuse. It is also beneficial in treating OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and relinquishing chronic worry. Moreover, it replaces tension and stress with the ability to view the world with altruism and practical creativity.
  • Mental
    The Black Tourmaline crystal creates a favorable approach to life. It has relaxing properties that induce tranquil sleep, calm the mind, and relax the body. It also helps you concentrate on the workplace by focusing your mind and promoting a positive mindset. Additionally, the gemstone balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain to help you experience an accurate perception of reality and perform excellently in it.

The Black Tourmaline healing properties serve as a powerful energy protector when placed on the four corners of your room. They keep you cleansed and harmonized. Plus, they ward off negative energy to protect your psyche.

Black Tourmaline: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

The zodiac sign associate with the gemstone is Capricorn, a stern sign known for their self-discipline and politeness. Capricorns are highly independent. They learn from their mistakes to reach their goals in life. They are also more practical and grounded. The Black Tourmaline crystal reestablishes these qualities and reminds you of the true desires of your heart.

The Black Tourmaline is a constructive force for good in your life, bringing you confidence, pain relief, and positive energy. Its detoxifying properties fend off bad vibes and protect the wearer during times of uncertainty. It helps Capricorns to be more expressive and guards them against negative energies and psychic attacks. Excellent for calming and grounding, the stubborn sign would do well to carry the crystal regularly.

Black Tourmaline and Planetary Connection

The Black Tourmaline has a massive ability to transform and transmute energy, which falls under Pluto’s domain. Pluto is the primary ruler of the crystal and is known as the planet of rebirth and renewal. It has very subtle energy that looks over you to get rid of the old and make room for the new. It also governs self-knowledge, sexuality, transformation, and spirituality.

Due to its very unforgiving nature, the planet Pluto can make you miserable if you refuse to transform your life. But, it’s an excellent sidekick if you choose to embrace it and make changes. The Black Tourmaline can help you cope with these changes by not letting negative thoughts invade and dwell in your mind. It receives negative energy and transmutes it through its pyroelectric and piezoelectric abilities.

Black Tourmaline and the Elements

Earth signs are stable, wise, and sensual. They get down to work as needed and keep you sane. They are also so reliable that they make trustworthy professionals and business people. However, they can be too logical or rigid. They can be so stubborn and sticking to the original goal, even when it’s already a lost cause. Nevertheless, they are still great people to be around because they put quality first on everything they do.

The Black Tourmaline gemstone relieves restlessness, grants a sharp business sense, and opens the mind for new opportunities, making it beneficial for people who work in large office environments.It protects against negative energies and psychic attacks by creating an energetic boundary between individuals so they won’t pick up their negative energies.

Black Tourmaline and Numerology:

The Black Tourmaline resonates with the number 3 and 4. The Number 3 signifies the energy of “Bringer of Change,” which stimulates growth and renewal. It encourages you to spring forward and embrace the new experience with joy, laughter, and a song in your heart. It aids you to be an optimistic person who is enthusiastic about life and living and helps others to do the same. The negative side of the number is superficiality. It’s best to avoid dwelling on trivial matters, especially gossip, to establish yourself as an inspiration.

On the other hand, Number 4 has the energy of stability. It signifies that equality for all sides creates the most durable structures. Thus, it gained the title master builder. It also characterizes hard work. It helps you see the practicality in employment and gives you the patience of a saint to face obstacles. Furthermore, it has a fantastic capacity for organization and following through tedious tasks, which can help you find impressive success.

Black Tourmaline for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Black Tourmaline gemstone has a deep connection with the Root Chakra. It further enhances your well-being on the physical plane and rekindles your spiritual energy, which often results in independence and spontaneous leadership. It also makes you feel grounded, secured, and anchored to the earth and its vibrations. Furthermore, the stone helps you balance and open all your chakras to improve your health, relationships, your finances, and your home. When aligned with your Root Chakra, the crystal removes stress, grounds your energy, and increases your vitality. It also directs the excess energy from the Root Chakra down to the Earth Star Chakra, allowing you to release the negative energy that causes your distress. Ultimately, it is a potent stone to use if you are feeling unwell, including spaciness and other health issues related to not being grounded.

Black Tourmaline for EMF Radiation Protection

The black stone is a powerful stone of protection not only against negative energy but also EMF radiation. EMFs (Electric and Magnetic Fields) are imperceptible areas of energy associated with the use of human-made electrical devices as well as some natural lighting. They can either be ionizing or non-ionizing. Non-ionizing EMFs are low-level radiation which is generally un-damaging to humans. On the other hand, ionizing EMFs are high-level radiation with the potential for DNA and cellular damage.

The Black Tourmaline serves as an active EMF radiation blocker. It continually emits about 3,000 negative ions to counter the harmful effects of positive ions from your laptops, cellphones, home appliances, and more. It also enhances your body’s electrical field for a more grounded interference against the radiation. You can wear it, keep it in your handbag, or put it close to your Wi-Fi or PC to tune into its electromagnetic protective energy.

What Crystals to Combine with Black Tourmaline to Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation

Many psychic stones combine well with Black Tourmaline. Depending on your intention, you can enhance the powers of the black gem. To protect your house from EMF radiation, you can place it and these other crystals around the corners of your home, near your PC, cellphone, TV, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices.


Selenite magnifies the energy of anything you place on it. When paired with Black Tourmaline, these two stones can cleanse and purify your surroundings. They deflect radiation energy from your TV and computer monitors


Shungite is an olden healing stone that cleanses your body by eliminating harmful and hazardous energies. Rock it with Black Tourmaline in your home for EMF protection, purification of the body, and general healing.


If you think you’re around high radiation elements, combine Black Obsidian with Black Tourmaline to cleanse your aura and surroundings by deflecting the toxic energy. The gem helps you process the negative energy so that you can release it.


Hematite is a blood cleansing stone that clears out the EMF radiation around you. The iron in it channels negative energy away from your field. It also cuts down electromagnetic pollution by buffering the EMFs emitted by your Smart Meter or Internet Modem. However, placing it too close to your device can cause it to malfunction.


Blue and purple Fluorite work very well for this purpose. They block EMF radiation from computers. Place some next to or on it protect yourself from electromagnetic frequencies and other chaotic energies.


Kernite is a born-based crystal that absorbs any low dose of nuclear radiation. It reduces or eliminates the level of electromagnetic smog that may be impacting you.


Colemanite is also a boron-based crystal that performs the same job as the Kernite, eliminating or reducing the EMF radiation around you. It is tremendously beneficial in clearing and cleansing.


Orgonite pyramids help neutralize EMF radiation from cellphones, cell towers, computers, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices that you expose yourself to daily. It does not necessarily reduce EMF, but it protects your body from the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

What Crystals to Combine with Black Tourmaline For Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

The Black Tourmaline helps clear negative energy in your environment and your body. It soaks up all the negativity and transmutes it into positive energy. It also encourages an optimistic attitude that brings about luck, happiness, and gratitude, regardless of the circumstance you find yourself in. Furthermore, it is excellent in dispelling fear and bringing about emotional stability.


Citrine is a jubilant stone with a bright energy that can light up your life. It brings about good fortune and good luck, promoting success and abundance in business. It is also an excellent stone to combat negative energy by breaking and dissipating them.


The Snowflake Obsidian is a nugget of purity. It balances your mind, body, and spirit, keeping you centered and focused on any type of chaotic situation. It also removes negativity, calms and soothes you, and allows you to see unhealthy patterns in your behavior to make you more open to change.


Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz opens your heart to compassion for yourself, others, and the world. It also balances your emotions, lowers your stress, and brings peace. When paired with Black Tourmaline, it can help you let go of your anxieties and fears, and increase your vibration of love and harmony.


Sunstone and Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protection and happiness duo. The former is the stone of happiness and good mood. It brings an instant ray of sunshine into your life. On the other hand, the latter protects you against psychic attacks, negativity, and EMF radiation. Overall, the two are a powerful combination to repel the negative energies to let the positive ones get through.


Danburite is a powerful gemstone with high vibrational frequencies that help produce Gamma brain waves to rewire your brain to be positive. It helps reprogram your mind at deeper levels so that you can self-heal, change your negative habits, renew positive attitudes, and recover from mental illness, depression, and addiction. 


The Lepidolite gemstone brings deep emotional healing by soothing your fears, worries, and doubts and reducing stress and depression. It also encourages independence, stabilizes your mood, and strengthens your immune system. Ultimately, it helps you work through and dissolve negative emotions within you.

How to Use Your Black Tourmaline Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

The black stone is one of the must-have healing crystals because you can use it in any situation. You can place it in your car or bedroom, or wear Black Tourmaline jewelry to revitalize your spirit whenever you face difficult circumstances. You can also do the following to manifest and activate its healing properties:

  • Place the crystal in your office or near your computer to reduce the risk of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Use a Black Tourmaline mala or prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing.
  • Wear bracelets, rings, necklaces that contain the gemstone to enhance negative energy clearing and protect yourself from energy vampires as you go about your day.
  • Hold a Black Tourmaline tumbled stone near your Root Chakra to focus your intention during meditation as you recite the following mantras:
    • “I am positivity, love, and light.”
    • “I am grateful in every moment of my life.”
    • “I program this crystal to absorb negative energy deep-rooted in me.”
    • “I carry the power to transform the world.”
    • “Nothing can dim the light that shines within me.”
    • “I dare to fulfill my dreams.”

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Feng Shui

The Black Tourmaline can be useful in purifying and neutralizing your negative thoughts and inner conflicts and turn them into positive energy. Wear or carry it in your pocket or purse to protect yourself from energy vampires and psychic attacks. It also provides spiritual stability and balance. You can place it beneath your pillow to cleanse your energy field and the surrounding space. Moreover, it is a stone of protection. Place it by your front door to benefit from its protective qualities.

One of the best ways to use Black Tourmaline is during meditation. You can place it inside your home to enhance any space you use for repose, calm reflection, or prayer. You can tap into the powers of the crystal if the earth element resonates with you. The black stone also protects against EMF radiation. You can put it near your computer so that your energy field will not absorb electromagnetic energy.

Black Tourmaline in Folklore and Ancient Times

Black Tourmaline was a renowned stone during ancient times. The Romans used them for their relaxing properties while the Indians used to provide direction that would bring good. The shamans of the African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes also believed it delivers power to the user and protects them from danger. The gemstone has been used and traded since then.

Dutch traders in the 1700s brought it to Europe for its powers of attracting and repelling hot ashes from burning coal. Its abilities to gain magnetic energy and be electrically polar distinguish the Black Tourmaline from any other gem. Just rub your fingers on the ends or heat it, and it will attract dust particles or other crumbs.

In most recent times, the crystal is valued for its durability. High frequencies can pass through it without ruining it, which makes it useful as an electrical tuning circuit.

How is Black Tourmaline Formed?

You can find all kinds of Tourmalines on every continent on Earth. The Black Tourmaline is the most commonly found variety, accounting for ninety-five percent of all Tourmaline in nature. It originated in nearby mines of the town in Saxony, Germany. It is now abundant in a large number of locations, including Sri Lanka, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, Australia, and the USA. 

Sold as Schorl, the black stone occurs as an accessory mineral in many metamorphic and igneous rocks. Johannes Mathesius coined the word in the 1400s to describe its occurrence. It thrives in underground voids filled with rich, hot liquid. When the liquid cools, the minerals crystallize and form the crystal. The colors vary depending on the proportion of its components. It is black, and may sometimes have a deep blue hue that appears black.

How Do You Care for Your Black Tourmaline?

Crystals often travel long distances before someone purchases them. Each transition exposes the gemstone to energies that misalign with your own. Thus, like all gemstones, the Black Tourmaline needs regular cleansing and recharging to restore its natural state. These acts of care can remove negative vibrations and reactivate your sense of purpose.


  • Sunlight. Ritual cleansing is often performed around specific points of the solar cycle. However, you can also set out the Black Tourmaline in the sun to cleanse and recharge it. Bring it in before 11 a.m. to bathe the stone in the light of the sun, but make sure you return for it as prolonged exposure may weather the gem’s surface. If you can, place the stone directly on the earth for further cleansing and make sure it won’t be disturbed by wildlife.
  • Moonlight. You can also cleanse the Black Tourmaline around specific points of the lunar cycle. Gently wash the crystal and create a sacred place to set it out. Then, leave it outside to bathe in the moonlight overnight or for at least four hours to achieve deep cleaning and charging. The New Moon and Full Moon are better times as the moon and planetary energy become more intense and amplified.
  • Sound. Sound healing allows one tone or pitch to flow over the crystal and bring it to the same vibration. You can use any key as long as it is loud enough to encompass the stone completely. You may use a tuning fork, a delicate bell, or a Tibetan singing bowl for five to ten minutes. This method is ideal if you have an extensive collection of crystals.

  • Sage. Sage is a sacred plant with several healing properties. Two of which are clearing inharmonious vibrations and restoring the natural energy of Black Tourmaline. You’ll need a fire-safe bowl, lighter or match, and loose or bundled sage. Ignite the tip of the sage and move the crystal through the smoke for 30 seconds. Smudge outdoors or near an open window for the smoke and negative energy to disperse.


The Black Tourmaline is one of Earth’s most prevalent minerals and gemstones. It is full of healing properties that benefit the depressed, lonely, and anxious. It also provides you with protection during ritual work, keeping you away from energy vampires and psychic attacks. Furthermore, it keeps you safe in today’s world, where you are surrounded by electromagnetic energy all the time. The stone absorbs EMF radiation and prevents negative energy from getting into your psyche.


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