Best Crystals For Protection From Negative Energy and Evil Spirits


Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel so tired despite not doing much? Or maybe you were short-tempered and grumpy without any reason why? Or you keep running into bad situations as if there’s a black cloud following you around and raining bad luck everywhere you go? These are signs that your energy has been influenced.

There’s a ton of negative energy all around us, and it can mentally drain us. This is why spiritual and emotional protection is important. It can shield you from all the toxic people and environment that can ruin your mood. Being spiritually and mentally vulnerable can result in stress and anxiety, which in itself would lead to physical harm.

There are many ways you can protect yourself from negative energy, but one simple way that can help you is to use a crystal! They all have their own abilities and healing properties that protect us from all the negative energy around us. Have these little guys around you, and you’ll notice a change in the room.

Best Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline

A crystal known for by the ancient magicians as a protective stone against demons and their spells. To this day, it’s still used as a protective talisman against negative energies and destructive entities. Traditionally, shamans also used it for scrying and for pointing out an offender.

Black Tourmaline is primarily used for protection against harmful energies. If you’re ever around people who burden you with their problems, this crystal keeps them from negatively affecting you. It also shields you from radiation and environmental pollutants and turns these into positive energy. Internal conflicts and self-destructive behaviors and thoughts can also be neutralized.

Black Onyx

This rich stone goes all the way back to early civilization, where the Greeks and Romans used it to carve statues of the gods. It was even used as one of the stones for the High Priest breastplates, and the first stone named in The Bible during the creation. This stone heightens the senses and makes us connected to the Earth.

Though as revered as it was, Black Onyx brought with it fear. Black Onyx can retain painful emotional memories by its owner. However, when used properly and with the right mindset, it facilitates the release of these memories in order for one to move forward towards bigger and better things. In this way, Black Onyx is use to harness negative energy, turn it around, and channel that energy with your will power to build positive emotional and physical strength. This ability is what would divert negative energy, making you insusceptible against the forces around you.

Jet Stone

Way back in the 16th century, monks used to believe this stone gave them the favor of the gods, so they made beads out of them. Even the Greeks had this same belief. Because of this reason, Jet stones were commonly made into rosaries. It’s also been found buried alongside the dead.

These stones are known for their strong vibrations that helps release negative energies, which include behaviors and emotional attachments. True to its history with the dead, this explains why Jet are commonly used as stones of mourning. Its ability to clear the senses also works for nervousness and fear.

Smoky Quartz

A sacred stone that signified the dark power of the gods and goddesses, Smoky Quartz was a stone that helped guide the souls of the afterlife. It was believed to have the ability to connect with spirits in the lower world, which is why shamans used it in rituals.

It’s a highly powerful stone that protects you by filtering our energy in the environment that could harm you. That is why Smoky Quartz is often placed around the house and in the car because it keeps you out of danger.


Since before civilization, Hematite has mostly been used for its color. Prehistoric man used it for cave paintings, and the Egyptians used them for the tombs. Hematite is known mostly for its transmuting properties. Negative energy turns into positive ones when this stone is involved. Hematite protects your aura from invasive entities that could harm you while preventing your energy from leaking out.

Apache Tear

Legend has it that this stone was created when the tears of the Apache women solidified into stone. They mourned over the Apache warriors who threw themselves over a cliff rather than be killed by the US military. These stones are now scattered across the deserts of Arizona.

Because of this story, Apache Tear are known to help you recover from grief. It’s great for improving your intuition and helping you identify danger. These black stones are the best for dispelling negativity and mending the soul from traumatic experiences. You can better handle difficult situations and conversations, and clear stuck energy with the Apache Tear stone.

Infinite Stone

A stone that’s historically been used against snakes to redirect poison. This stone heals by drawing out pain and negativity. It helps you explore past experiences to help you heal. Similarly, Infinite stone draws out negativity from within us and releases it. You can dispel grief, fear, betrayal, and loss with this stone. This means of cleansing is how you can use it against negative energies.


Known to work alongside Black Onyx, Jasper has been used as talismans by kings and shamans across civilizations. Ancient Egyptians engraved amulets of Jasper with inscriptions from the Book of the Dead to aid the dead in the afterlife. Native Americans know Jasper as the ‘rain giver’, and the High Priest used it as the twelfth gemstone on their breastplates.

The protective properties of this stone come from its ability to nurture and balance. It’s a stabilizing stone used to soothe the nerves and bring patience. Jasper counters negative energy by uplifting the holder and increase confidence in yourself. Encouraging humility, compassion, and calmness helps keep away negative energy.


Worn by pharaohs to become wise and insightful, Malachite is a stone used to improve vision. The peacock colored ones were used to protect people from the “Evil Eye” because of its design. Kids were given this stone as protection against witches and black magic.

Malachite stone is known to absorb energy rather than release it, which is why it’s used to draw out negative energy. In effect, it also creates a positive environment for healing and growth.

Simply place Malachite on areas of your body where you feel pain to draw out the negative energy. Make sure you cleanse your Malachite stones after each use. We cover ways to cleanse your stones properly later on in this article.

It is said that Malachite mirrors the soul, making it easier for our conscious mind to let go of past wounds in our subconscious and identifying what needs to be cleansed.

Best Crystals for Protection Against Black Magic and Psychic Attacks

In the simplest sense, black magic is the ability to influence the physical world using supernatural and spiritual means. It can be either in the form of spells, incantations, potions, voodoo dolls, and such. Black magic is also used to cause psychic attacks against others.

Psychic attacks are when you use negative energy in order to hurt others. It can be quite powerful depending on the person’s emotions and thoughts. Some people may not even be aware they’re doing it to you, which is why it’s important to equip yourself with the right protection stones. Carry around one of these stones to keep you out of harm’s way.


  • Labradorite

According to the Inuit, the Northern Lights hit a rock and created the Labradorite. This would explain the unique color and light reflected in it. Shamans and healers then referred to it as a ‘Stone of Magic’ and believed it could unearth the unseen realm.

Labradorite are known as grounding stones that help you discover realms beyond the physical while bringing knowledge from there to this world. You can recall experiences from past lives and different times to increase your strength and psychic abilities. This can create a shield to protect you from psychic attacks.


A beautiful rainbow stone that’s known to increase aptitude and stimulate the brain. Romans used to have goblets with Fluorite to prevent them from going drunk. It enhances one’s ability to understand the universe and improves their ability to take in information. The stone is also about balance. Knowledge of the universe would also help us understand our place in it. Protection from black magic comes from the heightened intuition and knowledge of the non-physical world.

Blue Kyanite

One of the few crystals that doesn’t retain negative energy, Blue Kyanite aids one’s spiritual development and psychic abilities. High vibrations from any Kyanite has the ability to clear energy paths in your mind or your chakras.

The blue and purple Kyanites are particularly good in enhancing clairvoyance. They can also help with communication since it’s a Throat Chakra crystal. If your energies are ever blocked by black magic, Blue Kyanite can clear them right out. They can even make connections in placed where there were none before.

Black Kyanite

Similar to the blue one, Black Kyanite is used for enhancing your vision and telepathy. The black one, though, has more grounding properties that connect with the Earth. Black Kyanite can create a protective barrier around you against psychic attacks. However, the Black Kyanite is especially good at getting rid of psychic attacks from the source. It can protect you from things or people that drain your energy.

Mahogany Obsidian

Another color of obsidian that has strong protective qualities is the mahogany one. This one is a volcanic rock that has Hematite and Magnetite in them, which explains the patches of brown color on the normally black obsidian stone.

It’s a stone perfect for people who feel vulnerable to psychic attack because it builds strength and willpower. Even before an attack, this stone can sense those who have enough negative energy to cause you harm and shields you from them. Energies that are leeching off of you are cut off. This is a great way to counter black magic that may already have a hold on you without you knowing.

Spirit Quartz

This crystal is also known as the Cactus Quartz because of all the little crystals attached to it. Spirit Quartz has the ability to amplify other stones on the tiny points on it. These come in different colors each being used in devotion to certain Greek and Mayan goddesses.

By harmonizing your spirit and energy, this crystal channels these into the physical world and you will feel more confident about your spiritual abilities. Getting rid of fear is how you will fight against negative entities and harmful energies. Your defenses get weaker with fear so with these properties, you’ll be unaffected by the thought of a psychic attack.


For centuries, stories have associated this stone with fairies. In Gaelic legend, it’s said that the fairy race had hid, and those that remained shed tears of iron that is the Staurolite. Some say that the fairies cried because Christ had died. Because of all these legends, this stone has also been called the fairy stone, fairy crosses, and fairy tears. You’ll be glad to know that these have actually been used in white magic.

Staurolite have strong grounding abilities that help you connect with nature. It has the ability to soothe, relax, and ease anxiety. This keeps you from being easily affected by negative influences. Releasing stress and anxiety would also help release you from the effects of black magic and psychic attacks.


A stone as precious as Diamonds, Amethyst used to be called the “Gem of Fire”. According to the Book of the Dead in ancient Egypt, Amethyst were carved into heart-shape amulets and buried with the dead. Travelers in ancient times even used them to ward off treachery and surprise attacks.

Aside from its powerful healing abilities, this crystal is known to create spiritual barriers against negative energy, electromagnetic stress, harmful environments, and psychic attacks. What an Amethyst does to protect you from ill-intentions and paranormal activity is transforming it into something good and positive then returning that energy to the universe.


A bright, orange solidified sap from pine trees, Amber is the oldest stone in history. Some think it’s drops of the sun; others call it tears of the gods. This stone has a unique ability of becoming electrically charged when rubbed. It was discovered back in early civilization when it was washed onto the shores by the seas.

As a fossilized ‘Life Force’ energy, Amber is a good source of Light energy, and the electrical charge associated with it makes it perfect for warding off negative energy. This makes it highly effective as a protective stone for psychic attacks. It energizes both body and soul, so energies that suck life and vitality will steer clear from you.

Symptoms of Psychic Attacks and Black Magic

It’s very easy to shrug off a bad day, but that bad day or mood could actually be a result of a psychic attack or black magic. It’s not easy to tell right away if you were attacked and in the same sense, you might not feel right away that you’re being protected. Symptoms of psychic attacks and black magic can come in various forms, but the follow signs are what you should look out for:

  • Easily influenced by others – If you find that you suddenly feel tired or irritated after being around certain people, it likely means that they have negatively influenced you with their energy.
  • Random headaches and fatigue that seem to come from nowhere.
  • Anxiety or restlessness – If you ever feel that you’re being watched or that you’re never alone, this is a clear sign that you’ve been targeted.
  • Feeling lethargic even though you’ve got plenty of sleep and are on a healthy diet.
  • Nightmares – Usually, these are nightmares of being physically attacked or chased. If you have very vivid and recurring nightmares like this, then it could be a psychic attack.
  • Depression – feeling down but you can’t explain why you feel that way.
  • Irrational fear – you’ve suddenly developed fear and anxiety that wasn’t there before.
  • Unexplained sickness – This is one of the more alarming ones because it cannot be easily cured with physical medication.

Though these symptoms might seem common to the average person, it’s important to keep track of these circumstances if you feel that they’re happening unusually often. Try asking yourself how often these symptoms occur and where does it usually happen. Do they happen around certain areas or around certain people?

There’s also a blog dedicated to specific crystals that help with fear, anxiety, and depression. That may be of interest to you if you’re looking to heal from the traumas of the past.

Best Protection Crystals for the Home

Black Tourmaline

As mentioned earlier, Black Tourmaline is great for cleansing and neutralizing the environment of negative energy. It’s especially effective against electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMF radiation), which can be harmful when exposed to large amounts. This radiation is often emitted from electrical appliances, so you can place it in rooms where lots of gadgets are found.

Feng Shui suggests placing it in your work space to improve your career. This also works for your health because we often spend long hours in front of our computers, which emit radiation too. To keep positive energy throughout your house, while repelling negative energy, you can put it near your front door.


Here’s a powerful crystal that doesn’t need to be cleansed. This transparent crystal is named after the Greek word “selene” which means moon. Large deposits of it can be found in caves in Mexico, and they reach up to 35 feet long.

Selenite is known for deep cleansing, which is why people often use it to clean other crystals and stones. It also creates safe spaces because their vibration is so pure. This stone brings peace and removes negative energy. The bedroom is one of the best places to put it because it’s very effective at night and can even aid in sleep. The living room is another common place where people put their Selenite since it’s a space where people often stay.

The pure white color of Selenite reminds us of angels which is so fitting because this crystal emits such positive vibrations. When you fill a room up with so much goodness, it makes it hard for negative energy, evil spirits, and black magic to stick around.


A crystal whose origin still remains unknown, Shungite is a powerful crystal against EMF radiation. It’s believed that it originated from the early organisms in the ocean that died and transformed into this crystal. Scientists believe that it came from space.

Shungite has the ability to spiritually cleanse an area, just like how it can physically clean water. EMF has negative effects to the body when exposed in excess, so place Shungite near electronics such as your cell phone, TV, computer, internet modem, and blue tooth devices. It absorbs this radiation, so be sure to cleanse it once a month to maintain its effectivity.

Rose Quartz

One of the most popular crystals around, Rose Quartz has been used as a token and symbol of love since before 600 BC. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used them for years to keep their skin looking young. It was even added in anti-aging elixirs.

As a stone for improving relationships, Rose Quartz is best placed where people gather. Placing it in the living room can bring positive energy to everyone in the house. The bedroom is another good spot for your Rose Quartz because it’s very relaxing and helps with stress. For couples, it also brings loving energy.


blue_celestite for protection in home

Also called Celestine, this stone is known for its gentle but high vibrations that radiate from all directions. It’s particularly good for communicating with the angelic realm, so it can call forth your guardian entity. If you have kids, Celestite is the best stone for their room. For one, the gentleness of it can soothe and calm them. This can dispel fears, and it also lets your kids feel the presence of their guardian angel.

Green Aventurine

For those with a garden, the Green Aventurine can protect it from pollution and also bring good luck. It’s known as the “Stone of Opportunity” because it’s one of the best crystals for attracting wealth, good fortune, and luck.

Aside from opportunity, this stone can also encourage growth by letting go of past habits. It gets rid of disappointments, so you can improve for the future. Green Aventurine has the ability to increase intellectual growth too, so place them in your children’s room if they’re ever having trouble in school.


How to Protect Your Home from Negative Energy with Crystals

At the end of the day, we always find our way back home, so it’s important to feel comfortable and stress free in your most personal space. We don’t realize it, but the energy in your home shifts in time. The energy in the room can affect your own aura and in the same sense, your own aura can affect your space.

Protecting your home means choosing the right crystals for the right room. You should read about the properties of a crystal and find the right space where those abilities can be used. For instance, people in the arts who work from home can benefit from Carnelian crystals in their office since it enhances creativity. Certain crystals also help clear negative energy and EMF from the surroundings.

These crystals can either be inside or outside. However, note that some stones and crystals deteriorate in water, so they can’t be placed outside where the rain can reach them. The sun is something that charges crystals, but it can also make them fade.  Crystals that can fade if left out in the sun for a prolonged period of time are Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Citrine to name a few. Keep these details in mind in finding the right placement.

If you live in an apartment, the crystals can still be used, so don’t be discouraged. Place them on the corners of the apartment so that they’re discreet. You can also just place them in your room specifically if you are sharing the apartment with roommates. Crystals don’t have to be around the entire complex to be effective.

Feng Shui with Crystals in Your Home for Protection and Abundance

Feng Shui is the art of channeling positive energy into your home using certain arrangements. A great way of incorporating crystals into your home is by doing it alongside Feng Shui. This is because there are some crystals and stones that are more effective when placed in certain rooms or areas in your home. Certain directions of your home have their own meaning, and they could bring different kinds of good fortune.

  • Crystals for wealth and fortune are best placed in the southwest corner of your house. To attract career opportunities, place crystals in the north side of your house (usually near your front door) and in your office. Citrine, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Jade, and Tiger’s Eye are some of the best crystals to keep around for manifesting wealth and good fortune.
  • Rose Quartz in the southeast areas of the room or in the bedroom can promote love and romance.
  • The middle left side of the rooms are associated with health. Malachite is good here because it absorbs negative energy, and Jade can bring longer life.
  • For home protection, place Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, or Hematite to have maximum protection. They’re known to be powerful protectors, and they can cleanse a person of negative energy before they even step into your home.
  • The north left part of the home or room is about education. If you have someone studying for their exams or taking graduate school, you can have Amethyst in this area to improve information retention.

These are just a few examples of the best home placements in Feng Shui.

Here’s a quick idea list of crystals for each room in your home:

Areas of Your Home Crystals
Front Door: Jade, Black Tourmaline, Selenite
Bedroom: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Selenite
Living Room: Citrine, Amber, Amethyst, Selenite
Kitchen: Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Celestite
Bathroom: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz
Office or Study Room: Shungite, Carnelian, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger’s Eye
Child’s Room: Rose Quartz, Selenite, Celestite, Obsidian


Use The Bagua Map With Your Crystal Placements

Below is a Bagua map. Bagua is one of the most common tools used in Feng Shui and is an energy map. When you apply this energy map to your surroundings in a home or even in a particular room within your home, you can redirect the energy flow to focus on what you need to improve in your life. Working with the Bagua map can correct negative chi and enhance positive chi simultaneously.

Best Crystal for Protection from Negative Energy at Work

Crystals can also be placed on your desk at work for protection and productivity. If you have a desk job and sit in front of a computer all day, crystals can prevent the EMF radiation from electronics from draining your energy. For jobs out in the field or public spaces, wearing crystal jewelry and amulets are better. Just direct your thoughts and intentions to them whenever you need to throughout your day.

You may also place these protective crystals near your desk, under the keyboard and drawers. Some people also like to place a glass of water near their protective stone. The water absorbs the negative energy in your environment, and at the end of the day, you can pour it down the sink. Start with a fresh glass of water each morning.

Here are some crystals that are great to have when at work:


This crystal is one of the best at clearing out tension and stress. It calms and soothes your nerves to help you think more clearly. Selenite also releases confusion, doubt, and feelings of inadequacy, so you’ll be able to function better at work. The best part is that its self-cleansing, so it never gets worn down.


Long hours on a computer can really dampen your mood, which is why having a Shungite around would be helpful. As mentioned earlier, this crystal has the powerful ability to cleanse EMF radiation in the environment. Work spaces full of technology would need this crystal to keep it neutralized.

Black Tourmaline

There are many ways that you can benefit from having Black Tourmaline in your work space. First of all, it’s a purifying stone that you can use to counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation. This crystal can transform negative energy to positive ones, and just like what was mentioned earlier, it shields you from toxic people and their negativity.

Another way it helps you in our work is by helping you concentrate. By dispelling thoughts like fear and anxiety, you can better focus on your work. Also, this crystal is known to bring light in the dark. Meaning, it can bring you confidence and self-assurance during difficult and challenging situations.


Back in the Stone Age, this stone was carved into arrowheads and sharp tools. Ancient Mesoamericans even used them as blades and beads. Some cultures even Obsidian as the earliest mirrors.

Obsidian is a powerful protective stone that many people use against negative energy and psychic attacks. Because of its mirror-like surface, it’s a stone that unlocks the truth. Thoughts like fears, confusion, and lies can cloud the truth, so Obsidian gets rid of these. This is great to have in your workspace because this ability promotes growth and strength.


The queen of all stones, Ruby has been a highly valued stones for centuries. Its fiery color has been associated with the unending flame of the sun. For many cultures, this precious gem was used as talismans of protection, prosperity, and passion that also keeps nightmare away.

As a gemstone for the Base Chakra, Rubies improves the flow of our life energy which in turn increases vitality. Feel revived and energetic at work all the time with this stone! This stone increases concentration, self-confidence, motivation, strength, courage, and determination to turn goals into actions. Pair them up with a black crystal like Obsidian or Black Tourmaline to enhance your ability to get rid of negative energy more effectively. You can use them alongside Jade or Citrine too for increased success in your career.


Known also as the ‘Fool’s Gold’, Pyrite is a mirror crystal that reveals the truth hidden from us. The Mayans used to polish then and use it as a mirror, and its properties have a lot to do with this. It was used for medicine and divination by Native Americans, too.

This crystal is often used as a shield against psychic attacks, negative energy, and environmental pollutants. However, it’s also known for bringing wealth and fortune. The high vibrations of it also enhances creativity, mental clarity, and concentration. If you want to improve on your leadership skills, this crystal would help you out.


Here is another stone known to bring wealth and fortune. Citrine dates back around 300 BC in Greece, where it was used as a decorative gem. Natural Citrine, though hard to find now, doesn’t need to be cleansed. Rather, it transmutes the negative energy into positive.

This is one of the best stones for boosting self-esteem and imagination. Citrine can help you deal with criticism better so that your ideas can flow freely. The frequencies from it that stimulate creativity are also the ones that turn wishes into actions. Success and abundance are sure to follow you if you have this around the office.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a stone used by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians since the Neolithic Era. This stone is known for communication and confidence, which is why it’s also referred to as the ‘Stone of the Diploma’.

It’s more of a supportive stone than a protective one, and what it does is calms stressful environments. This stone lifts the energy in the room and increases positive energy. This, in turn, allows us to feel free to communicate and speak our thoughts. If you ever feel that you have a hard time talking to your boss or co-workers, then this stone will help you out.


If you find yourself procrastinating way too often, have a Carnelian stone on your desk to restore vitality, motivation, and creativity. A stone worn by master architects to show their rank, Carnelian was used by the Egyptians to grant safe passage to the afterlife. It has also been used by various historical icons as an amulet for good luck.

The main function of having one of these for your work space is to stimulate creativity and enthusiasm. It frees the flow of your chakras, so your ideas are able to transform into actions as well as encourage open communication. Carnelian is also a stone of prosperity, so expect wealth and good fortune to come your way.

Best Crystals for Protection While Driving

Crystals also have the ability to guide and protect you on your travels. They can prevent accident, maintain positive energy during long travel, and even improve your vision. Feel calm and relaxed even in the most annoying traffic jams. Here are the best crystals and gemstones to place in your vehicle:

Rose Quartz

This crystal can protect you from accidents caused by carelessness. Since the Rose Quartz also exudes loving energy, having it at the front of your car means less road rage from others and yourself.

Black Tourmaline

For overall protection, Black Tourmaline is always best. It dispels negative energy, so you’re shielded from frustrated drivers. It also helps you keep your cool while driving. When travelling with people who may suck your energy, this stone can also prevent that.

Black Obsidian

Of all the stones in the obsidian family, this one is the most powerful. Its protective abilities seal your aura and cleanses the environment of negativity. Black Obsidian can clear tension from the driver and its rider. These also help clear confusion and enhance intuition, which helps you steer clear from accidents.


This one is an ancient stone that’s been used as trinkets and amulets since before 5000 BC. Kings, shamans, and warriors across many cultures have worn them in different parts of the world. Asian civilizations believed that Turquoise protected them from evil entities. As a stone for travel, it protects you from accidents, falling, thieves, and attacks.


Treasures of mermaids is what this crystal is known for. Related to this, Aquamarine is also believed to be a crystal to protect sailors from sea travels. If you’re ever driving near bodies of water, this stone can protect you from harm. It also has the calming properties of the sea that can help with hot-headed drivers.

Aquamarine are also known to enhance intellectual thinking and improve your response time. For driving, it means better concentration, and you’ll be able to react faster in case anything gets in your way.


Related to its history, Amethyst can protect you against surprise attacks while travelling. It’s a crystal that can physically and mentally ease your nerves, too. Being stressed or overworked can put our senses on overdrive, and this can lead to reckless choice while driving. Easing tension from your body with this crystal can help you make smarter and safer choices. This is also great for calming those with anxieties and short tempers.


Similar to how it boosts motivation, this stone can also improve concentration and focus by getting rid of wandering thoughts. On top of that, its ability to protect you from psychic attacks and other harmful, intrusive energies could mean less accidents too.

Smoky Quartz

This is a great stone to have if you’re ever driving around remote places. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and turn it into positive ones. This ability can protect you when you’re driving in dark places that make you uneasy. You’ll also feel generally more relaxed when in the presence of this crystal.

Yellow Jasper

This stone is known to help with astral travel, but it can protect you during physical travel, too. Historically, shamans and priests used it for this very purpose. This particular color of Jasper can boost confidence in yourself. You’ll be able to make better decisions as well as feel generally more relaxed with your new found trust in yourself.

Lava Stone

Also called Basalt Stone, Lava Stone is a powerful grounding stone because of its volcanic origins. It provides strength, stability, and guidance, especially in difficult situations. This property comes from the wisdom of the Earth itself. Also, this stone is very good at calming fiery tempers so if you want to keep a level head while driving, have one of these with you.

Clear Quartz

The best crystal to have for cleansing your aura and your environment is the Clear Quartz. It amplifies your intentions and the crystals around it. This crystal can increase memory, focus, and intellect, which can help make you more level-headed on the road. Make your thoughts as clear as this crystal is while driving to prevent accidents.


Cleanse and Recharge Your Protection Crystals

The strength of your crystals and stones can wear out in time, too. This is especially true if your surroundings have more negative energy than usual. Leaving them out too long can make them ineffective. They absorb your negative energy, so you need to cleanse or recharge them. It’s pretty easy to do though, and here’s how:

  • Washing with Water – Running water is the most common way of purifying crystals. Submerging it works too, just make sure the whole crystal is under water. Note that some crystals dissolve in water, especially if they are porous!
  • Sunlight – Some stones and crystals get their energy back by being left out under the sun. Though, there are crystals like Amethyst that lose color under the sun if left out for too long.
  • Moonlight – The moon is just as powerful as the sun in charging crystals. The best times are when it’s a full or new moon.
  • Rice – To draw out the negative energy, get a bowl of raw brown rice. Submerge your crystals, and leave it overnight. Since the rice absorbs the negative energy, it’s best not to eat it.
  • With Other Crystals – There are crystals that never need cleansing, and people often use them to charge other crystals. Quartz and Selenite are the most common ones to use to clear the energy within other crystals.
  • With Intentions – Another process that we do is programming stones with our intentions. Though each stone already has their own unique properties, you can actually give them more specific functions. To do this, hold them in your hand close to your heart. With a clear mind, imagine yourself connecting with your crystal and then clearly state your intentions. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ after! Showing gratitude is important in all metaphysical practices, and it is a good way to bond with your crystals as well.

More Crystal Healing Techniques to Protect Against Negative Energy

Aside from keeping stones and crystals in your space, here are other ways you can benefit from their many healing qualities:

  • Wear beaded crystal bracelets or necklaces to overcome everyday negativity wherever you go.
  • Pray a mantra, and repeat for 108 times. Use mala beads of any of the mentioned crystals for protection.
  • Use an orgonite pyramid made of the crystals above. You can even make your own so that you can choose the crystals that speaks to you. Place them anywhere in your space to increase negative ions. Negative ions are the beneficial ions that are found in nature. They have numerous health benefits from boosting metabolism to enhancing your immune system.
  • Place orgonite pyramids near your bed or stones under your pillow for protection at night.
  • Meditate with protective crystals and stones.
  • Practice breathing techniques while holding your protective crystal.

Using Orgone Pyramid Against EMF Radiation and Negative Energy

To put it simply, orgone energy is the very life force of everything in the universe. It’s a sort of electrical force that can either be positive (POR) or negative (DOR). The latter one is what causes energy blockages in living organisms. These blockages lead to decay either in the form of sickness or desertification. POR (positive orgone) is what brings us health and vitality.

It’s said that one of the effects of DOR is electric and magnetic fields or EMF in short. EMF is a kind of radiation that comes from technology, and excessive exposure results in depression, anxiety, and other mental issues.

Orgonite Pyramids are a great way to heal yourself because they actually absorb EMF radiation from the area. It can transform these harmful energies into POR. You can even bless an area with an orgonite pyramid to bring life back into it. Focus your intentions on the orgonite pyramid, and the crystals in them will amplify and broadcast your intentions to the universe. Think of it as an energy transmitter.

You can read more about how orgonite pyramids work and experiments that were done with these pyramids in this article here.


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how crystal skulls work_meaning_legend_activation


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