Best Crystals for Change, New Beginnings, Transition, and Transformation


We all reach a point in our lives when we experience life-changing moments—be it transitioning to a new job, moving to a new home, getting into a new relationship, starting a new hobby, or simply instigating a change of mindset within yourself. Whatever it may be, we always find ourselves with some level of fear whenever we begin again. It is, after all, a jump into the unknown.

I have found myself time and again in this position. As a creature of habit, I do not like change. I would say I approach it with a greater level of trepidation than most people. I worry: Is this the really the best for me? What do I do if something unexpected happens? How do I motivate myself to keep this up?  Because of this, I have searched high and low of what could help soothe my fear of change—and I’m happy to share this with all of you today.

For eight years now, I have been harnessing the power of the best crystals for change, new beginnings, transition and transformation for the big turning points in my life. I not only feel less fear about the future, but I actually look forward to it now! I truly believe these crystals have helped me push through with much needed changes within myself. 

Best Crystals for Change and New Beginnings

Crystal energy has been used for centuries to manifest different kinds of intentions. However, each crystal has its own strength. There are some that are well-suited to help increase prosperity and abundance, others that work well in deflecting negative auras, some that heal physical and emotional wounds, and everything in between.

Here we list what crystal are good for new beginnings. These help usher in a smooth transition, help prepare us deal with any changes, and strengthen our resolve to push through with change.


Chrysocolla is blue-green stone that has been revered since ancient times for its ability to restore balance in one’s life. This is what makes it such a good stone for the turbulent moments of transition and change. Remember that change is bound to happen when there is imbalance—too much of one thing and too little of another. If you are feeling to stressed at work, perhaps it is time to look for something that gives you fulfillment. If you are feeling lost, perhaps you need something to point you in the right direction. Chrysocolla can help you do that. It grants the user what he/she is lacking in order to move forward. It helps bring clarity of mind, uncovering the personal truth that requires change in order to thrive. By shedding light on what is missing, it gives you the courage to seek completeness. Reach for this stone when you are feeling off-center. Allow it to guide you towards new activities, people, or mindsets that help bring balance back into your life.

Lemon chrysoprase 

Lemon chrysoprase is a cheerful yellow-green stone that strengthens the user to make that leap needed in order to positively change one’s life. It encourages creativity, helping one think of out-of-the-box solutions about problems one has been stuck on. This makes it especially good for those working on innovations, new business directions, writing and other artistic pursuits. It opens up the mind and makes it more receptive to new ideas and wise advice from unexpected sources. Another reason why lemon chrysoprase is one of the best crystals for new transition and transformation is because it brings about a relaxed mindset. It dispels fears about the unknown, helps us deal calmly with the unexpected, and relieves pressure about coming up with something new. 

Black Moonstone 

Black Moonstone is a white-and-black stone that shows a beautiful iridescence when the lights hits it just so. It is included in the list of best crystals for change and new beginnings because it strengthens one’s sense of intuition by connecting with the Divine. It differentiates between what you think you need and what you actually need, leading you to make wiser choices. Black moonstone derives its energy from New Moon—in this way, it is strongly tied to new beginnings. Reach for this stone when you are about to embark on a new endeavor, and allow it to supply you with the energy of the new moon cycle. It warms the frozen heart and creates empathy for others, making it an ideal stone for those who are coming back from abuse, those who are struggling to begin again at a loss of a loved one, or those who would like to reach out to more people.

Flower Agate 

Flower Agate is a beautiful milky-pink stone with white, flower-like plumes within. Its name reflects its strength—flower agate is best for those who need a blooming of enthusiasm and passion to change their lives. If you are trying to get back on your feet after a failed relationship, losing a job, or any difficult situation, I highly suggest you harness the power of this crystal. After such an ordeal, you may be feeling tired and jaded—it is understandably difficult to find the energy to rebuild your life. But that was what flower agate can help you with. It helps you see the world in a new, invigorating light. It makes you excited for the change, and this excitement translates to an infectious energy to go get what you want. When you use this stone, your mindset subtly changes—you see the lessons in your mistakes, opportunities in the unexpected, excitement instead of fear. 

Tiger’s eye 

Tiger’s Eye is a dramatic black stone with bands of yellow-orange running through it. If you already know the steps to take in order to initiate change in your life, but find yourself stalling, this is the stone you should reach out for. Many times, procrastination is a manifestation of self-doubt—you put off doing it because you’re scared that if you try, you will fail. Tiger’s eye helps with this problem. It is a stone of action—it drives you by imbibing you with self-confidence and strengthening your will. It will help you move past irrational thoughts that keep you from starting or pushing through with your goals. It helps you deal with the unexpected in a practical manner rather than an emotional one. It is also well-known for warding off ill wishes and curses of others, serving as an amulet of protection against those who may not want you to succeed. Thus, people who are struggling to start anew against the tyranny of others find great comfort and success through this stone.

Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone is a pearly white stone with a sheen of iridescence that is characteristic of all varieties of moonstone. A rainbow is caused by a prism of light, and this stone acts as the prism for diffusing energy into one’s aura. It is a stone that provides psychic protection and emotional healing. Those who are beginning to heal from an emotionally-draining ordeal may benefit greatly from harnessing the power of moonstone in therapy. It helps one become grounded, go back to what is simple and pure, and to start caring for yourself as a mother would care for you. Rainbow moonstone not only opens you up for self-love, but for love of others as well. It heals you from isolation, readying you to accept the love that you deserve so you can start a better, more fulfilling life.


Labradorite is a dark stone that appears to glow from within with a bluish-green sheen. It is one of the best crystals for change and new beginnings when you’re stuck about what that new beginning is supposed to be. At times, we may feel like something needs to change, and yet we have no idea where to start looking. This is where labradorite comes in. It ignites our curiosity to find where your path lies. Its appearance serves as its metaphor—it is a plain gray stone, but when it catches the light, it glows with wondrous colors. In the same way, you may feel boring and directionless, but with the right light, you too will realize where your passion and purpose lies. 

Golden Healer Quartz 

Golden Healer Quartz is a beautiful stone layered with orange, yellow and rust-red hues. Its name says it all—this crystal’s main power lies in its ability to heal both physical and intellectual troubles. It promotes health of body by giving you the willpower to eat right, exercise, and follow the doctor’s orders. By keeping you spritely, it keeps you at the top of your game for the next chapter in your life. Once you are healed of physical and intellectual ailments, you are ready to take on the next challenge that awaits.


Celestite is a captivating aggregation of sky blue crystals embedded on stone. It has a soothing, calming effect on the spirit. If a lullaby was transformed into a precious stone, it would be celestite. It helps one rise up after mistakes or follies that have cost one dearly. In this time, we might feel dejected and tired, with little will to get up and make things better. Reach for celestite in these times and allow its soothing energy to wash over you. It will help you see past the mistake and instead focus on the lessons that you can take home from it. It restores purity and innocence that might have been lost in the jadedness gleaned from difficult situations. Where yesterday was a failure, today and everyday thereafter brings the possibility of success.


Amazonite is a turquoise stone that brings to mind the flowing river and verdant rainforests of the place from where it got its name. In the same way the Amazon forests gives life to the creatures within it, so does Amazonite give life to our hope for the future. If you feel despair, dejected that your new beginning is not as you expected it, hold this stone. It magnifies intentions to succeed, helping the universe align to deliver what you need to express your true self. Tell the stone your deepest desires, most earnest intentions, and your hopes and dreams, and allow it to do its magic. Note that amazonite is a stone of truth—if you are drawn to it, it means that you yearn for the truth that eludes you. Harness its power in order to find that truth, and give you hope that it will a reality. 

Candle quartz 

Candle Quartz is a quartz crystal characterized by its similarity to a candle with melted wax dripping down its sides. This belies its use—it is a wishing candle, and a much more potent one at that. If you are feeling directionless and have no idea what in life would make you feel fulfilled, reach out for a candle quartz. Spend time meditating with it and you will find yourself envisioning the life that is most in line with your authentic self. It lifts you up from feeling lost to being filled with purpose. Candle quartz gives hope that your wish will come true, as well as a quiet energy to start pursuing it.


Malachite is a beautiful stone in shades of lush green. This is representative of its ability to bring about a burgeoning of the soul in the form of personal growth. It helps usher in change from within ourselves, making us more open to new experiences, receptive to new ideas, and welcoming of new people in our lives. For those who have been stuck walking down memory lane, thinking about their what-ifs and regrets, malachite is the stone to reach for. It stops us from living in the past and brings us back to the present when we have the power to choose our path. It helps get rid of mindsets that stop us from improving ourselves—self-doubts, fear of the unknown, concern about what others would think. It brings about a positive outlook on the future, making us ready for whatever may come our way.

Best Crystals for New Job, Career, or Job Interview

Whether you’re a fresh grad starting out in the workforce, a yuppie looking to move to a new company, a professional who is shifting to a completely different career path, or someone who has simply no idea what job to go for, we can all agree that choosing what kind of work to pursue is one of the most impactful decision we make in our lives. It’s a special kind of new beginning because it will dictate what you do for eight hours a day, five days a week.

Thankfully, there are a specific set of crystals that will help you make wise and fulfilling career decisions!


Carnelian is a fiery orange-red stone that has been used since ancient times by people of influence and wealth for strength and vibrancy in all endeavors. As a stone of ambition, it gives one self-confidence and determination to go for dream jobs. Reach for this stone when you want to ace an interview or talk to your boss about a promotion, because it is especially good at improving communication skills—it has long been thought to bring eloquence and boldness to even the shyest of speakers. It gives life and energy to all kinds of performances, from theatre shows to boardroom presentations. Warriors used to wear it around their necks to bring them courage in the coming battles, so this would be a good crystal to wear when competing with others for a sought-after position.


Citrine is a quartz crystal that ranges from lemon yellow to honey gold. It works like a ray of sunshine to the soul, stimulating growth and liveliness. This is best stone for those who have finally realized their dream career and are currently working to make it a reality. It helps sustain the energy needed to bring hopes and dream to fruition. Those who are starting out in jobs may want to carry this stone around or keep it in the office as it helps foster good relations with their new co-workers by establishing a sense of cooperation and camaraderie. It also dispels feelings of insecurity and helplessness, often encountered when moving into a new work environment. It purifies the seat of willpower in one’s body, clearing it off doubts and negative thoughts. What is left is healthy optimism and determination to go for the career you want.  

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is a green-blue translucent stone that is renowned for being the stone of opportunity. It has been shown to increase one’s chances of success in any situation, be it a new business venture, getting a scholarship, or scoring that dream job. It tilts the odds in your favor because it brings out the best in you—replacing old, self-destructive habits and thinking patterns with new, constructive ones. This is among the best crystals for new jobs because it enhances one’s leadership qualities like being a good listener, being open to other’s ideas, being decisive and injecting a sense of fun to work. Green aventurine helps you embrace change, seeing opportunity when others see uncertainty and fear, seeing past the current difficulties to the brighter future that comes after it. For those upending their lives by shifting to a completely different career path, this stone will help you stay grounded and stable. 


Turquoise needs no introduction. This vivid greenish blue stone has long been used by everyone from ancient Egyptians to Chinese to Native American as a symbolic and spiritual ornament. Its strength lies in its ability to stabilize the mood—essential in times of transition when turbulence in the mind and spirit abounds. When we are overly emotional, we tend to make poor decisions that could derail the kind of life we envision for ourselves. Turquoise, with its calming hues reminiscent of a tropical ocean, soothes away the wrinkles on our forehead and banishes the obsessive worrying of the mind. It keeps us safe from self-sabotage, giving us a clarity of mind to see what needs to change. Entrepreneurs may want to reach for this stone because it wards off negative intentions and auras—protecting the user against bad investments and untrustworthy associates. 

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is a catch-all in the crystal healing world. It is among the most abundant minerals in the world, with a wide range of different colors that have different strengths. However, the most versatile of them all is clear quartz. It is a great stone to use for programming and manifesting intentions. It does so by cleansing the soul and clearing the mind, giving space for one to deeply reflect on what he/she wants and needs. It amplifies the power of other stones, and helps focus all their energies towards a specific wish. Career changes are filled with all kinds of problems, which are solved by different stones—adding clear quartz to the mix not only magnifies each individual crystal’s power, but creates a cohesive fusion of the entire group.


Amethyst is a member of the quartz family that has achieved distinction of its own because of its delicate purple color and strong healing power. It is known as a stone to guard against excesses, restoring balance to one’s spirit. It prevents intoxication—intoxication over one’s own abilities, over sudden prosperity, or false praise. Without this stone, job seekers may fall into traps that make promises at the expense of one’s personal values and principles. It helps us make decisions that are in line with who we are and what we deem important, allowing us to see the situation for what it is rather than be clouded by our illusions of grandeur and unjust biases. 


Best Crystals for New Homes and What Room to Put Them In

Moving to a new home is another major life change that people often go through. Living in a brand new place, displaced from the familiar, is reason enough for stress. To minimize this, consider decorating your new home with crystals. By choosing the right crystals per room, you can create an environment conducive to what you will use that space for. And to top it all off, they serve as eye-catching decor! The best crystals for new homes will welcome you both aesthetically and spiritually. It’s a perfect way to settle into your new environment and begin your life there with a positive aura.

Be as creative as you like about the placement of stones around your home. Many people use it as table centerpieces and decoration on window sills or display shelves. But feel free to incorporate it into the walls, ceilings, or doors. Wherever you choose to place it, make sure it is not hidden from view so its energy can permeate through the room unencumbered.

Best Crystals for Front Door Receiving Area

The front door is the main entrance for your home. Throughout your stay there, you would like the good to enter and the bad to stay out. Black tourmaline is a dramatic crystal that has been used for centuries as a talisman of protection and purification. It will guard your home from those who moan, whine, complain, or otherwise drain you emotionally. It helps deter environmental pollutants from coming inside the sanctity of your home. Jade is a blue-green stone known from blessing whatever it touches with good fortune. Any visitor or item that comes within your home crosses its threshold and immediately receives the power of jade.

You can incorporate these stones into your front door area by placing a small table or display shelf by the entrance. If you are building a house, you can also experiment with incorporating it into the door or wall decoration.

Best Crystals for the Living Room

Your living room is the entertainment center of your home, so its aura should promote energy, positivity, and happiness. Selenite is a milky white stone that reminds one of moonlight—hence its name. It works by radiating positivity and purity, allowing energy to freely flow through. Amber is a beautiful honey-gold substance made from the resin of ancient trees. It absorbs stress and anxiety, allowing you and your guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company in the living room. Apophyllite is a crystal of varying colors that creates an atmosphere of lightness and spontaneity. When placed inside your living room, it encourages chatter and laughter.

Give these crystals unrestricted access by placing them in the middle of the living room. They make great conversation pieces too!

Best Crystals for the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you keep the source of sustenance in your house. It is also one of the areas in the home where you can be creative and bring joy to yourself and others through food. Carnelian is a stone of creativity and inspiration, helping you try making that exciting new dish you tried on a vacation abroad. Apatite is a stone that clears the stress from the mind to focus at the task at hand. This is needed in the kitchen as you deal with sharp, breakable, or hot objects. Celestite keeps your calm, must in the kitchen as you prepare complex meals for yourself and your family.

Keep these stones near cabinets of your pots and pans, in a high area that overlooks the kitchen. This way, it won’t take up counter space, but can still allow its energy to wash over you and the food you prepare.

Best Crystals for the Dining Area

Your dining area should be a place where you can enjoy your meal and those you eat it with. Turquoise gives a sense of appreciation, allowing us to savor our food instead of wolfing it down. It helps prevent digestive problems due to its healing abilities. Meanwhile, citrine gives an atmosphere and cheer, making the dining area another part of your home to have fun. 

Placing these crystals near your plate amplifies its power. These stones would be a great centerpiece to your dining table!

Best Crystals for the Office

The following crystals can be placed anywhere where you need to be able to focus and get things done—whether it’s on a home office where you can go through bills, documents and do work-from-home, or the cubicle in your company’s office. Azurite is a stone that drowns out the distractions in your head and heart in order to accomplish your tasks. Pyrite attracts wealth and abundance, which is what we hope to achieve as we do our work. Black tourmaline’s protective abilities are best used in shared working spaces in order to keep opportunistic and gossiping co-workers away. Shungite, a metallic black stone, is best placed near laptops, cellphones and other electronic devices. It is known to minimize the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation coming from these gadgets.

Best Crystals for the Bedroom

The bedroom should be the most relaxing part of your home. To induce a healthy and long sleep, harness the power of selenite, amethyst, and clear quartz. Black tourmaline is again a good choice to keep away worries that keep you up at night and nightmares that make for a fitful sleep. Rose quartz is a handy crystal to have when you share your bedroom with your partner—it encourages love and intimacy.

Keep the crystals close to your bed, the piece of furniture that defines the room. You may place it on the bedside table, incorporate it into the bed’s headboard, or keep it under the mattress.

Best Crystals for Children’s Room

If you have children, you will want them to have their own space to do homework, to relax, and rest safely. Celestite promotes restful sleep and a calming energy. Obsidian acts as protection against nightmares. Hematite is a silver stone that helps dispel negative thoughts and energies to allow your child to fully relax and feel safe. Obsidian protects him/her against nightmares.

Best Crystals for the Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where we are able to indulge in self-care. Rose quartz enhances love for the self, encouraging us to do our daily beautifying habits. Aquamarine is a bright sky-blue crystal that brings excitement and good luck. We go to the bathroom every morning to prepare for our day, and keeping this crystal in this area gives us that much needed boost of energy and cheer to start off!

How to Use Crystal Grids to Help with Change, New Beginnings, and Transformation

Now that you know the best crystals for transition and transformation, your next question might be: How do I use them?

There are many ways to harness the healing power of crystals. You may display them in areas of the house, bring them around in a small crystal bag, or wear them as jewelry. But one of the best ways to maximize their power is through using a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is a special arrangement of healing stones that aims to harness each stone’s individual power and focus all of these towards a certain intention. When I decided to turn over a new leaf and leave my unfulfilling job, I made a crystal grid of tiger’s eye, labradorite, amazonite, moonstone and chrysocolla. I focused everyday on my intention to find a career that I would make me look forward everyday to working, and I truly believe that my crystal grid helped me land my dream job.

To make a crystal grid, the first step is to cleanse the space by burning palo santo or sage. This dispels negative spirits and giving you a clean slate to work on. 

Using the list as a guide, choose which crystals you want to use for the grid. You might find yourself gravitating to certain stones—allow your intuition to lead the way, as it means the stones are calling you towards them. 

Write your intention on a piece of paper. Take a deep breathe and state your intention out loud. Place the paper at the center of the surface where you will lay your crystal grid. Then you may begin laying out your stones. 

Start from the outside and move towards the center. Most people opt for a circular pattern, with stones either forming a spiral or arranged in concentric rings. Again, allow your gut feel to take over as you choose the pattern of your chosen stones. What feels and looks right to you would work. As you do this, remember to keep your intention at the forefront of your mind. The last stone that you put should be in the center of the ring, right on top of the paper where you wrote your intention.

Finally, use a quartz crystal point to activate the grid. To do this, simply trace an imaginary line between stones, like what you did to connect the dots on paper when you were a child. 

How to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals for Best Results

To keep your crystal grid working, it is important that you maintain the cleanliness of the stones. Crystals often absorb negativity, and need to be cleansed to work at maximum strength. To do this, you can wave the crystal in smoke of a burning sage or palo santo wood. You may also want to bathe the crystal for a few hours in sunlight or moonlight—be careful to read up as certain crystals may lose their color when placed for too long under the burning sun. You may also meditate with your crystals, keeping your intention in mind, using your powerful thoughts to rid it off negative vibrations.


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