Best Crystals and Gemstones for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression


Times are changing, and depression and other mental illnesses are rising faster than a rabbit can breed! No surprise though, considering how the world is now. While medication is often used to treat them, it doesn’t magically cure you of depression and anxiety. Mostly, medication is there to treat your chemical imbalance, but that’s just one part of the treatment. These don’t treat the true cause of your depression, which is often times something emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Another equally important part of treating these mental illnesses is by creating an environment and state of mind that is free from negativity. That’s where crystals and gemstones come in! They have many amazing properties that heal the mind and soul, and they also have the ability to increase overall energy in a person or in a room.

What Exactly is Anxiety, Stress, and Depression?

Stress, anxiety, and depression are often times used interchangeably. It would make sense considering how they can affect each other.

In psychology, stress refers to the feeling of strain or pressure that could either be good or bad for you. It can also be defined as an uncomfortable experience that leads to a series of biochemical reactions. The term is relatively vague even in the field of science, but the general idea is that it is something that can affect you both psychologically and physically.

Anxiety, as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), is an emotion wherein one has feelings of tension and worried thoughts, which are accompanied by physical changes and nervous behavior.

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loss of interest, and lack of energy. It leads to both emotional and physical problems that can disrupt a person’s ability to function. This can show itself in many different ways. The general idea is that if you show symptoms often enough and that it’s affecting your life, then it could be depression.

The Threat of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression 

Don’t ever just shrug off anxiety and depression as being over dramatic. Some people may think it’s a new phenomenon, but the truth is that there are just more people today who are open about it. 

These mental illnesses can target anyone of any age and lifestyle. The World Health Organization even estimates that around 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. In the US alone, there’s already around 16.2 million adults with depression. Anxiety is also the number one mental illness in the US with around 18% of the population having some sort of disorder says the American Association of Anxiety and Depression (AADA)

What’s worse it that many of these people remain untreated. Anxiety is easily treatable, yet only 36.9% of them actually get help. Leaving mental illnesses untreated is a serious matter that has taken the lives of many teenagers around the world. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death of people aged between 18 to 24, and that number is only going to get worse if we don’t take it seriously.

Best Crystals and Gemstones for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Blue Lace Agate

This stone dates all the way back to the Neolithic Era, where it was used as amulets for healing by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. This stone is actually a variation of the agate that has a lace-like appearance (hence the name). 

The pattern on it has calming and soothing properties. Instead of protecting you from negativity, this stone is more of the supportive kind. It uplifts and stimulates positive energy. Also, Blue Lace Agate promotes analytic and pragmatic thinking. This stone has the ability to get rid of doubt, fears, and similar feelings. This makes it an ideal stone for anxiety because it clears your mind of negative thoughts as well as promote self-acceptance and confidence.


This lilac stone is relatively new, but it’s one of the best for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. That’s because the Lepidolite is famous for calming and stabilizing your mood. It’s a stone made of lithium, which in itself is often used in anti-anxiety medication. They call this the ‘Stone of Transition’ because it reorganizes past habits and helps you accept changes. This is why Lepidolite is often used when someone is experience stress or times of change. It helps you overcome grief and gives you a renewed perspective on life.


Jet, or sometimes called Lignite, has been around since 1400 BC. It’s a protective stone that people in the Middle Ages used to protect soldiers from spells and other entities like the “Evil Eye”. They were also commonly used to make rosaries as it is known to draw out negative energy.

This stone is known for being a purifier. It can rid you of negative energy and emotions in order to promote self-growth. The high vibrations from it dispels negative energy and impurities from the environment. That’s why it’s great to have if you suffer from anxiety and depression because it helps prevent thoughts and emotions that trigger them.


This one is another new crystal found in Danbury, Connecticut back in 1839. It’s a pure white crystal that has one of the highest vibrations. This crystal is used for the Heart Chakra, so it helps relieve emotional pain. This also means that this crystal promotes love for yourself and others. The transparency of this crystal will bring you pure love and peace. Learning how to love yourself is a step towards treating depression and anxiety. Also, this is a crystal that connects the Heart Chakra to higher chakras, so you can better communicate your emotions without sounding too harsh. Expression can help ease your depression, and it also makes it easier to ask help from others.


An ancient stone that’s said to be around 2 billion years old is what this one is. It’s not quite as popular as the other stones, but it is very powerful because it’s one of the few made from fullerenes. This is a natural material that has the ability to purify water. Shungite has actually been cleaning water in Russia for centuries as evidenced by the fact that Lake Onega, a main Shungite deposit, can be drank without cleaning.

Because of its composition, this stone has powerful healing properties for both the emotional and physical. It has the ability to detoxify your body and whatever surroundings it is placed. This stone can also help clear out harmful electromagnetic radiation in the air that’s causing you to feel down. You can keep this stone with you whenever you feel your anxiety or depression acting up with no apparent reason.

Black Tourmaline

Also known as schorl, the Black Tourmaline is crystal that ancient magicians and shamans used to ward of demons and their spells. It was, and still is, known to shield a person from psychic attacks. The Tourmaline comes in many colors with black being the most common, but even the most common ones are quite expensive.

The main purpose of Black Tourmaline is turning negative energy into positive ones. It maintains the light even in the darkest of places. Also, this crystal can cleanse the body and soul of any impurities. It can rid you of suicidal thoughts, anger, and compulsive behavior, which makes it great for treating depression and anxiety. You can also use it to overcome panic attacks caused by threatening environments.


This stone is said to carry the energy of the sun god Ra and thus, it is a symbol of light and energy. Native American legend also says that its color comes from the blood of warriors. The Sunstone embodies the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun. It is also known as the ‘Stone of Leadership’ because it brings power, independence, and good fortune. 

If you have a dependency problem, the Sunstone can help you be more responsible for yourself, which also connects to it being a leadership stone. It also has the ability to increase energy and enthusiasm, so this stone is particularly helpful for depression, wherein one lacks the will to do anything. You can feel more empowered to do many things and relieve you of tensions from stress.


A crystal known for energizing life itself, the Citrine has been used for centuries to make beautiful jewelry. It is used by Hollywood stars and royalty. Queen Victoria herself loved it so much that it became a common stone for brooches and Scottish kilt pins.

This is a grounding crystal that also brings prosperity and wealth. It energizes life by bringing joy and enthusiasm. You’ll experience improved creativity, expression, and self-esteem which encourages you to take action in life. This is perfect for people who can’t function whenever their depression hits. This crystal also has the ability to transform fears and self-destructive thoughts into something positive.

Angel Aura

Angel Aura is a crystal that was the result of man’s attempt to recreate gold. Though artificial, it is a high vibration crystal that possess the powers of alchemy. Aura quartz comes in a wide range of colors depending on the metal it is bonded with, but the Angel Aura is an iridescent light blue that has platinum and silver in it.

This specific quartz has the ability to elevate your mood and cleanse the soul. It’s also said that this crystal will help you access the Angelic Realm, so meditating with this one helps you achieve a higher state of consciousness. You can experience rest and peace, which will help you find your life’s purpose. These properties make it ideal for anxiety and handling stress.


This rainbow-colored stone has been loved since the time of Ancient Egyptians because of their beauty. Ancient Romans believed they can ward off intoxication, so they carved goblets out of them. It’s been called the ‘Genius Stone’ because it increases aptitude, concentration, and information-absorption.

It actually has a ton of different colors, each with different meaning. Though, all of them help treat depression and anxiety in different ways. Green fluorite is about new beginnings because of its spring colors, so it will brings creative and helps you move on from issues of the past. Purple ones are dream stones that protect your mind from bad dreams and other beings at night. Blue Fluorite promotes calmness and rational thinking. It also helps you ease obsessions and frustrations caused by it.


The Angelite is actually a kind of Anhydrite that has a light blue color. It’s the result of the mineral Gypsum shrinking because of water loss, so you definitely want to keep it away from the rain. 

This stone has a high vibration that you can use to ask help from the angels. It’s a stone that can bring you peace by aiding emotional healing from lost loved ones and by encouraging forgiveness. Angelite also has the ability to ease stress and soothe an anxious mind. It can transform anxiety and fear into tranquility, which is what makes it ideal for psychic healing. The enhanced consciousness will bring you lessons that will help you with your anxiety and depression.

Rose Quartz

You’ve probably already heard of this one because it’s one of the most popular gemstones around. This stone was made into beads by countless civilizations from the time to Mesopotamia to Greeks and Romans. Because of its healing properties, it was made into ant-aging talismans and elixirs for poison.

This is stone is related to love and all matters of the heart. People use it mostly to attract romantic love, but it actually brings all kinds of love. Rose Quartz can heal the heart from past wounds in order to have self-love. It also brings love to environment by getting rid of negativity in the air. This is the perfect stone to have if you want to create an atmosphere conducive for healing depression.


This stone is the embodiment of expression, empowerment, and teaching. Known as the ‘Stone of Communication’, the Chrysocolla can bring you inner wisdom and a higher knowledge. Native Americans used it has a healing stone because of its ability for peace. Cleopatra even brought one of these herself in order to soothe violent people.

If you’re an introvert that suffers from depression and anxiety, this stone will be very helpful because it specifically counters uneasiness that result from seclusion. Having a mind clear of guilt, anxiety, and nervousness is what helps you see the truth in the universe. It also encourages gentleness in both actions and words.

Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz are powerful high frequency vibration that are used to achieve enlightenment. This quartz was only recently discovered in the Himalayas in 2006. They were only found when the ice there started to melt, so they’re a bit tough to get your hands on.

Depression and anxiety can often cloud our minds and our views of what’s really happening. This crystal brings you clarity by distinguishing the reality from your imagination. You can gain inner knowledge by accessing your past experiences, feelings and beliefs. This crystal is perfect for people who often feel lost as it can help you find a sense of purpose.


Though it was only named in 1918, it actually dates back to the 1790s in Russia. It was used as a protective stone by travelers before it became more ornamental. This one is a balancing stone that fosters brotherhood. It promotes communication and brings first aid in times of stress. You can use this soul to forgive or to help you reconcile with those you are in conflict with. It will help you see both sides of the argument because it gets rid of negative thoughts that can cloud your judgement. This is great for treating stress, depression, and anxiety because it dispels anger, hatred, and self-destructive behavior.


If you need something to keep your grounded, this stone is what you can use. They used to call this the ‘Bloodstone’ back in the Medieval Ages because it turns water red when soaked. It’s also for this reason that they used Hematite as talismans because legend says that it preserves the life of fallen warriors. 

This stone will make you feel more connected to the earth and make you feel more protected. It also helps you if you’re surrounded by chaotic energy. This would make it harder for you to focus and concentrate, so this stone can help you see situations more rationally and clearly. These qualities are especially helpful for people with depression. It will also boost your confidence because you’re more sure of your actions.

Smoky Quartz

Known as the ‘Stone of Power, the Smoky Quartz is believed by the druids to represent the dark power of the gods. It was said to help guide the dead in the afterlife. Some cultures also used this stone for rituals and as a shield for psychic attacks.

This one is best to use for stress and anxiety. It helps calm panic attacks and relieve tension. Holding one can also get rid of negative thinking and self-doubt that we have when in chaotic situations. Smoky Quartz would draw out negative energies and fight them off so that they can be released to the ground. This stone would also help rid you of toxicity that’s hindering your growth.

Clear Quartz

A very versatile and common crystal, the Clear Quartz has been used all across the world as a source of Light. Ancient civilizations even believed that they were a gift from Mother Gift or incarnations of gods themselves.

This crystal is used mostly to strengthen and amplify other stones and crystals. It has a lot of uses, too. In the case of depression and anxiety, this crystal purifies by drawing energy and neutralizing it. It would draw off negative energies from electro-smog while attractive positive energy at the same time.


One of the oldest stones in history, Turquoise has been used by shamans and warriors since the start of civilization. Everyone from the Aztecs, Incas, Ancient Persians, Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, and Native Americans used this stone as a sign of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. 

This stone can help lift your spirits up and balance your emotions. It’s more about bringing wisdom and showing the beauty of the world. This can encourage self-encouragement and self-actualization, which can help you solve day-to-day problems. Having the ability to organize your own thoughts can help you overcome bad depression and anxiety episodes.


This one dates back all the way to Ancient Greek and Roman times where it was believed to be treasures of mermaids! Legend has it that mermaids would protect any sailors that have them, which is why they carry them around as a ‘lucky stone’. Even until today, people believe that it can protect you from the dangers of the seas.

If you have a problem speaking in front of people, this stone helps overcome this fear. It’s used by teachers and presenters because of its ability to empower through clear communication. Aquamarine can help you get out of abusive situations too. It taps into egos damaged by toxic relationships and helps the holder identify the true nature of this relationship. This would really help those with depression and anxiety who need to get out of damaging relationships.

Lava Stone

Lava Stone or Basalt is one that brings you a strong connection to the earth because of its origin. It’s made with molten lava, so it has the fiery powers of the volcano. While it’s a stone that ignites passion and expression, it also soothes and calms intense emotions like anger. A burst of inspiration is exactly what you need if your depression is holding you back. Also, Lava Stones help shed off unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments that get in the way of your personal growth. These properties are very helpful for those with depression and constant stress.


This quirky green stone has been around for 4000 BC, when pharaohs used to put them on their heads to increase wisdom and leadership. It used to be grounded into powder to use as eyeshadow, too. They have a sort of eye-like pattern on them, so it was presumed that they enhanced visions and protected against the “Evil Eye”.

This stone promotes emotional-risk taking and getting over past traumas. Malachite identifies spiritual blockages and deep feelings in order to help you release the negativity within you. This one also protects you from emotional blackmail, abuse, and trauma. It’s ideal for those with depression and anxiety because it gives you the emotional strength to overcome them.


This ancient gemstone has a long history that dates back to pre-Columbian South and Central America. Warrior women from an ancient Amazonian tribe in Brazil used to decorate their shields with this stone and use it for healing. It was also cut up and inscribed in the Ancient Egyptian text, ‘Book of the Dead’. There’s also evidence of it being used in early Mesopotamia.

Depression and anxiety can make a person uncontrollably emotional, but the Amazonite can tone it down and make you think more rationally. You can better see the world from other people’s perspective in order to resolve conflict. It balances your mind to overcome past traumas, so you’re less likely to relapse into your depressive state. This stone also has the ability to ease loneliness because it helps you accept yourself.


A stone that has, for centuries, represented power and used to be as precious as Diamonds. Its purple color made it the very representation of royalty for most civilizations. For Christians, it was regarded as ‘the stone of bishops’, and it’s also one of the gemstones used for the High Priest breastplates. The Greeks even believed that Amethyst would keep them sober.

This is a highly introspective stone and has often been used to inspire artists. Thus, it has been used as the Artist’s, the Composer’s, the Inventor’s, Poet’s and even as the Painter’s Stones. Amethyst is especially useful for those who are stressed and overworked because it calms the mind and pulls it back. 


This gemstone is fairly new. Actually, it’s not even a rock but a mineral. Sodalite is all about rational thought, truth, intuition, and peace. It clears your mind by reducing negativity and protecting you from external factors that can affect your judgement. With this, you can better understand and interpret spiritual messages. Being able to understand these can give you inner peace and a renewed confidence in yourself. This is best for people with anxiety and depression who often doubt their own minds and intentions.


Kyanite is one of the few crystals in the world that never needs cleansing because it doesn’t retain negative energy. It’s a crystal of connections, so it opens your mind and senses for high abilities. Similarly, this crystal is great for building and repairing relations with other people. This helps in negotiations and resolving disputes by urging you to listen more and treat others fairly. Sometimes, depression can make us hostile to others when we don’t mean to, and Kyanite can help us fix those we damaged or prevent us from starting it.


When you’re the kind who has a bad temper and tends to lash out in their worst times, this stone can help calm your nerves. Howlite is a stone for increasing patience, so it’s perfect to bring around in places where you might get triggered. This makes it ideal for those with stress and anxiety because it can absorb tension not just from you, but from those around you. It pacifies chaotic and heated emotions to bring back balance.


This sacred gemstone brings with it mystery and wonder. Ancient Romans believed these stones to be drops of moonlight containing the image of the moon goddess, Diana. It was also said to grant the power of clairvoyance. Across cultures, it was also used as amulets that protect travelers and bring wisdom.

True to its name, this stone has abilities related to the moon. For one, it brings hope and dreams for the future. It takes away negative thoughts of the future and inspires serendipity. You can also tap into your spirituality better because this stone can help suppress materialistic urges. This stone also has calming abilities that help control emotions. All these traits are great for soothing the overactive mind of someone with depression and anxiety.


Carnelian is a stone that’s been used for centuries to inspire leadership, creativity, and motivation. High-ranking architects even used this stone as a symbol of their position. Warriors and influential figures like Mohammed and Napoleon also carried Carnelian charms for good luck.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck, this stone can help restore vitality in your life. This makes it perfect for people with depression since they often feel lack the enthusiasm to do anything. This can energize and encourage you to take action. It also takes away procrastination and laziness. Your chakra energy will flow freely across your body.


Crystal Bath with Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

After a long and stressful day, taking a bubble bath feels like the best thing in the world, but you can take it a step further by doing a crystal bath. It’s a great way to get the healing properties of the crystals, plus it charges them at the same time.

Crystal bath therapy is a relatively new way of relaxing, and it can even help with treating your anxiety and depression. You see, crystals and gemstones emit a sort of frequency, and water is one of the best conductors of energy. Therefore, you’ll be able to benefit more from the crystals as it eases tension from your body. It’s very simple, and here’s how you can do it.

  1. First, decide what your intention is. Easing stress, anxiety and depression is one thing, but you can be a little more specific. Are you looking for more self-confidence? More self-love and compassion? Having an idea will help you pick the best crystals for your bath.
  1. Next, prepare your bath. Whatever kind of salts you use for your bath is up to you. It’s not just about the water, though. Create a relaxing environment that works for you. For most, this means candles and flower petals but if you want to put on some slow music, you can do that, too.
  1. Lastly, soak your crystals into the bath. It can be anywhere, and it would be best if it can touch your body, too. Rose Quartz and Amethyst are the more popular ones, but it’s all up to you.

Note: Not all all crystals can be used for crystal baths. Some of them have materials that are toxic and should not be used for bathing like Malachite. Others would physically dissolve like Hematite and Selenite. For these kind, you can just place them around or near your tub.

  1. What some people do to enhance their bath is to add essential oils. It will give you an atmosphere similar to aromatherapy if added to your bath. The best ones to use for anxiety and depression are Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rose, and Bergamot. They have properties that are naturally calming and improves your mood.

Anti-Anxiety Crystal Grid

Crystal Grids are a pattern of crystals and harness their energy for a specific purpose. Usually they are used for manifesting your intentions. You can make one to specifically counteract your anxiety

  1. You need to first establish your intention before making the grid. In this case, we already decided on one for relieving anxiety.
  1. Choose your crystals. Find a bunch of crystals and gemstones that are related to your intention. Do some research on this one if necessary. Though, sometimes you can actually feel the crystals calling, which works too because they even resonate with people who need them.
  1. Find a geometric pattern to place them on. A lot of patterns you can find online actually have their own meanings, so pick one that you feel fits you.
  1. Place your gemstones. It’s recommended to start from the outside and work your way in. 
  1. Activate your grid. You can do this by saying a short prayer or using words of affirmation. Focus on your intention and goals. Don’t forget to say your gratitude afterwards!

Meditate with Binaural Beats and Crystals to Overcome Anxiety

This specific kind of therapy uses sound waves. It uses a sort of sound illusion where the left and right side of your ear has different frequencies. However, instead of hearing two separate tones, they kind of register as one beat.

What happens is that our brain processes the electrical signals from these beats, and it causes a change in our emotions and behaviors. It can cause things like dreamless sleep or increase concentration. It’s basically like meditation but with a lot more science and neurons. These depend on how fast and how loud the beats are.

It’s very simple to do, too. All you need to do is grab a pair of headphones or speakers and play a binaural beat for about 15 to 30 minutes. You need to do this in a secluded and quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. To enhance your meditative experience, you can hold crystals on your hands or wear jewelry with it. They would help you achieve a higher level of meditation. Having stones around you space can help too if you concentrate on them.

To get you started, here’s a Theta binaural beat that would help you overcome panic and anxiety. For ones that help with depression, this video can help boost serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. These are the neurotransmitters that trigger happiness, so it has a similar effect to anti-depressant medication.

More Crystal Healing Techniques

The great thing about crystals is that they’re very flexible, and there’s not just one way to use them.

  • Wear crystal jewelry to help you overcome day-to-day anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Create an orgonite pyramid with the mentioned crystals above. You can use it for meditation or just place it in your space.
  • Pray with mala prayer beads. Repeat a mantra for yourself and repeat it a hundred times a day!
  • Decorate your rooms with crystals. If you have a specific space or room that you use for yoga or meditation, this is where to best place your crystals.
  • Practice breathing techniques throughout the day. Hold your crystals with you as you do them. This is especially helpful for those who are prone to anxiety attacks.
  • Drink crystal-infused water. Just like with the bath, you can also place these crystals in your drinking water. Be warned about the ones that are toxic and dissolve, though!
  • Sleep with crystals. Hold them in your hands as you sleep or place them under your pillow to benefit from their healing during the night.

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