Aragonite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

aragonite meanings and benefits

Are you feeling lost? Do you feel that you’re not doing enough to contribute to the world? One way to help you get past this is by making use of an Aragonite. An Aragonite’s healing properties and abilities are directly derived from the Earth Goddess Gaia herself. It will release you of the stress you are carrying and bring you patience.

Top 3 Benefits of Aragonite Crystals

  1. Motivation – For those who lack drive or the will to move, Aragonite will light the fire within you and push you to take action that benefits yourself and others.
  2. Environmentalism – Because of its strong connection with the earth, Aragonite will teach you to love and appreciate nature. Along with that, it will inspire you to take actionable steps that help the environment
  3. Patience – Impatience is often caused by lack of understanding of other people’s situations. This crystal is ideal for developing patience because it opens your mind to knowledge and gives you a higher understanding of situations.

What Is Aragonite Stone Good For?

From its meaning to its healing properties, Aragonite crystals have strong connections to the earth, where its source of energy lies. This makes it a stone ideal for grounding ang stabilizing yourself. The name Aragonite comes from a Spanish river named Aragon, where it was first discovered in 17bb.

Aragonite are known by many names such as Star Clusters and the Conservationist’s stone. The latter name comes from the fact that it encourages conservative and care, particularly for the Earth. Another characteristic of conservationist stones are that they also influence the people around them. It encourages you and others around you to take positive action in helping the environment, such as by recycling.

These crystals are best for those who have trouble with acceptance. If you are someone who struggles with letting themselves go and submit to the flow of the universe, Aragonite crystals are perfect for releasing control. There are things in this world that are out of our control, and sometimes we have a tough time letting others help us. Aragonite crystals are perfect for those who need help with accepting this.

Another thing Aragonite is used for is patience. It is also a kind of crystal used by those who feel stuck or overwhelmed with their current tasks. People who have trouble learning use this to drive off procrastination, regain concentration, and instill a sense of responsibility to help them achieve what they are doing.

It generally comes in the color yellow or light orange, but a Blue Aragonite also exists, which focuses more on communication and developing your psychic abilities.

What Are the Healing Properties of Aragonite?

  • Spiritual
    This crystal has very strong and powerful vibrations that inspire people to be more caring of the earth. Because of its connection to the planet, you can start to feel ley lines and geopathic stress being unblocked. Our connection with the planet has been blurred because of technology, so Aragonite can restore that connection.

    Another spiritual Aragonite benefit is stability. It organizes disharmony and makes you more grounded and centered. With this, you can experience an added benefit of improved self-worth and more direction in your life. What it does is help you absorb positive energy in the world.

    In addition to that, Aragonite also encourages truth and understanding. What this crystal can do is clear clouded and distorted perceptions of reality to help you truly understand the ways of the world. It can help you free yourself by bringing you truth and insight to the root of your problems.

    Aragonite crystals are spiritual stones, which are related to the mother earth. Mother Earth helps the wearer to open up and receive those energies that motivate him or her to move forward with their life. Aragonite absorbs all positive energies that exist in the world and provides the flow of healing energy to the wearer.

    Lastly, Aragonite is a strong meditative crystal that can help you achieve higher plans and go beyond mortal problems. It builds strength and tolerance of mortal worries, which helps you achieve personal growth.
  • Mental
    Aragonite crystals are great for boosting your own self-worth and lifting yourself up. It has a very powerful grounding energy that connects to Mother Gaia so because of this, you feel like you’re always supported. No matter what happens, you have a connection to the Earth. You can equate the feeling to being nurtured by a caring parent.

    What it does is take away your personal stresses and make you feel free and empowered, like you can do anything. You start trusting yourself and your capabilities more, which increases your overall self-confidence. It also generates energy that makes you more motivated to take on tasks.

    Conversely with teens and children whose energies are unfocused and all over the place, this crystal can help teenagers channel their energy to something productive.
  • Emotional
    You know how, for some reason, people always seem calmer and more relaxed when in nature? Well, that’s the same feeling that happens when you have Aragonite stones or jewelry with you. Similar to its mental healing properties, this crystal has the ability to help take away stress from your body.

    Its natural ability to organize erratic energy and keep you grounded is what makes it perfect for relaxing. You can just feel yourself being centered and the energy emanating from the earth can be quite soothing. Use this if you frequently suffer from severe stress and anxiety.

    Aragonite crystals are also useful in coping with emotions. If you need something to help reel in your emotions, then this is the gemstone to do it. This would clear your mind to help you think more carefully and rationally.

    For those suffering from unresolved anger and resentment, use this crystal to get rid of all that negative energy and reach a higher sense of self. It allows you to open up your mind and become bigger and stronger than the challenges you were and currently facing. This can help you face the world with a more positive outlook.
  • Physical
    Aragonite healing is diverse and covers all parts of the bodies. For one, it boosts your overall immune system. It also reduces hypersensitivity and similar issues. You can actually use this one for self-healing because it has so many uses for the body.

    It is also great for bone health and recovery due to its high calcium content. Aragonite helps with calcium absorption and speeds the recovery of broken bones. Aside from that, it helps with bone formation as well as keep your joints healthy. Wearing Aragonite jewelry is also known to prevent calcium deficiency.

    You can also use this crystal for revitalization. If you’re lacking energy or have low stamina, carry around Aragonite jewelry or Aragonite gemstones to boost your vitality. It is also known to improve endurance and make life livelier.

    The Aragonite’s grounding qualities help the physical body by soothing and healing nerve damage, perfect for those who experience restlessness and spasms. On top of that, this crystals eases nervousness and reduces nightmares and sleepwalking when placed under one’s pillow.

Aragonite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

The Aragonite crystal has strong connections with the Capricorn sign. Capricorns are generally known to be ambitious, strict, and disciplined. While these are all great traits to have, they do have a tendency to put too much burden on themselves. Aragonite is the perfect crystal for this sign because it helps release them of their burdens.

Aside from that, this crystal can also bring them patience. Capricorns can often go overboard and become arrogant or impatient. Aragonite crystals help bring them back to earth and become more grounded. They can better understand their peers because the crystal opens up their minds.

Aragonite and Planetary Connection

Without a doubt, this crystal is truly a gift from the Earth Goddess herself. It will encourage people to be more conservative and more aware of how their actions affect the environment. People who possess this stone learn to respect nature and its healing ability. Use this to get a deeper connection with the earth and nature.

Aragonite and Numerology

When it comes to its vibrations, Aragonite gemstones have the numerology of 9, which makes it extremely powerful because that is the frequency of Universal love. Just like Mother Earth that gives everything to its inhabitants without anything in return, this level of frequency is what brings selfless love and humanitarianism. At its core, it brings spiritual enlightenment and helps awaken your senses.

Aragonite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Aragonite stone is a well-known Earth healer and promotes the wearer to conserve precious resources of Earth. This stone works for all the chakras, but it is especially effective with the Root Chakra. The combination of Earth healer and Root Chakra creates a strong connection between the wearer and the spirituality of Earth.

When the Root Chakra is balanced, you feel secured and safe. It makes you feel accomplished with all the things you have done to survive so far. Unbalanced, you feel insecure and stressed about your situation. You develop a cynical look in life and at the other end of the spectrum, it makes you selfish and greedy.

Aragonite for Transformation & Psychic Abilities

Aragonite crystals are all about understanding the truth. It helps you see beyond the physical world and gain enlightenment. Your way of thinking goes beyond material possessions, and it allows you to communicate with those in higher planes.

Aside from that, these crystals help you unlock information and memories from your past such as your soul history, life experiences, and events. These assist you in your personal and spiritual growth.

What Crystals to Combine with Aragonite for Spiritual Enlightenment

To further your spiritual journey, pair your Aragonite jewelry with these crystals and gemstones.


Similar to Aragonite, Moldavite is also a gemstone with strong connections to the earth. Its frequency is quite strong, so you may need time to get used to it. Once you have gotten accustomed to it though, this gemstone can greatly speed up your spiritual growth because Moldavite encourages transformation.

Herkimer Diamond

If you need something to amplify your Light energy, then you can use a Herkimer Diamond. The clear, transparent nature of this crystal is perfect for channeling the life force. As one of the most powerful Quartz of its kind, Herkimer can be used for just about anything from dream work, meditation, and more advanced spiritual work. Not only does it absorb positive energy, but it also amplifies it to extraordinary levels.


The glowing and luminous color of the Selenite reflects the energy of the moon. Alongside the Aragonite, this crystal is great for discovering wisdom and knowledge. Use this if you want to communicate with your spirit guides or with the angels for better spiritual growth. Selenite has touches from the Divine and is very pure crystal.

How to Use Your Aragonite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Add Aragonite to your everyday life to help ease your nerves and improve your spiritual development.

  • Hold an Aragonite crystal while praying or meditating.
  • Place an Aragonite gemstone behind your pillow to drive away nightmares
  • Whether it is a bracelet, necklace or ring, any kind of Aragonite jewelry would do because it can unblock all your Chakras.
  • Hold an Aragonite tumbled stone to regain physical, mental, or spiritual energy.
  • Place Aragonite crystals in your healing space.

How to Use Aragonite for Feng Shui

Because of its unique color, Aragonite has the energy of two elements: Wood, and Fire.

Aragonite crystals have a hint of brown to them, hence their connection with the Wood element. This element is all about creativity and inspiration. It represents the east and southeast areas of your home, which are dedicated to health and money respectively. The Aragonite has the ability to encourage you to pursue healthier habits, and this is often as a result of your dedication to nature.

The next element it is associated with is Fire, which is all about energy and passion. One of the qualities of Aragonite is that it boosts your vitality and motivates you to take initiative. This portion of feng shui focuses on fame. It can help you discover yourself and inspire you to become the person you are known to be.

How is Aragonite Formed?

Aragonite are naturally occurring crystals found in sedimentary environments. It is found in stalactites around hot springs and forms orthorhombic crystals. That means it has three geometric sides.

It actually has a lot of metal properties and resembles a lot like Calcium, which explains its strong connection to the planet. This property of Aragonite is the reason why you can also find them on mollusk shells, especially in pearl oysters. Layers of the pearl itself are actually composed of a bit of Aragonite. Another interesting fact is that they actually help preserve shells of a lot of other things too like snails and coral fossils.

Aragonite are found in deposits in England, Spain, Mexico, France, Turkey, Namibia, and Czechoslovakia. Its first discovery was at a river in Spain.


Aragonite is a highly complex crystal. Its main attraction is its ability to connect us to the earth in a time of technology and material possessions. Use this to bring back your connection to the planet and be truly in the moment. By moving past physical barriers to your personal growth, you can then achieve higher spirituality that is only achieved by appreciating the universe in its raw form.


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