Apache Tear: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

apache tear meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Apache Tear Crystals

  1. Heals grief and cures depression
  2. Provides a sense of stability and grounding to the user
  3. Aids in spiritual rejuvenation by inspiring a positive attitude

What Is Apache Tear Stone Good For?

An Apache Tear stone is a rounded pebble made of obsidian that is formed in the process of a volcanic eruption.

The Apache Tear meaning is closely linked to its rich history in Native American folklore and is popularly used as a calming, natural crystal. It is a form of volcanic glass composed of feldspar, hornblende, biotite and quartz and is formed by the rhythmic crystallization of molten substances.

Today, Apache Tear benefits are wide and varied; they are capable of providing a plethora of mental, spiritual and emotional healing properties that you can take advantage of.     

What Are the Healing Properties of Apache Tear?

The popularity of Apache Tear stones derives not only from their emotional healing properties but the spiritual and mental stimulation that they can engender within you.

  • Emotional The primary and most popular usage of these stones is related to the emotional state of the user. Not only can they help you to cleanse grief from new wounds and trauma, but they also act to mend previous trauma, thus providing a thorough and complete emotional rejuvenation.
  • Mental An Apache Tear crystal will help you to alleviate your mental state of mind. What makes it ideal for those struggling with difficult emotions is the gentle energy it harbors, which helps to stave off anxiety, depression, fear, inner turmoil and paves the way for positive emotions such as self-acceptance, serenity, hope and mental liberation, bringing about a complete transformation of your mental state of mind.
  • Spiritual Finally, the spiritual benefits of these stones provide a stable, grounding energy that allows you to become more spiritually aware. Undoubtedly, the Apache Tear stones are excellent aides for those interested in cleansing, healing and growing.

Apache Tear and Planetary Connection

The excellent healing properties of these stones derive, in part, from their connection with the planet Saturn. As part of the outer group of planets, Saturn has the ability to influence large parts of our lives and selves.

Saturn is a ‘malefic’ planet—although it harbors tough and destructive energy, it is essential to our lives nonetheless. Known as Father Time, Saturn is symbolic of discipline, challenges, courage and the wisdom that comes from slow and steady growth.

Therefore, while Saturn’s influence in our life can feel strenuous, it actually encourages us to persevere and grow under difficult situations by strengthening certain areas of our lives.

Thus, Saturn is connected to Black Obsidian and the Apache Tear stones as they aid us in keeping ourselves grounded in the face of despair and allow us to build a solid foundation for self-growth.

Apache Tear for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Given the many healing properties of the Apache Tear stones, it is not surprising that they are associated with our Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra, according to Hindu tantrism, is one of the seven primary Chakras and is associated with stability and security through the fulfilment of our basic needs, which include our emotional needs of interconnection and fearlessness.

The Apache Tear stones have the valuable property of being able to strongly connect our Root Chakras with Mother Earth by moving our excess energy down to the Earth Chakra. By doing so, the Apache Tear stones help to balance our emotional nature and keep us grounded in the world of physical reality.

Apache Tear to Lift the Blues, Heal Depression

The properties of the Apache Tear stone to cure grief and depression can be enhanced by pairing it with certain stones. Paired with the Amazonite gemstone, these two stones can heal grief that you may suffer from and bring tranquility and hope to your life.

When coupled with the Citrine gemstone, you will be lifted out of any inner darkness or turmoil and opened up to love and self-improvement. If used with the Sunstone, you will be relieved of stress and instilled with good nature.

If coupled with the Crazy Lace Agate, you will feel calm, peaceful and grounded. The Smoky Quartz is also particularly good for pairing with the Apache Tear due to its ability to dispel fear, anxiety and negativity. Finally, the Unakite makes for a good match as it is a Heart Stone that brings relief to wounded hearts.

How to Use Apache Tear for Feng Shui

The Apache Tear stone is further used in feng shui due to the Wood Energy it harbors. This energy is vital to our well-being as it guards family, community and prosperity. The particular quality of the Apache Tear stone to bring good luck and aid in protection is helpful in feng shui.

If used in the east and southeast areas of a room or home, the Apache Tear stone can enhance the flowing of Qui, the Universal Life Force. Qui not only regulates our surrounding environment but the energy that flows through our bodies. Thus, the balancing of Qui is essential to maintaining good health and development of our mental and physical selves.

Therefore, if used in feng shui, the Apache Tear stone can even help us in harmonizing our surroundings with the natural world to stabilize our inner selves.

Apache Tear in Folklore and Ancient Times

The name of the Apache Tear stone itself goes back several centuries to an Indian American folklore legend. As members of the Indian American Apache tribe were being hunted by the US Cavalry, they were eventually cornered and outnumbered.

Rather than being captured, some chose to jump off a cliff to their deaths. The women of the tribe who were left behind were distraught and cried black tears of anguish and desperation. Their dark tears fell to the ground and the Great Father embedded their tears in the blacks stone to form what is known as Apache Tear stones today.

It is said that these pebbles, born out of grief and despair, were formed so that people would never forget about the mistreatment of the Native Americans. Whoever holds these stones will never feel any sadness, as the Apache women have wept enough in their place.

How Is Apache Tear Formed?

Apache Tear stones are most commonly found in the southwestern United States, primarily in Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. They are formed when molten lava from an erupting volcano is ejected into the air and solidifies before it hits the ground.

In scientific theory, the rapid cooling of the lava is attributed to the intense heat of the volcanic eruption which condenses the humid air and causes rain to fall. The rain cools the lava before it falls and causes the formation of these stones.

If found, they are usually embedded within perlite. Although they appear black and opaque, they reveal a translucency when held up to a light, representing the tears of the Apache women.


The unrivalled benefits of the Apache Tear stone are undeniable and make it an enticing stone to possess. In today’s world of challenges and difficulties, it is hard not to fall into patterns of anxiety, depression and negativity.

The Apache Tear stone is a useful gemstone that will not only help you to stave off such negativity but to face challenges head-on without fear, find inner peace and happiness, explore your spiritual depths and stabilize yourself in the physical world. Ultimately, it will not only cleanse and protect your mind and soul but aid you in self-exploration and growth.


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