Angelite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

angelite meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Angelite Crystals

  1. Connect us to our angels, spirit guides and spiritual realms
  2. Stimulates and enhances psychic abilities
  3. Can support those dealing with depression

What Is Angelite Stone Good For?

Angelite meaning is particularly known for its ability to connect us to the etheric realms. It is a stone that aids in spirituality, knowledge and communication.

Angelite benefits by connecting us to our higher consciousness and sharpening our minds. This makes us not just sensitive to subtle messages from the spiritual realms but also gives us the ability to comprehend their meaning. As we strive to attain higher consciousness, Angelite meaning protects us while we probe the deeper parts of our psyche; guiding us through spiritual journeys, lucid dreaming, astral projection and out-of-body experiences.

Also, Angelite benefits us by liberating us from paralyzing emotions such as depression. Those who feel lost and purposeless can seek Angelite’s healing properties to reconnect us with the spiritual and find meaning and inner guidance.

What Are the Healing Properties of Angelite?

Those seeking spiritual guidance and purpose can benefit greatly from Angelite. Angelite meaning radiates highly spiritual energies that attunes us to the spiritual realm and the Divine Will. Angelite does this by quieting the soul and prepares us for spiritual journeys. Unpreparedness can cause fear, but with Angelite’s energy, one is brought to a state of surrender, humility and an openness to let go of the ego and the physical realm. This results to heightened consciousness to messages from spirit guides and leads to productive spiritual experiences. These messages can come in unexpected forms such as a casual conversation, music from your radio or even in dreams.

Angelite benefits include enhancing our mental capacities. It is a known fact that we only tap into a small percentage of our minds. Angelite healing properties enable us to expand our minds and tap into its unexplored regions. This heightened mental capacity allows us to become more intuitive and understand deeper wisdom and knowledge, interpret dream meanings, and explore human subconscious. Angelite gemstone stimulates the birth of psychic abilities, clairvoyance and the ability to explore through astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Emotionally, Angelite benefits those dealing with depression, grief from the loss of a loved one, and overwhelming melancholy. Angelite soothes these emotions by encompassing us in our angel’s divine love and protection, and gives us wisdom and the ability to probe our psyche in order to come to a resolution. As a communication stone, Angelite benefits us by helping us to clearly articulate our pains and resolve conflict with others with diplomacy, all of which greatly helps in our healing process.

Angelite, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Aquarius is the ruler of the 11th house of the zodiac, which deals with historical and social affairs, political movements and humanitarian causes. They are a fixed sign, which means that this sign sets up the foundations and turns ideas into realities. Aquarius is an air sign, which denotes intellectual, analytical and philosophical traits. They are ruled by the planets Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion, and Saturn, the planet of security, institution and social adaptation.

Aquarians are future-forward thinkers with a streak of rebelliousness and are highly intellectual in nature. They are logical and scientifically minded, yet think outside the box, making them pioneers of innovation, discovery and progress. They may seem aloof, eccentric, emotionally detached and may need time alone to recharge. However, Aquarians care deeply about the welfare of humanity and work hard to set their original and wacky ideas into motion to achieve the good of mankind

Angelite meaning is a communication crystal that broadens mental, psychic and spiritual abilities, allowing us to communicate universal knowledge and truth. This greatly compliments the humanitarian goals and visions of Aquarians. Born innovators, visionaries, inventors, and doers, rational Aquarians can benefit from Angelite’s ability to attune them to Divine Will and universal wisdom without being overpowered by it. Angelite meaning enlightens Aquarians with a broader perspective and insight into complex social and environmental issues, enabling them to achieve informed decisions and creative solutions. Angelite’s effects on communication also helps Aquarians to convey their conclusions and discoveries to others with eloquence and diplomacy.

Aquarians’ aloofness is often their go-to defense mechanism against the more unpleasant sides of life. They tend to distance themselves and detach emotionally. Angelite healing properties can help Aquarians connect to their more spiritual side and give them better judgment when dealing with unpleasant situations.

Angelite and Planetary Connection

Uranus is the ruler of innovation, rebellion, progress and disruption. It balks at tradition and promotes change and advancement from old ways. Science, technology, liberation and future-forward thinking fall under Uranus watch. This planet’s energy is dispassionate and instead integrates science in all endeavors and circumstances. Even intimate areas such as sex becomes a highly intellectual and scientific activity. Uranus rotates in a retrograde motion in its axis. Thus, Uranus’ position in your natal chart reveals the area in your life where you prefer doing things your way rather than follow the norm.

The moon, on the other hand, is passion. It is the ruler of the unconscious and thus, dictates emotions. The moon is reactive, intuits and feels. The moon’s feminine energy also rules over our sense of security; what makes us feel safe. It takes us back to our most vulnerable state, which is infanthood when we relied completely on our mothers for nurturance, protection and a sense of home. Like a mother, the moon reveals to us our deepest needs, desires and fears.

Angelite healing properties fuses the energies of Uranus and the moon. Its Uranian energy manifests in its expansion of the mind; enabling us to discern and make comprehensible bodies of knowledge such as Mathematics, Astrology and all philosophical and scientific inquiry. By giving us Uranus’ radical thinking and openness to new frontiers and possibilities, Angelite enables us to grasp deeper universal wisdom without becoming overwhelmed. This is helpful when we are searching for answers about our personal, professional or even communal lives.

Angelite’s lunar energy manifests in its ability to help us probe the unconscious. With Angelite next to our pillow, dreams become more vivid, its messages clearer, and our memories sharper that we remember them when we wake up. Angelite stimulates our ability to explore the deeper realms of the psyche through lucid dreaming and astral projection. In this sense, Angelite helps with depression by connecting us to spirit guides as we traverse the darker sides of our psyche, enabling us to reach a better understanding of our fears and needs, and come up with solutions.

This fusion of Uranian and lunar energies make Angelite gemstone ideal for those who desire enlightenment and peace with the universe.

Angelite and The Elements

Air is the element associated with the power of the mind.

Air is everywhere; it surrounds us. Though invisible to the eye, this element is felt and is a force to be reckoned with when focused. Our thoughts and ideas share the same traits as this element. Invisible yet powerful, and transformative when shared and put into action, ideas have shaped history. Great thinkers influence the present, pave the future and bring healing to the past. Those born under the element of air often display greater cognitive capacities. The beauty of air signs is that they perceive and understand the hidden patterns and science behind things, events and behaviors that appear to have no rhyme or reason.

Turn to Angelite healing properties if you wish to strengthen your air side. Angelite is an air element stone and directly influences cognition and intellect. Thus, the gemstone is celebrated by lovers and sharers of knowledge and wisdom. World leaders, scientists, judges, students, or simply anyone in need of eureka moments when faced with intellectual quandaries or real-time problems such as social issues can turn to Angelite’s cool reasoning and ability to inspire creative solutions. Spiritual workers can also use Angelite’s air properties to decode insights and messages from spirit guides during spiritual experiences.

Angelite gemstone’s air properties enhances memory, comprehension, analytic and synthetic skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills and innovative thinking.

Angelite and Numerology

The universe is energy. In Numerology, the energy of all matter is assigned a number which corresponds to the kind of energy it gives off. After you have made the calculations to identify what type of energy you radiate, you can harness the energies of crystals such as Angelite gemstone to improve areas in need of work.

Numerologists have identified Angelite meaning’s energy to tune in to the number 1. In numerology, 1 stands for new beginnings and creation. This is why 1 the energy assigned to that of the ultimate achiever, doer, goal-getter, the “alpha” personality. 1’s masculine energy does not wait around. It is vocal, extroverted and involved, and bring ideas to life. This type of energy is proactive, assertive and are driven to create realities. 1 is the beginning of all things. This is why people and things that vibrate to 1’s frequency are pioneers, leaders and shapers of futures and new endeavors.

As the saying goes, “One is a lonely number.” This is why, sometimes, those whose life energy is 1 may feel separated from others.

Angelite healing properties is useful for those in need of 1’s ability to lead. Leaders and doers need to be vocal, diplomatic, gritty and have astute mental faculties, all of which are benefits of Angelite. Pioneers and forefront thinkers of every field and industry epitomize number 1 and can be supported and strengthened by Angelite gemstone. Those starting in their fields and have the ambitions to achieve great things will find Angelite useful to achieve their visions.

As for the loneliness that sometimes accompanies these great men and women, Angelite offers them the chance to get in touch with their spiritual side and tune in to their angels and the Divine Will. This will remind them that though they stand out and in a way are separated because of their calling to pave the way for others, they are not alone and can trust that they will always have guidance when they need it most.

Angelite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The best ways to balance your chakras are by meditation, utilizing mudras and mantras associated with the chakra, and chakra stones.

Angelite is a chakra stone because its energy aligns the flow of energies in the higher chakras: the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. These three chakras are the chakras of spirit.

The Throat Chakra relates to our ability to speak our truth. When it is imbalanced, we become suppressed; unable to articulate your deep and honest thoughts, feelings and needs to ourselves and to others. When the energies flow freely in this chakra, we express who we are, what we believe in and what we need with clarity and diplomacy. The key word for this chakra is truth. When this chakra is balanced, we are empowered to speak our highest truth.

The Third Eye Chakra is the center of our intuition. It is our inner guidance system that needs no conscious reasoning and that we at times ignore. But with a healthy Third Eye Chakra, we are able to “see and hear” its messages better and heed its warnings for our own good. This chakra is where spirituality begins. It is the where we learn to have faith in what we don’t see and completely understand. Opening this charka opens our minds to truths that seem incomprehensible or implausible. This is the chakra that holds psychic abilities, which when tapped enables us to commune with other realms.

The Crown Chakra is aptly named as it sits on the top of our heads. It is our connection to our higher selves and ultimately, to the Divine. To have a fully opened Crown Chakra is to have achieved enlightenment that is forever removes you from the chains of sorrow and pain. It is a perfect peace and connection with the universe. It is almost impossible to fully open this chakra so the best we can do is to focus on all our other chakras to get closer to this state of perfect enlightenment and connection.

Angelite healing properties create a free flow within these higher chakras. By enhancing our abilities for truthful communication, intuition and connection to the Divine, Angelite meaning can help us connect to our angels and spirit guides. With Angelite, we become more sensitive to messages that can appear in the subtlest and most unexpected forms such as in our dreams or in mundane events. With an open and expanded mind, we are able to decode these message easier than thus realize the Divine Plan for us. 

What Crystals to Combine with Angelite to Connect with Your Angel Guide

Angelite aligns our higher chakras, enabling us to connect to our angels and spirit guides. To further strengthen this connection with the angelic realm, combine Angelite gemstone with these other crystals.


Amethyst is a very powerful stone that resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and the Etheric Chakra. This helps accelerate the development and psychic abilities and the ability to connect with the angelic realm.


Known as the stone of magic, Labradorite aligns the flow of energy from the Root all the way to the Crown Chakra. It will protect us as we explore the darker sides of our psyche and will only work if our intention is higher knowledge and power over own ourselves.

Clear Quartz

Known as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz works most especially with the Crown Chakra. Its effects are enhanced psychic abilities and an expanded consciousness. 


Moonstone resonates with the energy of the moon and lends us its strong feminine energies. Moonstone helps use delve into the unconscious mind and aids in clairvoyance and nonlinear thinking.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz works with the Crown Chakra and the Etheric Chakra. It bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Using it helps with aligning with our higher selves and spiritual awakening.


Moldavite aligns the Third Eye and Crown Chakra to our Heart Chakra, the Chakra that bridges the Chakras of Matter with the Chakras of Spirit. This stone connects you to higher realms and lends transformative energy to your relationships.

Rainbow Aura Quartz

Rainbow Aura Quartz is a high energy crystal and is popular for astral projection and out-of-body experiences. Its work on the Third Eye Chakra helps with clairvoyance and in understanding its messages.

Angelite To Lift the Blues, Heal Depression

Light blue crystals, such as Angelite gemstone, points to its ability to aid in depression, calming, relaxation, and easing stress. Strengthen Angelite’s healing properties for depression by pairing it with these other crystals.


Amazonite is the “hope stone” and works with the Heart and Throat Chakra. Amazonite allows us to express our passionate truths, which is helpful in recovery from depression and deep-seated anxieties.


Citrine gives us a sense of stability, confidence and control of ourselves because of its work with the Root, Sacral and Solar plexus. Its work with the Third Eye Chakra strengthens our inner guidance in tough times.


Sunstone is the polar opposite of the Moonstone. It radiates the masculine energy of the sun. Absorbing its energy boosts our morale and gives us the confidence, personal power and inner strength of leaders.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is also known as the Stone of Laughter, or the Happy Stone! It aids in self-confidence and self-acceptance. Keeping it to your person promotes inner stability.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is known as one of the strongest crystals for turning negative energies positive. Smoky Quartz helps us see our own inner strength and reinforces our personal wills.


Unakite focuses on the Heart Chakra, which deals with love for self and for others. Unakite is helpful for dealing with very painful emotions in a way that is gentle and comfortable.

How to Use Your Angelite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Keeping crystals in contact with the skin maximizes its benefits and healing effects. Wearing Angelite jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets optimizes its ability to connect us to higher beings and realms through psychic connection.

During meditation if your Angelite is in the form of a wand or palm stone, hold the wand or palm stone and focus your intentions. Imagine a bright light entering your body from your crown flowing all the way down through your toes and repeat these mantras:

  • “I allow Love and Light to enter my body. I am the Light.”
  • “I am full of light”
  • “I am surrounded by angels who make themselves known to me”

Angelite is beneficial for dreaming, astral projection and out-of-body experiences. Before falling asleep, hold the Angelite stone in your palms. Clear your head of any negative thoughts, breathe deeply and slowly, then say out loud or to yourself what you would like help with. Imagine being in conversation with an angelic being. What would you say to it?  Ask for clear answers to your questions in a dream or for clear signs the next day. You can also position Angelite gemstone next to or under your pillow as you sleep, or keep it near your pillow even when you are away.

How to Use Angelite for Feng Shui

Angelite meaning brings a soothing energy to a space and envelops it in protection.

In Feng Shui, we can opt to place this crystal in the northeast or center areas of our homes. Placing Angelite gemstones, ornaments, geodes or tumble stones in the Northeast area of our homes helps to bring in knowledge and wisdom. Placing them in the center area brings in harmony and balance.

How is Angelite Formed?

Angelite, or Blue Anhydrite, is a soft, opaque, light blue mineral first discovered in Peru in 1989. Afterwards, the stone was spotted in other places such as Mexico, Libya, Egypt, Poland, Germany and Britain. “Anhydrite” refers to a variety of evaporite minerals and is named after the Greek word “anhydras”, meaning “without water”. The anhydrite Angelite is in fact a dehydrated calcium sulfate mineral. This explains why Angelite coverts to Gypsum when immersed in water. Thus, do not wear Angelite jewelry when bathing or attempt to clean the stone with water.

Angelite forms where Gypsum occurs. The evaporation of water over millions of years causes Gypsum crystals to compress and eventually form Angelite. Mostly found in masses rather than in crystal form, Angelite usually comes as medium blue, light blue, bluish white or white in color. Some varieties may also contain specks of red from Hematite.

Angelite in Folklore and Ancient Times

The ethereal pale blue Angelite radiates strong vibrations that are known to bring about contact with the angelic and divine realms. This makes Angelite gemstone popular to work with amongst astrologers, intuitives, dream interpreters, clairvoyants and spirit mediums. Psychics and spiritual workers have used the gemstone to awaken the Third Eye. This elevates the consciousness to a higher awareness and sensitivity for messages from angels and spirit guides, giving them guidance as they make conclusions and predictions about certain things.


Those whose desire is true contentment and peace with the universe can benefit greatly from Angelite. It is the stone for lovers of the truth about life, about how to live it, about ourselves and about our relationship to the Divine.


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