Angel Phantom Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

angel phantom quartz meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Angel Phantom Quartz Crystals

The Angel Phantom Quartz gemstone comes with many benefits. It has a significant impact on your personal and professional life. Aside from bringing positivity and light, here are other advantages of using the crystal:

  1. Spiritual discovery — lifts and soothes your spirit, connects you to your higher self, and helps you obtain guidance from Divine beings
  2. Introspection and insight — enables you to find inner peace, raises your consciousness, and purifies your energy fields
  3. Harmony — improves your relationships with colleagues and partners, creates positive energy, and increases your confidence

The Angel Phantom Quartz is a striking stone for connection with angelic beings. It delivers a more profound sense of tranquility and inner peace, allowing you to reach the higher realms during meditation. It also aids you in connecting with your higher self and gaining Divine guidance. Furthermore, the crystal lets you release negativity and present a more positive outlook.

Referred to as Amphibole Quartz, it comes in many colors, depending on the mineral inclusions. It can be yellow, brown, peach, gold, orange, pink, or red. The Angel Phantom Quartz meaning resonates with deep inner joy. It calls in your spirit guides, your guardian angel, and the highest beings to offer you the maximum level of spiritual experience.

The gem helps you reach higher levels of consciousness by bringing clarity to your soul. It gives direction to your life, as well as love and inner peace. To better understand its healing properties and meaning, you need to know the Angel Phantom Quartz benefits first.

What Is Angel Phantom Quartz Stone Good For?

The Angel Phantom Quartz meaning takes you through multiple dimensions, but it works best on the spiritual level. It is perfect for spiritual development and healing because it connects you with higher beings, including your spirit guides and guardian angel. It also helps you build a connection with your higher self and obtain Divine guidance. Moreover, the crystal aids lucid dreaming. You can use it to come out of your past and find a new path in your life.

Using the stone for introspection and insight can help you find inner peace and tranquility, allowing you to move forward with your life. It brings calm, loving energy that helps raise your consciousness and purify your energy fields. It also aids you to connect with your soul to let you live in joy and peace with others and your self. More importantly, the Amphibole Quartz helps you find your center to open yourself to new ideas, reveal your deepest emotions, and release them.

Finally, the Angel Phantom Quartz gemstone is excellent for love and relationships, both personal and professional. It improves your affairs with your colleagues and fosters teamwork to create positive energy and bring harmony in the workplace. It also helps you find the best in others and removes imbalance in your love life. Furthermore, the stone encourages you to accept the reality and makes you feel empowered.

How Did Angel Phantom Quartz Get Its Name?

The Angel Phantom Quartz got its name from the mineral deposits that appear like “phantoms” of another crystal and resemble the wispy wings of an angel. The “ghosts” form when the growth of a gem is interrupted and resumes again. They tell a unique story of evolution and transformation that developed for thousands of years. Believed to be sacred, they bring marvelous healing properties from deep within the Earth.

What Are the Healing Properties of Angel Phantom Quartz?

Holding or wearing it allows you to benefit from Angel Phantom Quartz healing properties. You can use the gemstone while meditating to relish a soothing effect that brings inner joy and peace. You may also wear Angel Phantom Quartz jewelry to block negative energies. To attain lucid dreams, place the crystal under your pillow.

    The Angel Phantom Quartz crystal contains very high spiritual vibrations. It lifts your spirit, helps you focus on your present and future, and guides you toward deep self-analysis and spiritual discovery. You can also use it for astral traveling, lucid dreaming, and higher self-communication. Moreover, it helps you attain a divine connection, allowing you to undertake otherworldly journeys and experience spiritual love.
    The Amphibole brings you hope, faith, and love. It encourages you to go beyond your limitations and grow in your life. It also increases your self-confidence to grow into your magnificent self. Furthermore, place the crystal in your pockets, and you will never feel alone again. It calmly protects and stabilizes you to help you achieve emotional clarity and self-balance.
    With the gemstone, you can see your inner strengths and increase your self-empowerment. It aids you in flexibility and creativity in your thoughts while still giving you clarity when it comes to making decisions. It also enables you to focus on essential things, including the spiritual aspects going on in your life. Additionally, the Angel Phantom Quartz brings peace of mind and protects you against psychic attacks.

What Crystals to Combine with Angel Phantom Quartz to Connect with Your Angel Guide

Many excellent stones combine well with the Angel Phantom Quartz. Some aid the angelic connection, while others help with meditation. They also help align and cleanse your chakras to provide you with the energy of unity. Moreover, they resonate strongly with the higher chakras to help you connect with your higher self and the Divine.

To supercharge your connection with the angelic realm, combine Angel Phantom Quartz with:


Amethyst opens the Crown Chakra to align you with the Divine and helps you connect with the angels. It also facilitates awakening to multi-dimensional communication, as well as time travel. Combined with the Angel Phantom Quartz, it transmutes your lower nature into more highly-refined aspects, enhances your psychic abilities, and helps you experience the angels and spiritual growth.


Labradorite opens channels to the higher realms of archangels. It also enhances your connection to your guardian angel to aid healing and improve your creativity. When used with Angel Phantom Quartz, you can reach a higher plane when meditating or seeking higher spiritual understanding. It balances your auras, raises your consciousness, and elevates you to the angelic realms.


Clear Quartz is another spiritual detoxifier. It holds and radiates divine energy, helping you raise your vibration and opening up a clear channel to the angels. Using it with Angel Phantom Quartz gemstone enables you to connect with sources of guidance and attain inner peace and endurance during stressful times.


Associated with the Crown Chakra, Moonstone has loving energy that promotes the Divine in all situations. It also integrates and balances your masculine and feminine energies to bring harmony in your life. The stone works well with Angel Phantom Quartz in helping you connect and reconnect with your inner self. Together, they are excellent pieces for meditation as they attract angelic beings.


Angel Aura Quartz aids in establishing a connection to your spirit guides and angels. It has a high vibration that brings joy and union with the Divine and cosmic consciousness. When paired with the Amphibole Quartz, it facilitates contact with the angelic realms. It promotes balance and puts you in a state of serenity to perceive and receive the love of the higher planes.


Moldavite has an extraterrestrial origin and carries an incredibly high vibration to assist you in raising your consciousness to the top dimensions of the spiritual realms. It also helps open, align, cleanse, and energize your chakras. With the Angel Phantom Quartz, you can reach higher realms in meditation and experience your angels to find a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.


Rainbow Aura Quartz cleanses your aura to facilitate deeper and higher levels of meditation. It is useful in communicating with your spirit guides, angels, and other Divine beings. In combination with Angel Phantom Quartz, the gemstone strengthens your connection with the angels and helps manifest their qualities in your life.

Phantom Quartz When You Need a Breakthrough

Meditation with Angel Phantom Quartz is beneficial, especially to your emotional growth. As a transformation stone, it assists your journey with clarity and acceptance. It helps you forgive mistakes in the past and identify solutions to avoid them in the future. It also enables you to take new areas of development in your life. Moreover, it helps you with your career, finances, and relationships, allowing you to achieve success and move on with your life.

Here’s how you can meditate using the gemstone:

  • Find a comfortable seated position and hold the Amphibole Quartz in your non-dominant hand.
  • Look at the crystal closely and see how the layers in the crystal represent a different aspect of yourself or a different time in your life.
  • See yourself within the crystal and think of the layers as your layers.
  • Determine an area you want to breakthrough, close your eyes, and hold onto the crystal tightly.
  • Breathe deeply; inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Visualize yourself standing and expanding with every breath.
  • Keep expanding until you find new inspiration for growth and carry it with you into each moment of your day.

Pair Phantom Quartz with These Crystals for Growth and New Beginnings

Angel Phantom Quartz is an incredible crystal to bring about inner joy and peace. You can pair it with other gemstones to connect with your angel guides, as well as promote growth and new beginnings. Here are four of the best stones to pair with the Amphibole Quartz if you want a fresh start:


Malachite is a remarkable crystal for change. As a transformation stone, it encourages you to take on surprises with confidence. It also enables you to look at challenges with vigor. When used with Amphibole, it promotes deep energy cleaning to make the best possible decisions and start anew. It also helps you pursue these changes with confidence and willpower.


Smoky Quartz absorbs the bad vibrations of the negative energies surrounding you. It has a unique ability to block psychic attacks. Pairing it with Angel Phantom Quartz helps you filter out the bad energies that lead to danger. It makes certain that you can grow beyond your limits and are safe during times of new growth.


Tiger’s Eye helps boost your confidence to take on life’s most significant changes. It also releases your fear and guides you in stepping out of your comfort zone. When combined with the Angel Phantom Quartz, the gemstone enables you to focus and gives you the strength to keep on the correct track, even during new challenges.


Known as the stone of abundance, Citrine brings positivity and light into your life. It inspires you to move forward and motivates you to stop worrying about what others think. Using it with Angel Phantom Quartz helps eliminate self-doubt and manifest financial success. It is perfect for starting a new business as it increases your energy to take on new projects and boosts your optimism.

How is Angel Phantom Quartz Formed?

Angel Phantom Quartz is a rare crystal found only in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It has inclusions of several minerals and surrounds itself with other gems to bring around positivity and light. As the name suggests, you can find the appearance of “phantoms” resemble the wispy wings of angels. Their colors vary from one stone to another, depending on the type of mineral the Amphibole includes. Most have transparent areas that help you connect with the higher realms.

The most common mineral inclusions in the Angel Phantom gemstone are Limonite, Kaolinite, Lithium, and Hematite. White Kaolinite helps boost your clairaudient abilities, while Limonite aids in physical energy, vitality, and well-being. On the other hand, Lithium acts as mood stabilizers and helps reduce stress. Finally, Hematite inclusions have grounding effects that bring clarity and peacefulness.


The Angel Phantom Quartz is an excellent crystal to use with the higher chakras. It enables you to gain a powerful connection to the angelic realms and have clear communication with your guardian angels. It also has a highly protective vibration that increases your consciousness of the spiritual realms, lucid dreaming, and past-life recall. Moreover, the gem endorses love and relationship in your personal and professional life to bring harmony in the workplace and your environment.

The Amphibole Quartz combines well with many jewels. You can pair it with other crystals to promote growth and welcome new beginnings and connect with your angels. It is also the perfect stone for emotional growth. If you feel stuck in your career or relationship, use the stone to move on with your life. Benefit from the Angel Phantom Quartz healing properties by holding the stone during meditation.


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