Angel Aura Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

angel aura quartz meaning healing properties

Angel Aura has a beautiful spectral color that brings happiness and positivity to its users. It has tremendously powerful metaphysical properties that can rouse the spirit and uplift your mood. It also has an extraordinarily high vibration that heals your spiritual descent and revitalizes your love for your life, others, and the world. Moreover, the stone can purify and balance all your chakras.

The Angel Aura Quartz meaning is about revealing the beauty of your bond with other human beings. It reestablishes your faith to humanity, reignites your inner child, and drives you to take part in the greater good. Connect with the crystal’s healing properties to release your energies, fall back in love, and nourish your Heart Chakra with positivity. Combine it with valuable metals to amplify the Angel Aura Quartz benefits.

What is Angel Aura Quartz Stone Good For?

Also known as Auralite, Angel Aura is a type of quartz that undergoes extreme heat and blends with metals to enhance the absolute power of the gemstone. It provides adequate energy to fill you with endless happiness and confidence, making it the perfect stone to help the emotionally unstable and distressed. The powers of the gem also provide a defensive shield that helps promote mental clarity, pure tranquility, and inner peace.

The gemstone aids in your evaluation and transformation process of your life. It encourages you to take action and do what you love. It also enables you to keep your goals and dreams in check and provides you with a pathway to reach them. Furthermore, the stone fortifies the benefits of its metal coating and brings powerful energies to help you get through the hard days. 

What Are Angel Aura Quartz Healing Properties?

Angel Aura Quartz healing properties encompass your mental, emotional, and spiritual body. The gemstone kindles your feelings about the angelic realms and gives you unearthly wisdom. Its sheer and glittery surface can be entrancing to the eye. But, it inspires a peaceful and clear mind.

  • Spiritual
    The Angel Aura Quartz gemstone is an enormously powerful crystal of meditation. It connects you with the ethereal realm, cleanses your perspective of negativity, and replaces it with the pureness of your heart and mind. It also integrates the Rainbow Light Body into the physical plane and creates a profound meditative awareness. Moreover, it strengthens and seals your auric field.
  • Emotional
    The Angel Aura Quartz carries tender energy that kindles the spirit and elevates your mood. Performing meditation with the crystal lets you enter into a state of peace and relaxation. It also helps you identify your beauty within and that of other people. Furthermore, it stabilizes the Throat Chakra to attain success in your love life.
  • Mental
    The crystal is a robust mineral that inspires a clear mind. It helps you to stay strong, insightful, and firm when facing the challenges of life. It is also an excellent stone for anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. Additionally, the gemstone’s energies inspire you to generate novel ideas that can help advance your career and increase your income.

With the Angel Aura stone, you become more inspired, creative, and competent so that you can grow personally, professionally, and financially. It also attracts wealth and success. Ultimately, it increases the daily energy in your life, which makes it highly recommended for meditation.

Angel Aura Quartz: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

The Angel Aura Quartz has connections to the astrological sign, Aries. The fiery sign is confident, driven, and optimistic. The pure energy that radiates out of the crystal helps imbue those with the sign such positive energy to reach their goals and dreams. It also brings them joy and happiness. Furthermore, the birthstone wills them to begin on the path of growth and development.

Other ways the stone can be helpful to Aries:

  • Brings uplifting vibrations to all your relationships
  • Helps you link with the divine and cosmic consciousness
  • Lifts your mood and overall energy
  • Encourages natural intuition and insight
  • Stimulates and clears all of the chakras

Angel Aura Quartz and the Elements

The Angel Aura Quartz crystal strongly connects with the element of air or wind and to the spiritual dimension. It reflects the colors in the gossamer wings of angels and represents an energetic link to the angelic realm. It is also a stone of attachment to beauty. Wearing it helps you to become an example of inner beauty, peace, and spiritual awareness. Additionally, the gemstone activates the intense brightness of light on all points of your body and energy fields.

Angel Aura Quartz and Numerology

The Angel Aura Quartz stone vibrates to the numbers 66 and 33.

The number 66 possesses twice the vibrations and energies of the number 6. It is a powerful number that represents unconditional love, healing and faith, and trust in the Divine. It also balances your physical, material, and spiritual lives. Moreover, it promotes your relationships with the people inside your home.

On the other hand, 33 has two times the vibrations and influences of the number 33. It is a Master Number that resonates with the energies of honesty, bravery, discipline, inspiration, and compassion. It also gives you the courage to live life with enthusiasm and optimism. Furthermore, it increases your spiritual development and awareness.

Angel Aura Quartz for Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Angel Aura is an all-healer that aligns and purifies all chakras. It harmonizes your energy field with your physical body. When used on the Throat Chakra, it promotes a gentler and more loving way to deal with your better half. It makes you more mindful of your actions and softer with your words. It also helps you find peace and healing instead of anger and other negative emotions. Additionally, it helps restore harmony and balance in your relationship.

The crystal also has intense energies that will benefit your Crown and Etheric Chakras. As a Crown Chakra stone, the Angel Aura Quartz assists in connecting and enhancing your access to your higher self. It encourages you to have faith in your path of life and offers a deeper understanding of the right way. As an ethereal gemstone for spiritual work, it provides you with love from higher planes. It is also beneficial for multi-dimensional healing, ensuring robust health.

Angel Aura Quartz for Rainbow Light Body Activation and Spiritual Enlightenment

The Angel Aura aligns and purifies all chakras to activate and integrate the Rainbow Light Body, which is a result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love. As a master healer, it heals every wound, purifies all thoughts, and releases every judgment to ignite the Rainbow Body and achieve ascension. Ascension is the graduation to full cosmic consciousness, making the Rainbow Body the highest commencement of the Light Body.

Crystals to Pair with Angel Aura Quartz for Light Body Activation and Spiritual Enlightenment

To achieve the rainbow body state, first, you need to activate the light body. More sincere practices in absolute love are necessary to elevate it. If you intend to attain light body activation and enlightenment, pair the Angel Aura with the following crystals:


Amethyst assists you to purify your thoughts and re-calibrates the neural pathways of your brain. As the main brain stone, it sparks and clears the wavelength for communication and triggers emotions in response to the physical movements of specific neurons in the brain. As a result, it produces a more positive vibration and anchors more light to the quantum field of your physical body.


Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of immense light. It aids in kindling the inner fire of your heart, thereby activating the Rainbow Body. It also promotes a healthy optimism that allows you to overcome challenges and sustain you through the darkness. Moreover, it gives you the courage to be true to yourself, even when under pressure to submit to other people.


Labradorite connects you with the energy of light. It opens your Third Eye Chakra and magnifies your intentions to keep your vibrations in the fifth dimension. It also brings the light of planetary beings to your soul to strengthen and enhance your own Light Body. Furthermore, it heightens and enhances your senses, including your extra-sensory perception (ESP).


Clear Quartz calls for the Light of the Divine to open, heal, and activate your chakras. It inspires the balance of your physical body and energy bodies. It also assists in opening your Crown Chakra to receive higher celestial light energy. As you anchor more light into your physical body, it naturally releases its density in exchange for light.

Angel Aura Quartz to Connect with Angels

The Angel Aura is one of the crystals you need in your life to connect with the angels for healing, spiritual growth, and guidance. It heals your heart and assists you to easily travel to the higher realms so that you can link with your Guardian Angel. It also connects you to higher beings, including your spirit guides. Furthermore, the gemstone ensures that the path is clear for you to use your psychic powers to hear the messages of your guardian angels and bring you clarity and balance.

Crystals to Combine with Angel Aura Quartz to Connect with Angels and Ethereal Energy

To strengthen your connection with angels and the ethereal energy, use the following stones with the Angel Aura crystal:


The energy of Angel Phantom Quartz attracts angelic beings and connects you with the heavenly realm. It is also an excellent stone to place under the pillow to make sure your guardian angel wholly protects you. Additionally, the stone encourages pleasant feelings and a strong sense of happiness to help you connect with angels and other beings in the higher realms.


Angelite helps you connect with the angels to protect your entire body. Its connection to angelic energies makes it an excellent crystal to achieve Divine intervention. It also facilitates connection with your spirit guides and assists you in moving into meditation more easily. Ultimately, it helps you get in contact with these divine powers to develop your spiritual senses and become much more enlightened.


You can use Rutilated Quartz to call upon a specific angel and seek guidance. It symbolizes unity and transformation and delivers an elevated consciousness that connects you with angels. Its etheric properties also make it a powerful energetic tool to create a welcoming environment and link with angels. Furthermore, the crystal connects the physical world with the spirit realm to remind you to keep your feet on the ground and your head in heaven.


Celestite is an ethereal crystal that bridges the gap between the physical world and the spirit realm. It has heavenly blue tones that bring you a deep sense of peace and instill a feeling of happiness. It also has protective energy that strengthens the angel’s shielding love. Moreover, pairing it with Angel Aura Quartz relieves your stress and anxiety and provides a source of tranquility and harmony into your space.

How to Use Your Angel Aura Quartz Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

On the words of metaphysical experts, the beautiful rainbow iridescence of the gemstone can help you gain access to the Ethereal Realm, and strengthen and seal your aura at the same time. It can also balance and purify all your chakras to integrate the light body into the physical world. Moreover, it strengthens your connection with the divine and cosmic consciousness.

To manifest and activate Angel Aura Quartz healing properties:

  • Hold the Angel Aura Quartz stone while praying or meditating to enter a state of serenity and peace.
  • Use an Angel Aura Quartz mala or Angel Aura Quartz prayer beads to facilitate spiritual healing
  • Wear bracelets, rings, necklaces that contain Angel Aura Quartz gemstones as a constant reminder to yourself of your intention for spiritual awakening.
  • Hold the Angel Aura Quartz tumbled stone as you focus your intention during meditation to stimulate your spirit and elevate your mood.
  • Hold Angel Aura Quartz stone near the Crown Chakra during meditation or lay down and place Angel Aura Quartz above the head to open the Crown and higher chakras.

How to Use Angel Aura Quartz for Feng Shui

Angel Aura Quartz primarily brings enlightenment. Place it at the center of your house to promote balance, health, and grounding. Put it in the Northwest for knowledge and wisdom. The crystal also has a Metal elemental energy, which is the energy for intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and healing. Furthermore, it brings the powers of concentration and determination to your life and dwelling to help you achieve success in your life and career paths.

For spiritual growth, place the Angel Aura crystal in the northeast area of your home. It has the energy of togetherness and crystallization of ideas and concepts, which makes it an excellent stone for education, knowledge, and self-cultivation.

Is Angel Aura Quartz Natural?

The Angel Aura Quartz is not entirely natural. It is a human-made crystal that uses natural quartz crystal and Platinum and Silver vapor. It bonds to the metal vapors at really high temperatures. Quartz is the most potent energy amplifier that absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Platinum has the highest vibrational spectrum, which gives it extra dimensionality and a viewpoint of the wisdom of clairvoyance.

The result of this magical combination is Angel Aura, a gemstone attuned to your physical and non-physical chakras. Due to the complex plating process involved, it has minimal runs. It needs to be heated at extremely high temperatures and coated with vaporized prized metals. This bond creates the angelic rainbow sheen, which is the hallmark of the gemstone.

How Do You Care for Your Angel Aura Quartz?

When you work with crystals, they pick up your energy, both positive and negative. They also attract dust, which sticks with an electrostatic charge and affects its piezo and pyroelectric effects. Furthermore, they lose their spark, brightness, and color.

Here are some of the traditional ways to cleanse the crystal:

  • Sunlight. Leave your gemstone in the sun or dry them under it after washing. Take it in before 11 am to avoid wearing out the stone’s surface.
  • Moonlight. Set your stone out before nightfall, especially in the new and full moon. Allow it to bathe in the light of the moon to cleanse and recharge it.
  • Sound. Sound healing allows a single pitch to wash over the Angel Aura Quartz, bringing in the same vibration as the tone. If you have a large volume of crystals, use chanting, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, or a lovely bell to clear any harmful vibrations.
  • Sage. Smudging your crystal with sage is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy. Do it near an open window to allow smoke and negative energy to disperse.

Get Angel Aura Quartz jewelry to reach emotional balance and healing. You can also use it to reduce stress and help with acceptance and harmony. Furthermore, wearing it can amplify your prayers and wishes.


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