Amber: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

amber meanings and benefits

Top 3 Benefits of Amber Crystals

Amber has several uses and benefits. It comes with many positives in the lives of both adults and children, besides looking beautiful. The top benefits that come from the organic gem are:

  1. Protection – wards-off negative energies and shields you from harm
  2. Love – increases natural radiance and attracts good luck
  3. Clearing – clears the mind, instills confidence, and balances emotions

Amber is a precious gemstone with a very distinctive color that ranges from a lighter yellow to deep orange-red. It also comes in rare blue hue caused by fluorescence. Most of its forms are cloudy and translucent, but it can be completely transparent as well. Valued since early times, the ancient stone is very soft that it scratches easily. It also cracks under too much heat or pressure and even burns if exposed to fire.

Because of its unique properties, the precious stone has been studied and used for centuries. It has been part of people’s lives for a variety of reasons, such as a fashion piece. The Amber meaning revolves around balancing and clearing your mind and feelings. It takes out negative energies and surrounds you with warmth. Other Amber benefits include attracting good luck, eliminating fears, and helping you develop wisdom and patience.

What Is Amber Stone Good For?

Amber is a powerful stone for purifying and healing the mind, body, and soul. It helps get rid of disease from the body, improves the nervous system, and stabilizes the brain. It also cleanses the environment of negative energies and provides an active screen after cleansing. Moreover, it balances emotions to help alleviate stress, promote confidence, and clear out depression. 

The Amber gemstone is a protective stone. It drives away negative energies and guards you from harm. It also increases your vitality and draws your strength and desire for wellness to keep you from diseases and help you recover quickly. Additionally, it is a marvelous gem for the elderly as it helps achieve longevity.

Finally, the precious gemstone is a love crystal that symbolizes beauty and tenderness. It enhances your natural glow and attracts lasting love. You may even use it to call in your twin soul or assure your promises. Bring it with you or wear it as jewelry to gain the fullness of love and make a lasting relationship.

What Are the Healing Properties of Amber?

Amber healing properties have excellent effects on the emotional, spiritual, and mental energies. Because of the stone’s electrostatic influence, many consider it as useful in healing the mind and body, as well as drawing off toxins, stimulating the immune system, and other natural healing mechanisms to heal and rebalance yourself.

  • Spiritual
    The Amber gemstone is a powerful protector, binding your daily self to your spiritual person. It taps into ancient wisdom to break negative patterns from the past and gain a better understanding of the present. The crystal is also an excellent source of Light Energy, assisting you to connect with Light beings from other dimensions. Furthermore, it absorbs negative energies and transforms them into positive energy to purify the soul.
  • Emotional
    Amber heals and supports your emotional body by drawing off the negative energies and replacing them with positive ones. It helps remove the obstacles you put in your way, making it ideal for the suicidal and the depressed. It also deflects pessimism from others and sets boundaries to keep you safe from toxic friends, families, and colleagues. Additionally, it brings balance and stability in your life, encourages flexibility and patience, and strengthens your belief in your self.
  • Mental
    The Amber crystal stimulates the mind and promotes self-expression. It encourages decision-making and spontaneity and brings wisdom and balance to help you move forward in life. It also improves your short-term memory, enhances the way you understand messages, and helps transmute your dreams into reality. Moreover, it clears the mind and eases stress to heighten your awareness.

Baltic Amber Benefits For Babies and Adults

Baltic Amber or succinite is a complex crystal that possesses the highest concentration of succinic acid, a therapeutic substance with many applications for healing. It occurs as rounded, yellow, honey-colored nodules, grains, drops, or stalactites and seldom as red or blue. Also, some pieces are clear or transparent, while others are cloudy or opaque. Furthermore, the gemstone is hard, dense, and resistant to external factors.

Baltic Amber contains an alkalinizing acid responsible for its healing properties. The succinic acid in the crystal helps improve your immune system. It is also rich in antioxidants, which fights against the harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, it activates protein production to prevent the skin from drying out and counteract pigmentation.

The idea behind the use of the Baltic Amber for therapeutic purposes is the release of succinic acid. When you wear it against your skin, the natural heat of your body releases the oil that contains succinic acid. Then, your skin absorbs it into the bloodstream to reduce pain and inflammation. Mainly, the au naturel product works as an analgesic.

To take advantage of the benefits of the gemstone, you may wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Baltic Amber necklaces provide pain relief for almost everything. Bracelets, on the other hand, are excellent for arthritis and rheumatism. Finally, the rings assist in anxiety and stress. You can wear them to calm your mind.

Baltic Amber has beneficial effects on babies and adults. Infants can wear it as bracelets or necklaces to relieve pain caused by teething. However, most pediatricians recommend the former because the latter pose a strangulation risk. The precious stone is also useful in combatting stress for adults. It soothes their aching muscles and joints and removes the effects of fatigue and weariness.

The ability of the Baltic Amber to heal and eliminate pain is irrefutable. However, its effectivity depends on what it’s being used to treat and the person using it. It may also take longer to come into effect on particular people. Plus, the level of relief may vary from one person to another.

Amber, Zodiac Signs, Birthstone

Although Amber is technically not a gemstone, it has been long worn for its healing properties. It mainly works well with astrological signs Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

  • Leos are natural-born leaders known for their confident, creative, and passionate nature. They are natural goal-getters and warm-hearted, attracting friends easily than other signs. The Amber gemstone helps them clear their mind and focus on the essential things. It also assists in balancing their emotions for better decision-making. Moreover, it enhances their vitality and boosts their energy.
  • Libras are fair, peaceful, and cooperative people. They value connection and partnership and dislike being alone. They also have a desire for balance and equality. Amber increases the confidence and vitality of the sign. It attracts the right people to them, thereby expanding their horizons and making their life more enjoyable.
  • Individuals with the Aquarius zodiac sign are quiet and shy but optimistic. They believe the world is full of possibilities, so they are logical and non-judgmental. The Amber crystal boosts the sign’s optimism, confidence, and creativity. It also helps them connect with earth energy to fuel them to keep going.

Amber and Planetary Connection

In astrology, the sun is considered a planet. It embodies your self, conscious mind, and creative energy. As the center of the universe, it also signifies your ego, goals, and life force. Furthermore, it is the essence of your personality. It reveals places where you can draw your strength, creativity, and confidence.

The Amber gem carries the energy of the sun. It exudes a warmth that nurtures people’s well-being and transmutes negative energies to positive ones, like how a sunny day lifts the spirits. It also gives you strength and vitality to move on with life. You can bask in the glow of your authentic self, breaking negative patterns and gaining a deeper understanding of how your past experiences assist your present. Moreover, it supports energetic healing to absorb pain, relieve stress, and bring balance.

Amber and The Elements

In Feng Shui, fire is one of the five elements of energy. It is Yang in nature and emanates warmth, enthusiasm, and illumination. It is a powerful element that creates and destroys. Often associated with the gemstone Amber, it gives off heat, passion, and life-giving energy. You may use it to enhance your standing within your family and in the community.

If you need a transformation in your life, you must destroy the old and make room for the new. The fire element can assist you by increasing your energy and vital power, awakening your enthusiasm, protecting your aura, strengthening your will, fighting against psychic attacks, and purifying yourself and your environment.

Amber and Numerology

The Amber gemstone vibrates with the number 3, which resonates balance and harmony, service and duty, openness and love, gentleness and kindness, amiability and support, flexibility and determination, faith and trust, encouragement, wisdom, and ambition. It also reverberates with the energies of the Ascended Masters, helping you focus and manifest your desires. Moreover, it helps you find love, peace, and clarity.

Number 3s have no trouble meeting people. They use communication skills and natural charisma to make new friends. Amber helps enhance their friendliness to make them more social, friendly, and loving. It helps them develop their ability to connect effectively to inspire and motivate others—moreover, the crystal assists in building positive relationships.  

Amber for Chakra Healing and Balancing

Amber influences three chakras: the Throat, Solar Plexus, and Sacral.

The Throat Chakra governs communication and self-expression. Located at the collar bone, it impacts your faith and authentic voice. The gemstone balances it to help you achieve your dreams and guide you in speaking the truth. It also works by clearing your mind when you have a clouded judgment or if you are feeling indecisive. For thousands of years, ancient civilization made Amber elixirs as treatment for the throat, kidneys, and bladder.

The Solar Plexus, on the other hand, affects your self-worth. Located two inches above the navel at the diaphragm, it provides a source of personal power. Amber stabilizes it to give you a sense of wholeness and centeredness. It also helps you get in touch with your inner warrior, boosting your confidence and the power of transformation.

Finally, the Sacral Plexus Chakra impacts not only sexual and reproductive activities but also your emotions and creativity. Located 2 inches below the navel at the pelvis, it forms your most profound connections with passion and sensuality. Amber balances the chakra to inspire you and help you express your feelings.

What Crystals to Combine with Amber to Clear Negative Energy

The Amber stone is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer. Physically, it brings vitality. Spiritually, it absorbs pain and negative energy. It is also an excellent tool for clearing the environment. It emits bright, soothing energy that impacts your health and well-being. Moreover, it shields you against negative energies and removes the toxicity from your life and relationships.

When used with the following crystals, the gemstone’s ability to clear negative energy increases:


Sunstone clears all chakras from negative energies. It instills good nature, heightens your intuition, and allows your real self to shine through. It also alleviates stress, dissipates fearfulness, and increases your vitality. When used with Amber, it increases your self-worth and confidence. It stimulates your self-healing powers as well. Moreover, their combination clarifies your thoughts to attract love and positive energy and bring vivacity into your life.


Carnelian is a stabilizing crystal that restores your vitality and stimulates creativity. It helps you make positive choices and dispels negative energies, motivating you to achieve success. Paired with Amber, it allows you to trust yourself and your perceptions, improve your analytic abilities, and clear your mind. Together, they stimulate your intellect, stabilize your mood, and promote positivity.


Smoky Quartz is an outstanding grounding crystal that neutralizes negative energies and detoxifies at all levels. It also dispels fears and lifts depression to clear your mind, body, and spirit. Combined with Amber, it brings about emotional calmness, relieves stress, and promotes positive thoughts. It also increases your ability to communicate with others.


Citrine cleanses your chakras and energizes every level of your life. It raises self-esteem, strengthens your intellect, and promotes creativity and self-expression. Together with the Amber gemstone, it enhances your focus and revitalizes your mind. It also gets rid of your negative traits. Ultimately, it balances your emotions to increase awareness, attention, and memory.

How to Use Your Amber Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

Activating Amber healing properties stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself. It is an incredible cleanser and healer that gets rid of the disease, promotes regeneration, and delivers vitality. It absorbs pain and negative energy, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to rebalance and heal itself. It also protects you from psychic attacks and offers you a sense of security. Moreover, the gemstone motivates you to achieve your dreams.

To manifest and activate these, you may wear Amber jewelry or use a wand to focus your intention during meditation.

  • Wearing bracelets, rings, necklaces that contain Amber gemstones clears negative energy and allows positive blessings to come into your life. Amber jewelry has genuine benefits that help improve the way you live. It reduces your anxiety, allowing you to move forward. It is also helpful for your skin. It prevents dehydration, reduces hyperpigmentation, and promotes the production of collagen for a younger-looking complexion.
  • Hold an Amber wand as you focus your intention during meditation and imagine white light entering your body from the crown flowing down through your toes. Then, repeat the following mantras:
  • “I allow Love and Light to enter my body. I am the Light.”
  • “I am cleansed.”
  • “I am full of light.”

How to Tell if Your Amber is Real

To enjoy the benefits of Amber, first, you need to make sure that what you have is the real thing. Many fake gemstones flood the market. You don’t want to spend your money on crystals that don’t work. To help you make sure that what you got is an actual Amber gemstone, here are materials that look like it and the tests you can do to identify fake Amber.

Materials used in place of Amber:

  • Glass can pass off as the gemstone if made in the same color. However, you can tell them apart because glass is more solid than Amber. It also breaks into pieces and reflects light. Plus, metal cannot scratch it.
  • Casein looks similar to Amber, but it is heavier. You can also tell the difference by burning them. The plastic-like material made from milk smells like burnt plastic when you put it on fire. On the other hand, Amber has a rich, earthy scent when warmed.
  • Copal is a term for young, un-ripened Amber. They are both tree resins, but the former melts at a lower temperature. It also emits a sweet smell and has a crumbly look.
  • Celluloid is an Amber-lookalike thermoplastic that gives off a burnt plastic smell with put under heat. It is also not as combustible as the gemstone and tends to crack and discolor with age.
  • Phenolic resin has the same shape and color as Amber; thus, it is mostly used in beaded jewelry. It can even be challenging to differentiate the two without the heating test.

Tests to identify faux Amber:

  • The heating test posits that the higher the temperature, the darker the Amber becomes. Natural Ambers contain bubbles in their microscopic nature. When heated, these bubbles evaporate, which turns the stone transparent. Best done by experts, the test checks if the Amber contains other materials.
  • The saltwater test is the easiest and most effective way to identify fake Amber. It involves salt and a cup of water. The real gem floats in saltwater, while the fakes sink fast. However, this method isn’t suitable for Amber jewelry with some metal components as it causes corrosion.
  • The hardness test helps identify the real gem from colored glass. Amber is soft, while fakes have a plastic feel. You can check if your jewelry beads are authentic by pressing them between your thumb and index finger.
  • The rubbing test is one of the most natural methods to identify fake from real Amber. Simply rub the crystal on the palm of your hand. Genuine Amber gives off its iconic smell as your hands produce a heating effect through friction.
  • The feel test is straightforward and super easy. You can distinguish authentic Amber by merely touching it. The real gem is lightweight and slightly warm to touch. Glass, on the other hand, is harder, heavier, and cooler.
  • The UV test requires a UV lamp. Amber radiates a blue or green color when placed under UV light. If your piece shows a different color, it is not genuine.

How to Use Amber for Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the gemstone is believed to bring good luck. It utilizes water energy to bring the power of rebirth and regeneration. It also represents purification, quiet strength, and stillness. Ultimately, the water’s flowing energy assures a balance of energy. Water energy traditionally works with the north area of a room. Use the Amber gemstone in that space for calm reflection, repose, or prayer.

Amber in Folklore and Ancient Times

In antiquity, the crystal was considered a symbol of grief, loneliness, and nostalgia. Ancestors used Amber as jewelry, amulet, and decoration in the Stone Age. Some pieces with circular depressions on them were found in Prussia, Schleswig-Holstein, and Denmark. Others were discovered in Mycenaean graves dated back to 8000 BCE. Aristotle, and later Pliny and Tacitus, also attested to the origins of the gem. They believed it’s earth-born, formed from the tree of an ancient pine genus.

In lore, the creation of Amber was referenced as tears. According to Ovid in Greek mythology, when Phaeton was killed by lightning, his sisters wept droplets of Amber. In a lost tragedy of Sophocles, sea birds shed tears over the death of the Greek hero, Meleager. In Celtic Myth, Apollo also shed tears of Amber when he was banished from Olympus. Finally, the gemstone is believed to be the tears of Freyja, the Viking Goddess of Love and Beauty.

The medicinal virtues of the gemstone were highly prized in the ancient world. To the Native Americans, it represents the east wind of grandfather Sun. It was present in the fire ceremonies of tribal leaders. It is also worn to protect their health and remove symptoms. Moreover, it was used as a natural antibiotic for wounds and as a salve for aching joints.

How Is Amber Formed?

The main supply of Amber comes from the Baltic countries, such as Lithuania. It is also abundant in the Dominican Republic, especially the rare and highly-prized blue variety. Moreover, you can get the gemstone from Germany, Italy, Poland, Britain, and Russia.

Amber comes in various shades from pale yellow to dark orange. It is made from resin that solidified for millions of years. The resin gradually moved from pine trees to the coastal regions. Then, it ended up at the bottom of the sea, where it is fossilized. Later on, glaciers brought it to the surface and deposited it on land.


Amber is the birthstone of astrological signs Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. It reflects the warm energy of the sun and represents purification. It clears the mind and instills confidence to balance your emotions, increases your natural radiance to attract good luck, and wards off negative energies to protect you from harm. The gemstone benefits both babies and adults. Wearing Amber jewelry helps with teething pains and relieves aching muscles and joints. It also helps motivates you to reach your dreams by restoring your vitality and stimulating your creativity. Moreover, it enables you to make positive choices to rebalance yourself and move forward with your life.


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