Amazonite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Jewelry

Amazonite meanning and benefits

Amazonite: What Is Amazonite Stone Good For?

Because of its deep green or turquoise color, looking into an Amazonite gemstone or a piece of Amazonite jewelry might seem like you’re diving into a world of lush foliage or some unknown part of a very deep sea that’s illuminated by sunlight. Though often confused with Jade or Turquoise because of its appearance, this stone has very specific qualities that will help anyone with their physical, spiritual, and metaphysical needs.

Named after the largest river in South America, the Amazon river, this stone’s appearance definitely reminds one of its waters and the forest surrounding the great river. Some even say that the properties of the Amazonite stone are representative of the strength and harmony that the semi-mythical Amazonians had. The Amazonite is frequently called“the Hope stone” or “the stone of Courage and Truth”, and for a lot of good reasons.

In this day and age, using Amazonite gemstones or Amazonite jewelry is important if you’re looking to get rid of electromagnetic smog that clouds your aura.  In that, it’s a great energy filter, especially for people who work with or use computers or gadgets on a daily basis. Aside from cleansing your aura, Amazonite helps clear your mind as well, especially when used with Moonstone. Amazonite is the go-to stone if you ever feel clouded about your purpose, the things around you, and your overall impact to people and to the world. You can also use this stone to calm your chakras, all the while balancing your feminine and masculine energies. Amazonite jewelry near the neck will even help you manifest your inner Truth and inspire courage when speaking to others.

But if you’re looking for even more practical or physical benefits of Amazonite, I have good news for you, especially if you have bone and metabolic problems. The stone itself, when placed on certain parts of your body, will help you with osteoporosis, tooth decay, and muscle spasms, among others. There are many more Amazonite healing properties, which you’ll see in the next section.

What Are the Healing Properties of Amazonite?

As I’ve mentioned above, Amazonite works well with maintaining your aura’s purity from electromagnetic smog caused by modern electronic gadgets. But aside from that very helpful function, Amazonite is also used to heal a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Spiritually, Amazonite is a great tool to induce sharp self-awareness and truth, particularly that which involves your personal truth. If your intentions and objectives seem clouded, meditation with this gemstone will help you align yourself to your truth and to the truth of the universe. Amazonite is beneficial to all levels of consciousness.

It will also help manifest universal love and creativity in you. Artists, writers, and people who are into the creative fields will find this stone helpful in expressing their visions. Amazonite also helps you speak out your truth in difficult situations.

If you’re feeling imbalanced, or unable to focus or concentrate on yourself, your energy, and your Truth, this stone might be a good tool to untangle thoughts, foster self-esteem, and clear boundaries with other people. This stone also helps with instability and the inability to interact well with your peers. By balancing your feminine and masculine energies, Amazonite will guide anyone to a fruitful and honest relationship with friends, family, lovers, and even acquaintances. Scorpios with depression will also find this stone useful in managing their condition.

As for the physical aspect, Amazonite speeds up cell regeneration and healing from injury. This means that if you have problems with acne, rashes, and blisters, these will be reduced more quickly if you use this stone. It also helps prevent infections, and an elixir of Amazonite will help with general health problems. Just remember to take seven drops, three times a day.

What Does Amazonite Attract?

Amazonite is not a traditional birthstone, but to those who were born from March 20 to April 19, this stone is said to impart balance and the discovery of one’s self. It also fosters stability and healthy equilibrium. The stone is said to dissolve negative thoughts and soothes emotional wounds while boosting physical stamina. Basically, Amazonite is indeed all about truth, communication, courage, and balance. Incorporating it into your routine will help you reap the great benefits of this lush and verdant stone.

Amazonite for Chakra Healing and Balancing

As you might have guessed, Amazonite is a Throat and Heart Chakra stone. All of its benefits that point to communication and relationships have clearly shown that. But aside from strengthening these two chakra points, Amazonite helps open one’s third eye, thereby sharpening one’s intuition either towards one’s self or towards other people. When worn near the neck and throat, Amazonite jewelry opens a connection between your thymus and your throat. This reveals your deepest feelings and heals them.

Amazonite attunes itself to one’s Heart Chakra. This keeps you in sync with your emotions and needs. As for your Throat Chakra, remember that a balanced Throat Chakra is important to one’s health and overall balance. Healthy communication results from balanced, unblocked Throat Chakra. An Amazonite that is more bluish or bluish-green in color is ideal for balancing and strengthening one’s Throat Chakra, while a lighter blue Amazonite gives one balance, flexibility and relaxation. Dark blue Amazonite encourages truthfulness and honesty.

Amazonite: Zodiac Signs and Birthstone

Virgos cheer up, you are the lucky ones! That is because the stunning aqua green Amazonite stone has chosen you out of all other zodiac signs.

Yes, it is true. The Amazonite gemstone is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo. It means that Amazonite properties specifically benefit Virgos. How is that so? Let’s learn more about it:

Well, Virgos are natural-born perfectionists. They are smart, intellectual, and organized. Also, they analyze everything very thoroughly. The Amazonite stone enhances their mental capabilities exponentially. It urges them to be as creative as their minds allow.

The part where Amazonite makes a difference is that it infuses Virgo people with heaps of confidence. It forces them to use their talent to its full extent. Virgos are already smart and competent, and Amazonite gives them the courage to do their thing without fear of rejection. Undoubtedly, this leads them to the success that’s been waiting for them all their life!

Another area where the Amazonite gemstone complements Virgos is their honesty. As Amazonite is a communication stone, it helps Virgos effectively communicate their feelings and opinions.

The interesting thing to notice is that sometimes Virgo’s honesty can become too blunt. And more often than not, people find it offensive. Amazonite stimulates this trait of Virgos and helps them find a delicate balance.

Apart from this, Amazonite properties benefit Virgos in various other ways. For instance, sometimes, Virgos can become too critical and judgmental. Amazonite charges them with its soothing, loving energies. Moreover, it drives feelings of bitterness and anger out of Virgos.

Thus, having an Amazonite stone on their person at all times can massively help Virgos become calm, stable, and happier people.

Amazonite Is a Natural Birthstone

The Turquoise aqua green shade of the Amazonite stone makes it a natural birthstone for people born in the early spring season. This particular time of the year dates between March 20 and April 19.

The Turquoise color represents the very beginning of spring. It symbolizes balance, peace, and discovery. Hence, the Amazonite stone helps people born during this time of the year with their need for equilibrium.

Additionally, Amazonite facilitates them in their spiritual journey, self-awareness, and higher truth.

Amazonite and Planetary Connection

We know that astrology has been used since the beginning of time for various purposes. But through the centuries, different new studies arose, and the old ones started getting buried deeper and deeper. Now we don’t know precisely what the early research manuscripts and books consist of. It could be much closer to the truth than we are today, and it could as easily be highly inaccurate.

But we do know that the astrology we understand today will always continue to stun us with its readings, predictions, and studies of future and fate even if you are someone who only half believe in this stuff!

The thing is, astrology is interlinked with everything we see. Even gemstones are associated with different placements in the solar system. Accordingly, these heavenly bodies govern the properties of these gemstones. Fascinating, right?

Let’s talk about Amazonite. Well, the Amazonite gemstone is connected with the energies of Uranus.

Uranus is the 7th planet of the solar system. Amusingly, the planet of Uranus humors the fact that it is unable to be seen from Earth with bare eyes. Thus, it governs the unseen forces in our life.

Firstly, Uranus is associated with the knowledge of future and higher minds. It rules the raw dynamics of rebellion and eccentricity. The futurist planet of Uranus majorly revolves around seeking higher truth and understanding of the divine.

Uranus is also responsible for our vision of the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. This planet concerns itself with things that certainly exist but cannot be seen.

Technology, precisely the virtual reality and cyberspace, are realms that are governed by the planet of Uranus.

Amazonite and the Elements

Four essential elements of the world we live in are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These elements exhibit their unique properties and reflect on nearly everything we come in contact with.

If we talk about gemstones, each gemstone has specific elemental energy, which significantly influences its properties. It means that the kind of element which reflects in a particular crystal is responsible for how that crystal reacts to us.

Interestingly, the Amazonite gemstone is a conduit of two elements: Earth and Water.

Let’s talk about the Earth element first. Amazonite is a grounding gemstone. Do you know where does it get this property from? Yes, the Earth itself! The Amazonite crystal has vibrations corresponding with the Earth. The grounding nature of Earth showcases itself in this crystal.

Consequently, Amazonite stabilizes and grounds your energy. Its soothing aura can be felt with a mere touch. It induces a sense of rationality, calmness, and sensibility inside you. Moreover, Amazonite does wonder to your spiritual journey. Introducing a new clarity in your mind, it lets you achieve your full potential. Therefore, it paves the path for your success.

Water is the second element of the Amazonite crystal. The purifying and healing nature of this stone comes from the Water element. The flow in the communication, a sense of serenity, an abundance of love, all of these wonderful developments conspire under the influence of the universal healer: Water.

Besides, the Water element is also responsible for an increase in intuition. The Amazonite gemstone enhances your cognition and sensitivity, all thanks to its Water element!

Amazonite and Numerology

All adults and children know that energy exists at the core of all matter. We also know that power can never be stationary; it is always vibrating. The frequency with which it vibrates is called vibration number. Here comes the exciting part:

Each gemstone has a specific vibration number. However, all numbers have profound divine meanings. Hence, the vibration number has a lot to say about the gemstone’s properties since it influences them distinctly.

To inform you, the numerical vibration of the Amazonite crystal is 5. Let’s know more about what this number means and how it influences Amazonite:

Well, the number 5 is all about “the self”. It deals with your individuality, life decisions, experience, courage, and vision. More importantly, the number 5 encompasses the underlying traits of your personality.

We have understood that the Amazonite crystal controls and tweaks our mental capabilities, right? Well, it is interesting to notice that the number 5 reigns over these domains. For instance, your intelligence, creativity, imagination, innovation, insight, curiosity, everything comes under the divine meaning of this number.

Amazonite for Love and Relationships

Strongly linked with Throat and Heart Chakras, Amazonite is arguably the best crystal for enhancing love and communication with your partner. We hear “Communication is key” all the time, but have you ever taken out the time to apply it in your love life? But sometimes, despite trying your best to communicate tenderly, words just fail you, don’t they? Now is the time to grab your Amazonite stone and tap into its magic! When our heart and throat become linked, we find it easy to express our truth. Thoughts and ideas are verbalized fluidly like the river in which the Amazonite stone was named after.

Due to its association with both Heart and Throat Chakras, communication flows ever-so-smoothly. Moreover, the feelings you could never say out loud, Amazonite helps you properly articulate them.

Likewise, sometimes you feel too shy to verbalize your romantic and intimate thoughts. This is where you should summon your Amazonite crystal and pull out some confidence and unleash the passionate truth from within you. Undoubtedly, it will help you find your true self, and you will converse with rejuvenated passion and determination. When you need to talk to your partner about a difficult or sensitive topic, that is the perfect time to wear an amazonite stone around your neck, close to the Throat and Heart Chakras.

Crystals to Combine with Amazonite to Enhance Communication in Relationships

Well, now we are confident of the fact that Amazonite is utterly incredible and efficient on its own when it comes to enhancing communication. However, there are other magnificent communication-enhancing gemstones you can combine with it as well. It will increase your articulacy and enable the flow of emotions.

Here is a list of combination gemstones for Amazonite here. Choose one that suits you the best!


The Chrysocolla crystal is known for its tangible soothing energies. If you are sensing an overbearing weight of unresolved emotions inside you, the Chrysocolla crystal is the pick for you! The reason behind it is that this stone will open your heart to understanding and acceptance.

Furthermore, the Chrysocolla stone will enlighten you with higher emotional understanding. Also, it clears the pathway towards resolving issues with maturity and sensibility. As a result, your calm, rejuvenated energies will help you overcome relationship problems substantially.


As the name suggests, the refreshing aura of the sea has a stunning resemblance to the Aquamarine crystal. Quite expectedly, its most potent property is clearing away muddled thoughts. Because of its refreshing energy, the Aquamarine stone lifts unneeded stress from your mind and recharges your cognition skills.

In this way, this fresh blue-green stone sharpens your mind and boosts your intellect. Therefore, it helps you solve many problems, including communication issues you might be facing. The Aquamarine crystal also rapidly reduces negativity in your energy fields.


The beautiful Turquoise gemstone is a powerful communication stone. Its first and foremost power is boosting tranquility, joy, and communication. The Turquoise stone deeply heals emotional traumas. Moreover, it infuses you with an openness for healthy arguments and differing opinions.

As a result, you will become impressively, calm, and collected. Indeed, you will soon become a symbol of emotional maturity among your social circle, and others will look up to you!


Are you in search of peace on an emotional as well as spiritual level? Well, you are in the right place because the Sodalite gemstone is here with its remarkable soothing properties. Not to worry! This stone is exceptionally good at what it claims to do.

Firstly, the Sodalite stone has an apparent inclination towards providing a peaceful frame of mind. It ensures that you are safe from disturbing thoughts and worries of everyday life. For that purpose, it shields you from negative energies surrounding you. Secondly, it helps you achieve a peaceful state of mind, which boosts your mental and emotional capabilities.

With a refreshed mental state, you are more likely to face your problems head-on and quickly solve them. Also, your renewed communication skills will never cease to impress you!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli may very well be called the stone of eloquence, as it wondrously reinforces the power of communication. It aligns your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. Moreover, it takes you on a self-improvement journey and urges you to speak your mind.

This powerful enlightenment stone leads you towards self-awareness. Also, it helps you with your moral compass. You will see these personal improvements in your dealings with your loved ones. Now, compassion, communication, and confidence will be your superpowers!

Rose Quartz

Who isn’t already in love with the “Stone of Love”! The Rose Quartz crystal is famous for enhancing universal love, communication, and forgiveness. These are the qualities you require to maintain healthy and stable relationships with your loved ones.

Whenever you feel a deadweight bulk of gloomy emotions over your heart, grab your Rose Quartz crystal right away. This is because Rose Quartz is a master of pacifying emotional tension. Moreover, this crystal opens your heart towards love. Consequently, you will not shut yourself off from the world. On the contrary, you will openly love and be loved.

How Amazonite Can Help You Get Over a Heartbreak

We already know how deeply healing and soothing the Amazonite gemstone is. Besides producing a sense of calm, the Amazonite gemstone efficiently tackles feelings of sadness and heartbreak. It prepares you to fight depression and despair, interweaving optimism and happiness around your soul.

The wonderful Amazonite gemstone helps you in letting go of your painful past. The memories you can’t seem to escape, Amazonite makes them less hurtful and pushes you to overcome them.

Furthermore, the fantastic thing is that you can pair Amazonite with other healing stones to get over your heartbreak. Here is a list of the perfect combination stones for you:

Green Aventurine

This gorgeous gemstone knows how to make you feel better! Here’s how:

The Green Aventurine stone is tremendously purifying in nature. Whether it is the purification of the body, the mind, or the soul, Green Aventurine proves to be a marvel! It practically sucks out toxins and leaves you feeling light as a feather.

It is universally known that a tough breakup can take a significant toll on you. Sometimes, you even feel like you can never go back to your life. But with the help of the Green Aventurine stone, these heavy emotions seem to dissolve into thin air naturally. This stone attacks the negative thoughts filled in your head and proceeds to welcome better things into that space.


The Rhodonite gemstone is one of the topmost picks when one is dealing with feelings of heartbreak. Do you know why? Well, it is because Rhodonite is among those gemstones which are most closely linked with the heart. This means that it actively stimulates and heals the soul.

Interestingly, the Rhodonite stone is an excellent tool to recover from long-term emotional abuse. It also increases insight and spiritual enlightenment. Due to that, you will embark on a spiritual journey and heal deep emotional wounds simultaneously. Moreover, Rhodonite is extensively used as an emotional shock-absorber as well. 


Activating the Heart Chakra, the Malachite gemstone is incredibly healing for the heart, both emotionally and physically. Who says miracles don’t happen? Behold, this stone right here has miraculous healing powers that will leave you stunned! Its energies are highly therapeutic, as well.

Malachite is the “Stone of Balance”. But how does it work? To summarize, the Malachite gemstone shifts your frame of mind towards a mature, stable, and buoyant perspective of life. Then it gradually helps you heal from your emotional trauma. During that time, it enables you to see the brighter aspects of your life.

Rose Quartz

Yes, it is the stone known for ‘enhancing’ love, but what to do when love itself breaks your heart? You need not look elsewhere because the Rose Quartz crystal has got your back! Not only will this stone mend your broken heart, but it will also free you from the unbearable pain and emptiness.

Pink crystals are particularly famous for relieving the pain of heartbreaks and emotional shocks. And among pink crystals, Rose Quartz is considered to be the most effective. This stone balances your emotions and injects your heart with a heavy dose of self-love. Moreover, it makes sure that you do not give up on prospects of love and romance.

How Amazonite Can Help You Lift Out of Depression

The miraculously therapeutic nature of the Amazonite crystal doesn’t end at mending broken hearts. The Stone of Hope can also help you tackle something as vile as depression.

Pair these stones with the Amazonite crystal to help you on your fight with depression:


This happiness-inducing stone is an excellent antidote for feelings of gloominess and desolation. Its healing process can be divided into two parts. Firstly, Citrine gemstone creates a fluid outlet for negative emotions, depression, stress, and fears.

As soon as these feelings begin to flow out of your system, this stone cloaks you with a protective sheath of healthy distractions. For instance, the Citrine crystal increases productivity, urging you to invest your time in good things. Moreover, it recharges you with creativity and self-expression.


You can guess it by the name that Sunstone is a happiness crystal. It is the stone you definitely should have if you are looking to welcome joy, happiness, and optimism in your life.

The Sunstone crystal dispels feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety. Furthermore, it spikes originality inside you, which helps you with self-acceptance.

Crazy Lace Agate

Ah, the Stone of Laughter! While dealing with depressive feelings, this happy stone is a must-have.

Crazy Lace Agate thoroughly cleanses your spirit and dissipates your irrational fears. No doubt, this gemstone is a powerful happiness-enhancing agent. It helps you in accepting reality and looking at a brighter aspect of life.


This “Stone of Transition” will take you by the hand and walk you through the self-improvement journey. Meaning, the Lepidolite stone will illuminate your toxic behavioral patterns and help you change them for the better.

Furthermore, Lepidolite is mainly known for its anti-depressive energies. Also, it relieves stress and phobias.


The Unakite stone works its way to tackle your depression by readjusting your focus from bad to good. Similarly, it helps you concentrate on things you are grateful for. So, it shifts your mindset away from feelings of despair, deprivation, and sadness.

Unakite stimulates the Heart Chakra; therefore, it thoroughly cleanses your heart from negativity and feelings of emptiness.

Smoky Quartz

The incredible Smoky Quartz crystal is extremely detoxifying, both spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is known to lift feelings of depression and anxiety. Additionally, it is perfectly efficient with dissipating fearfulness, uncertainty, and insecurity.

Smoky Quartz pulls you out of your darkness. Similarly, it fights your tendency towards giving in to negativity.

How to Use Your Amazonite Stone to Manifest and Activate Healing Properties

There are several ways you can use your Amazonite stone to manifest its healing properties. Now, we already know the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing properties of Amazonite. The question now is: how can you incorporate Amazonite into your daily life so you can enjoy its benefits?

The most basic and helpful suggestion would be to hold an Amazonite worry stone or tumble stone in your hand while praying or meditating. This will help ease your stress, clear your mind, and attune your spirit with that of your truth. Another helpful suggestion would be to use it in your own meditation grid.

Typically, Amazonite is used as way stones for mental clarity grids, but you can incorporate that into your own meditation grid. Again, what’s important is that you are attuned to the frequency of your Amazonite stone and that you’re comfortable with the way it fits into your grid. In both cases, whether you’re using tumbled stones, worry stones, or meditation grids, it’s important to focus on your intention during meditation. But don’t worry if at first, you can’t concentrate well. Amazonite is also supposed to help block confusion and imbue your spirit with true and pure intentions.

Another way of incorporating Amazonite into your life is by using an Amazonite mala or prayer beads to help with your healing—be it spiritual, mental or physical—and your spiritual ascendance. Yogis and any person devoted to seeking out spiritual energy use malas to instill inner peace and connect them with their meditative state. And as you’re using Amazonite prayer beads, you need not worry about distractions and imbalances. This gemstone will guide you to a relaxed and confident state.

Lastly, you could tap the healing properties of the stone if you wear Amazonite jewelry. Healing from injuries, rashes, blisters, and acne? Wear Amazonite beads as necklaces or bracelets. Need emotional balance? Wear Amazonite gemstones near your head and your throat to calm and strengthen your heart and throat chakras. Do you want to better understand your visions, dreams, and intuition? Place an Amazonite pyramid or obelisk at an even level with your head while you meditate. Simple!

How to Use Amazonite for Feng Shui

Because of its healing and balancing properties, Amazonite is used in Feng Shui to provide water energy. The water energy in Amazonite is good for careers and life paths, so if you’re looking to enhance your luck using this gemstone, you can use Amazonite obelisks, pyramids, eggs, or a small bowl of tumbled stones to coax water energy into your space. Just place the Amazonite stone in the northern part of your house or room.

You can also wear Amazonite after an illness. The healing properties of this stone will work right away to help you regenerate and energize. If someone is sick in the family, you can place Amazonite in their room, as it can absorb the negative energy from illnesses. And for the parents out there, you can place Amazonite stones in your children’s rooms to help maintain a good, clean, and healthy environment. If you have a business, Amazonite also works to attract new clients and filter negative or bad business.

How Was Amazonite Used in Ancient Times?

Amazonite has long been used since ancient times, with the people of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, and Sudan using it as an amulet stone. It’s also been used to adorn building facades and the shields of the ancient peoples of South and Central America. Amazonite was used as the material from which the 7th book of the Egyptian Book of the Dead was carved out. It had also long been used to adorn jewelry—the most notable example being Tutankhamun’s Amazonite scarab beetle ring found in his tomb. The stone was also used as a material for statues and figurines. Ancient peoples used the stone to treat wounds and various illnesses.

How Do You Care for Your Amazonite?

Amazonite registers at around 6-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it’s a pretty soft stone that’s vulnerable to pressure and scratches. The trick here is to treat Amazonite with care. When washing your stone, use warm water and mild soap or detergent. If you’re going to store it, store it apart from your other crystals as it scratches easily.

Amazonite also fades in color due to extreme heat, so make sure to store it in a well-ventilated place away from bleach. Also, never wear Amazonite jewelry while doing physical activities as it may get lost or become damaged. Cleanse this gemstone like how you would usually cleanse your other crystals and gems (whether it be by sage sticks, Palo Santo, sun or moonlight, soil, or through quartz and selenite crystals).

How Is Amazonite Formed?

Another name for Amazonite is Microline. Microline falls under the same group of polymorphous rock as Orthoclase and Sanidine. The three of them are under the potassium feldspar group.

Amazonite is commonly found in pegmatites, metamorphic rocks, hydrothermal veins and, sedimentary conglomerates. Basically, they occur in places with extreme heat and pressure. Amazonite crystals have a translucent to opaque transparency and are known for its distinguished shine versus other green-colored gems.

Amazonite is mined and obtained in various places around the globe. In the old days, Amazonite was rare, with the only source known to be in theMiass, Ilmensky Mountains in Russia. Later, however, other sources have been found in Madagascar, Canada, and Brazil. High-quality crystals have also been found in Pike’s Peak, Colorado. This is why it’s sometimes called Pike’s Peak or Colorado Jade.

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